Best Shoe Glue 2021-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

What is the best glue for shoes?This is the question you are probably asking right now. In this article, we will be reviewing the best 10 glues list that will give your shoe soles a permanent bond. Whether you are a shoemaker, cobbler or hobbyist, any of these glues will do a good job for you. 

There is no doubt choosing the right glue for your shoes can be very challenging since there are many fake shoe types of glues on the market. You don’t have to worry any longer.

Whether you are looking for the right glue for sneakers, running shoes, leather shoes or just for boot sole repair, we will help you to make an informed choice.



Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue

Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue

  • Professional strength
  • Formulated for footwear materials
  • Instant bonding
Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive

Shoe Goo repair Adhesive

  • Creates extra traction
  • Waterproof
Gear AID Shoe Repair Glue

GEAR AID Shoe Repair Glue

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Durable urethane adhesive

The E6000 Craft Adhesive is a solid adhesive uniquely formulated to meet high-performance industrial standards. It is highly flexible, thus making it possible for bonded materials to be able to withstand vibration.

This is a wholesome crafting tool for those who make or repair shoes to make their work look strong and long-lasting.

The adhesive provides a permanent bond to shoe soles and it is also weather-resistant. It is also perfect for fixing cracks on the bottom of the shoe. 

When it comes to versatility, this glue stands out from the crowd. It can also be used for repairing wood, metal, fibreglass, glass, concrete and ceramics.

Additionally, the E6000 adhesive can also bond materials such as leather, vinyl, rubber and plastics.

This makes it a multipurpose glue for everyday use. The glue dries clear and becomes waterproof after curing, which normally takes 2 hours, but depending on the temperature that timeframe may extend to between 36 and 48 hours to cure perfectly. It is also washer and dryer safe, as well as paintable. 

If you are looking for a glue that dries flexible and hard, this is your best bet. This is an excellent glue for all types of craft projects requiring a permanent bond. Some of its best features include:

Strong Bond:The strength of the bond is superb. You just have to be ready with the pieces you want to bond since the glue bonds quickly and strongly.

Clears dry:This white glue clears dry and becomes weatherproof after it has cured.

Chemical resistant: E6000 adhesive is resistant to chemicals such as dilute acids and bases.

Paintable: You can easily paint the surrounding areas where you have applied the glue with a matching colour of your choice or make it UV-resistant.

Washer/dryer safe: The glue will continue to hold up even after washing and drying the shoes.


  • Easy to use
  • Very flexible
  • Tough bond
  • Versatile and weather-resistant
  • Fast adhesion


  • It forms air bubbles if it is used as a sealant.

2.Shoe-Fix Glue-Best Shoe Sole Glue

Shoe-Fix Glue like Boot-Fix Glue will give you an instant bond without clamping or curing time, thereby saving you a lot of time.

Once the footwear is repaired, this glue won’t give you any uncomfortable feelings which are usually caused by thick dying and expansion.  

Shoe-Fix is unaffected by cold or hot weather, thus making it suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. This adhesive has been tested and trusted to give you a long-lasting bond that is flexible enough to make the sole move freely and naturally without any discomforts.

It dries clear so there is no worry about matching colours for your shoes or boots. Shoe-Fix is an excellent adhesive that leaves no black residue on your footwear or fingers.

It perfectly bonds all rubbers and vinyl. This makes it easy for you to fix those sandals, running shoes, boots and other types of footwear effectively and confidently. 

Repairing any shoes anywhere and anytime is now possible with the Shoe-Fix Glue. There is no strong odour to make you feel uncomfortable.


•      Fast bond – If you are looking for a glue that provides a quick and instant bond without curing time, choose the Shoe-Fix glue. There is no waiting time for curing and no clamping needed.

•      All-purpose – Where other glues failed, the Shoe-Fix glue has excelled. This glue is made for all type of footwear materials especially rubber and vinyl. It is well suited for boots, athletic shoes, dress shoes, climbing shoes and many more. 

•      Flexible glue – The Shoe-Fix Glue is a professional flexible shoe glue that bonds effectively without the need for clamping.

•      Long-lasting bond – This glue is formulated to give you a long-lasting bond that stays strong so you can confidently repair your shoes.

•      Waterproof – Made to withstand summer heat and cold winter, the glue is made to work both indoor and outdoor.


•      Temperature and moisture resistant

•      Powerful instant bond

•      Flexible bond

•      No clamping required

•      Easy to use with no curing time


• It is not too effective for boots 

3. Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive (Clear)

Add extra life to your worn boots or shoes with the Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive. The adhesive is effective in fixing worn soles and damaged heels. Also, you can use it to make a couple of patches on the underside of the boot and for the filling in of developing cracks.

If the front portion of your boot is falling off, the Shoe Goo Adhesive will help you to make it firm and solid.

It is uniquely formulated to resist abrasion, which in turn provides better adhesion to flexible shoe materials.

This is a powerful adhesive and sealant that makes a permanent repair to all types of footwear with ease. The Shoe Good Adhesive dries clear and waterproof.

 It is a type of glue that cures as a flexible rubber so you can use your repaired waders or boots without the fear of cracking or breakage. This is an excellent glue that is unaffected by extreme cold or hot weather conditions. 

If going to a cobbler has become very expensive, use the Shoe Goo to do it yourself and save yourself some money and time. It is cheap, affordable and economical. The glue sets in just 24 hours.


• Waterproof – The bond remains strong and durable even after exposure to water

• Strong bond – A long-lasting bond is what you get from this glue. It creates a permanent bond on leathers and other items.

• Great sealant – This is an excellent sealant for patching small holes

• Affordable – The Shoe Goo Adhesive helps you to mend your shoe affordably.

• Shoe repair – Repairing your shoes is super easy with the Shoe Goo Adhesive. It is a shoe repair and protective coating for leather, vinyl, rubber and canvas. 


• Permanent repair

• Dries clear

• Easy to use

• Effective protective coating

• Nice sealant 


• It is flammable

• Strong vapour

4. E6000 260111 Shoe Dazzle Adhesive

Give your shoes a long-lasting repair with the Shoe Dazzle Adhesive. This is a super strong adhesive that gives you a permanent bond to any kind of materials on the shoe’s surface.

The glue remains flexible after curing, thus making it ideal for running, walking, jogging and any other sporting activities. 

E6000 Shoe Dazzle Adhesive serves multipurpose uses. You can use it on leather, vinyl, canvas and rubber with ease.

The bond remains strong even after exposure to water and other elements. It is non-flammable when cured and is also UV-resistant. 

It is super convenient to use with the easy-to-use tube with nozzle tip. The precision tip gives you the control that you need without creating any mess. This adhesive dries pretty quickly, and remains clear. If you are looking for a glue that is waterproof and weatherproof, this is your best bet.


•      Versatile–This is a multipurpose and versatile glue made to bond to different materials such as leather, glass, wood, plastic, tin, ceramic, cement, rubber, vinyl, fabric and many more.

•      All-weather –The Shoe Dazzle Adhesive is all-weather glue that can stand against the elements. A permanent bond is guaranteed no matter the weather.

•      Quick curing –Curing is in 24 hours, but depending on the materials and temperature, it can take longer to cure.

•      Simple to use – Shoe Dazzle Adhesive is simple and super easy to use. The precision tip of the nozzle gives you the perfect opportunity to apply the glue with ease without any mess.

•      Permanent bond –The adhesive creates a rock-solid bond that will last for a long time. Its flexibility makes it perfect for running shoes and boots. 


•      Temperature resistant

•      Non-flammable

•      Washer and dryer safe

•      Paintable

•      No mess with the precision tip 


• Use it outdoors because of its strong smell

5. Aquaseal SR Shoe and Boot Repair Adhesive

Fix all types of footwear permanently whether at home, office or in the field with the Aquaseal SR Adhesive. It is well designed for shoes and boots.

This shoe repair adhesive is waterproof and dries clear and flexible so it can last for many years of use. You can complete a shoe or boot repair with just one ounce, thus making it very economical to use. 

If you are looking for an adhesive that can make strong toe protectors and rebuild worn heels, look no further than the Aquaseal SR. The glue is unaffected by cold or hot weather conditions.

It helps you to make heavy-duty shoe repairs that can withstand the elements all year round. 

Permanent bond is guaranteed whether at the mountaintop or job site. Whether it is rubber boots, steel-toe shoes or regular shoes, the Aquaseal SR will repair and reinforce your footwear for long-lasting use.


•      All-purpose – The Aquaseal SR Adhesive is the perfect solution to all footwear that needs to be repaired. It is compatible with all types of footwear such as leather, suede, rubber, neoprene, canvas, boots and shoes.

•      Abrasion-resistance – This is an adhesive that has a superior abrasion resistance, thus making it the ideal glue for creating solid toe protectors, especially on work boots and when rebuilding worn shoe heels it helps your footwear to look good by allowing it to resist scrapes and scratches.

•      Permanent bond – You get a strong bond with the Aquaseal SR. The tough urethane adhesives bonds permanently to different types of surfaces. It dries as a clear rubber that becomes weatherproof after curing. After the bond, you can wear the shoe to run, hike or walk without it breaking apart.

•      Waterproof – Aquaseal SR provides a water-tight bond that will never peel or crack after many years. The flexibility is not also affected by water. It cures into a stretchy rubber that bends easily no matter the type of footwear that you have.

•      All-weather – The adhesive is designed to resist tough weather conditions. Whether it is used during summer or winter, this glue will continue to hold up. It is unaffected by solvents, cold or hot temperatures.


•      Less than 24 hours of curing time

•      Durable and sturdy adhesion

•      Flexible rubber curing

•      Provides excellent shock absorption


•      It has a strong smell

•      Hard to clean off without a nail polish remover.

6. Shoe Goo 3.7 FL Oz 4 Pack

This glue is available in different sizes and can also be selected from several packs. It has proven very effective in the repairs of heels and can fix shoes of different types such as leather, vinyl and canvas. You can also use it to fix boots.

The Shoe Goo 3.7 FL can coat your shoelaces and give them a different appearance. It gives a permanent repair that lasts for a long time.

For loose shoe insoles, this glue does a great job too. Repairing your footwear is easy with Shoe Goo. Just apply the glue and leave it to harden overnight to give you a permanent bond. 

This glue is pliable and gives any shoes a lasting effect. Extending the lifespan of your shoes is now easy with the Shoe Goo 3.7 FL. This glue dries black and flexible and cures in 24 hours, but can take a long time depending on the shoe and prevailing temperature. Clamping is required to make the shoe bond strongly. The adhesive is designed with strong resistance to abrasion and provides better adhesion to flexible materials.


•      Water-resistant – The Shoe Goo adhesive is waterproof immediately after the application of the glue. Apply the solution to the area to be sealed and have a water-tight bond. Allow for overnight drying to get a wear-resistant bond.

•      Durable – Shoe Goo provides a permanent and everlasting bond to different shoe types. One tube is enough to complete the repair of a shoe. Its durability is unparalleled.

•      Weather-resistant – This adhesive can resist any type of weather. Whether it is cold or hot weather, the Shoe Goo Adhesive ensures that bad weather does not spoil your day after the curing of the glue. 


•      Easy to use

•      Long-lasting bond

•      Flexible and strong

•      Dries fast

•      Quality adhesive 


•      Strong glue smell

•      Flammable

7. Sof Sole Shoe Goo Footwear Adhesive

Sof Sole Shoe Goo is a superior adhesive and sealant that repairs all types of footwear permanently. This black Shoe Goo adhesive is also a wonderful sealant.

If you are also looking for the glue to fill in holes especially in rubber shoes, this adhesive is your best choice. 

It can be used to mend rubber soles, canvas tears and leather. It is waterproof and dries flexible to prevent breakage or cracking after being used to repair waders and boots.

This is a nice shoe repair and coating for leather, rubber, vinyl and canvas. 

Repairs dry in 24 hours. Drying time may be longer if there is a low temperature. Maximum strength may not be reached for about 48 to 72 hours. The glue gives you a permanent and fast repair to different surfaces. Prolonging the life of your shoes is now super easy with the Sof Sole Shoe Goo Footwear Adhesive. 

This adhesive immediately becomes water-resistant after application to give your shoes a water-tight seal. The glue is an excellent money saver for reviving your shoes back to life. It is the glue that provides a rigid surface to shoe soles.


•      Waterproof – The Sof Sole Shoe Goo Footwear Adhesive remains secure even when it is exposed to water.

•      Weather-resistant – This is an all-weather adhesive. It can stand all types of weather whether cold or hot temperatures making it very ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

•      Permanent bond – Long-lasting bond is what the adhesive is made to achieve. After the application of the bond and drying, the glue will last for many years.

•      All-purpose – If you are looking for an adhesive that is made for almost all purposes, this is the adhesive to use. It is perfect for gluing leather, canvas, vinyl, rubber and other types of shoes.

•      Cost-effective – It is highly cost-effective and economical to use this adhesive to bring back your shoes back to life. The glue helps you to use your shoes for some time before thinking of a replacement. 


•      Bonds protect and rebuild shoes

•      Excellent sealant to patch holes

•      Great money saver

•      Durable and economical

•      Easy to use; no mess at all


• Use in a well-ventilated area due to its potent smell.

8.Boot-Fix Shoe Glue

If you are looking for a glue to bond your broken boots after a hard workday, endurance training or just for working around in the office or home, then, this glue is your best choice.

The professional-grade Boot-Fix Shoe Glue is specifically made to be used in the shoe repair and shoemaking industry. 

This Boot-Fix Shoe Glue is one of the strongest footwear adhesives and is suited for all types of shoe materials.

This glue remains flexible after curing, meaning the bonded items won’t break apart after being put to rigorous use. 

Its viscosity is made to bond with all the different types of shoe materials being made in recent times.For most shoe repairs, this glue does not require clamping to bond.

A permanent bond is possible in a matter of minutes; not hours or days. The Boot-Fix Shoe Glue is waterproof after curing and it is formulated to withstand both hot and cold temperatures. 

The product dries clear with no visible residue. Unlike many other types of glue that dry hard and crusty, this glue dries flexible,It does not have a strong chemical odour.


•      Easy to use

•      Durable and strong adhesion

•      Bonds faster than imagined

•      Weatherproof

•      Dries clear


• The glue is hard to remove if it falls on something you don’t want to glue

9. R-341 Adhesive Glue For Shoes

R-341 Adhesive Glue For Shoes

10. Shoe Goo 110212 Adhesive

The Shoe Goo 110212 adhesive is useful for different applications such as building, repairing, bonding, attaching and adhering of different materials.

This glue is extremely strong. It is perfect for the fixing of worn soles and falling heels. 

Shoe Goo is good for the coating of shoes to prevent premature wear. Ideal for different shoe types such as waders and boots.

This is a well-formulated adhesive designed for abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion to flexible materials. Filling up shoe holes is super easy with this Shoe Goo adhesive. 

This glue dries smooth and glossy and is a waterproof adhesive that remains secure even when exposed to water. Whenever you are looking for a glue that does not get brittle in cold weather, go for the Shoe Goo. If you want an excellent sealant to fill up shoe holes, the Shoe Goo adhesive is your best choice anytime, any day. 

The adhesive is unaffected by extreme weather, thus making it perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. It can be used as a coating on skateboards to create extra traction. Curing takes 24 hours or more depending on the prevailing temperature and humidity. Now is the time to prolong the life of your shoes with the Shoe Good 110121.


•      All-weather – The glue helps to protect against the weather and environmental elements. This makes it a good adhesive well suited for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

•      All-purpose – This adhesive is useful for different shoe materials including leather, suede, neoprene, canvas, rubber, vinyl and many more. It is suitable for running shoes, boots and waders.

•      Waterproof – After curing, the adhesive becomes waterproof instantly. Curing takes just 24 hours. It cures into a flexible rubber so you can easily use your footwear to walk, run, hike or work.

•      Inexpensive –It is cheap and affordable. This makes it very economical to extend the lifespan of your shoe. One tube is enough to rebuild the shoe toe and reattach a shoe sole.

• Long-lasting bond – A permanent and long-lasting bond is what you get from the Shoe Goo 110212 adhesive so you can use your footwear for a longer period. 


•      Strong sealant

•      Flexible bond

•      Permanent and durable adhesion

•      Ease of use

•      24 hour cure time 


• It has a strong odour

Buyer’s guide for Shoe glue

Choosing the right adhesive for the repair of your shoes can be a tough challenge because there are more than a hundred brands out there on the market.

If you want to repair your shoes permanently while retaining their real look, you will have to choose the best glue for shoes that will give your footwear a solid bond. There are many things to look out for when buying good glue. Here are the factors that must be considered before you buy glue for a shoe.


The kind of material an adhesive is made of matters a lot. Shoes are made in different materials like leather, suede, rubber, vinyl, neoprene and others. Always check the label of the adhesive to be sure it is well suited for your type of footwear.


The weather is an important factor to consider if you want to purchase an adhesive that will bond your shoes effectively. Adhesives are affected by the weather conditions outside. The weather also affects curing time and the general performance of the glue itself. As such, when looking for glue, you must look for one that is weather-resistant.


 Quality glues become waterproof after curing. Look for adhesives that can withstand water even if it is raining cat and dog. If you live in the wet regions of the world, you surely need waterproof glue.


Bonding issues is why you cannot use regular glue for the fixing of your shoes. The normal glues are not made for flexible materials like footwear. If you are using adhesives that are not rubber flexible, it is possible you will find it uncomfortable wearing the shoes. Always lookout for the label. A footwear adhesive should bond to flexible rubber so you can use it to run, jog, hike or work without breaking.

5. Glue visibility

After the repairs of your shoes, it will be nice if the adhesive is not visible or too obvious on the footwear. This is why you will need glue that dries clear. The smooth, clean and unnoticed adhesive gives your footwear a perfect look.

6. Drying time

The adhesive drying time is a vital consideration when buying glue. If you run every day and wake up one morning to realize that your running shoes have gone bad, you’ll need is glue with a fast adhesion with a quick drying time so you can still run.

7. Curing time

Curing is the period needed for the adhesive forms a strong and long-lasting bond. No one likes to waste time. This is the more reason you need an adhesive that cures in no time. Some cure instantly while others take 24 hours to 72 hours to cure.

8. Versatility

You don’t use different adhesives for different purposes. What you need is just one that can serve multiple purposes. This is what good shoe glue does. It is not only made for resoling of the shoe or repairing of shoes, but it can also work for other purposes like the reattaching of a broken ceramic cup handle, fixing of ornaments or the fixing of a broken car side mirror.

9. Non-flammable 

This is a more critical consideration than anything else because this concerns safety and health. Look at the label carefully. It should read “non-flammable.” Flammable adhesives can easily catch fire. Also, ensure that it is without a strong odour.

10. Budget 

The good thing about shoe glues is that most of them are not expensive. They are cheap, affordable and economical. You just need a little of the glue to mend your shoes while the leftover can be used for other DIY projects in the home.

11.Instant glue

When buying glue, you have to find out if it is instant glue or not. Instant glue means you can apply the glue immediately while glue that is not instant means it has to be mixed with another solution before its application.

How to Fix the Sole of a Shoe

If the sole of your shoe has fallen off and you intend to reattach it, follow the steps below for a long-lasting repair.

•      Clean the surface thoroughly with alcohol and water

•      Ensure that you spread the glue from the inside of the shoe sole

•      Do a hard press of the shoe and sole together to have a strong bond

•      Bind the shoe and sole together with a string or place something weighty on it for strong adhesion.

•      Leave it to dry overnight. Remove leftover glue after drying.

•      If the bonding is not as strong as you want, repeat the process till you get a solid bond of your desire.

How To Use Shoe Goo


What Type of Glue Do Cobblers Use?

Cobblers usually make use of adhesives that are flexible, durable and sturdy when repairing shoes. These types of adhesives are temperature-resistant and waterproof. The adhesives are unaffected by extreme weather conditions. 

These kinds of adhesives bond securely and effectively to the sole of a shoe. Cobblers do not use one particular brand of adhesive. They use different types of adhesives depending on the material the shoe is made of. The adhesives most cobblers use has fast drying and curing time. These adhesives are abrasion-resistant and also resistant to chemicals and UV radiation.


Taking your shoes to the shoe repairer is not only an expensive trip; it is also time-consuming and stressful. You can fix your shoes yourself with good shoe glue. No experience is required to repair your shoes. There are many adhesives out there for the gluing of footwear.

Choosing the right glue can be a headache. If you want a strong glue, we recommend the E-6000 adhesive. If you cannot find the E-6000, we recommend the Shoe Goo adhesive or the Shoe-Fix. 

 ALL these are done to make the readability more clear. The overall article itself is not too bad. You might have included more examples, but otherwise, it reads ok.

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