Best Glue For Leather 2021-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Like many other things leather item are used in our daily life. It can be a leather bag, can be your car seat or leather belt, leather jacket and many more things.

Although leather is durable but after being used your leather item are prone to damage. For many reasons you can  join pieces of leather together by gluing. Reasons like a hole in your leather car seat or an unsightly tear in your leather jacket.

Choosing right leather glue for fixing holes or tear that depends on bond strength, type of leather and preferred application. My Final advice is don’t rely always trial and error method which are followed most of us! Sometimes you need to follow experts!

Just Follow my details guideline

If you are in hurry then I recommended “Tandy Leather Eco-Flo Leather Weld Adhesive” as best leather glue adhesive.

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10 Best Glue For Leather

1. Aleene’s Leather & Suede Glue

Aleene's15594 Leather & Suede Glue

Bonding two pieces of leather is a breeze with the Aleene’s Leather &Suede adhesive. 

There is no waste of time when it comes to drying time. The glue dries in less than five minutes to give you a strong bond. This is a leather and suede glue that dries clear and flexible.So, it is hardly noticed when it is applied to any surfaces.

There is no fear about the discolouration of your item.Use it for different leatherwork, beadwork, permanent bonding of fringes and other fabrics. The glue is waterproof but not water-resistant. Ensure you do not submerge the entire leather into a pool of water.Aleene’s Leather & Suede glue is safe to use because it is made from non-toxic materials. It is affordable, economical and easy to use.Pros


  • Easy to use 
  • Flexible and permanent bond 
  • Quick-drying time
  • Waterproof after drying 
  • Excellent for leather and suede materials 


  • It does not work on PU leather and suede

2.Fiebing’s Leathercraft Cement 4oz

Fiebing's Leathercraft Cement

This is high strength glue for leather projects and many more. Its non-toxic formulation makes it safe to use at any time.

The water-based adhesive is great for leather to leather adhesion. Fiebing’s Leathercraft Cement glue bonds quickly and lasts as much as the leather.

It is not just a leather to the leather adhesive. The glue also bonds leather to metal and leather to wood. This is leathercraft glue that dries clear and flexible making it easy to avoid the discolouration of the glue items.

If you are looking for a non-flammable glue, this glue becomes your best choice. This glue does not fume so it can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The adhesive holds well in 30 minutes but it is advised that is left overnight for a stronger bond. It is an easy to use high bonding glue for leather, cloth, paper and chipboard. Clamping is required for proper bonding. This is top-rated glue that is well ranked amongst leather glues.


  • Ease of use 
  • Nontoxic formulation 
  • Dries clear and flexible 
  • Good for leathercraft projects
  • Safe and non-flammable 


  • It won’t bond PVC to leather

3.Barge All Purpose Cement

Barge All Purpose Cement

The Barge All Purpose Cement is an all-purpose glue that is well suited for different applications such as rubber, wood, leather, glass, cork, fibre materials, particleboard, cotton, neoprene, EVA, fabric, aluminium and steel.

This is a waterproof adhesive that is easy to spread. It can be used for the repairing of torn parts of material and the attaching of different applications.

 If you are looking for cement that permanently bonds materials in a long-lasting manner, the Barge All-Purpose Cement will be a good choice. It works well on leather to leather.


When it comes to compatibility, this glue is compatible with many materials. This is an all-in-one adhesive that will save you some money due to its multipurpose

Fast drying time

Just like most glue, this glue does not take too long to dry. It dries in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes. 


The cement is not affected by water making it waterproof. It can be washed after it has dried properly. This glue adhesion does not loosen after its bondage.

Easy application

Applying the glue is extremely easy. All you need to do is to thoroughly clean the surface before the application of the adhesive. 


  • Water-resistant 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Flexible 
  • Bonds to a variety of materials 
  • Quick-drying time 


  • It does not dry clear. The glue is yellowish 
  • Strong smell 

4.Elmer’s Glue-All All-Purpose Glue

Make repairs, create crafts and complete school projects with the permanent adhesion of the Elmer’s Glue-All All-Purpose Glue.

The glue features a non-toxic and quick-drying formula that bonds strongly to different materials such as leather, paper, ceramics, fabric, wood and many more. Its strong bond makes Elmer’s glue suited for household repairs, school projects, workshop applications and crafts.

This white glue is perfect for the making of glue slimes to give you many hours of fun time with the family during the holidays or weekends. It causes no discolouration since the glue dries clear.

FloraCraft Non-Toxic Foam Glue

Fast-drying formula

The fast-drying formula of Elmer’s glue creates an extra bond for different materials including crafts, projects and some light repairs at home, office, workshop

Extra strong

Elmer’s glue is made with extra strength in mind to bond a variety of applications. The glue’s improved formula creates stronger bonds for durability and functionality.

Great for glue slimes

Enjoy many hours of fun time with family or at school with Elmer’s glue. The glue is perfect for making homemade slime. Do not allow kids to do this alone. It requires adult supervision.

Safe to use

This glue is safe to use. It is super easy to apply when being used in different applications or materials. The glue is non-toxic making it healthy to use.

Multipurpose and versatile

Create almost any projects with the Elmer’s Glue-All All-Purpose Glue. It can be used to create craft and art; make a repair, school project and many more.


  • Quick-drying time
  • High strength bond
  • Dries clear
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Multipurpose


  • It can be affected by water after drying.

5.Super Glue 15185 Gel

Super Glue 15185 Gel

The Super Glue 15185 Gel is the cost-effective glue for different types of leather projects.

The glue has a thick viscosity that is ideal for clean and porous surfaces.

This glue works best with nonporous surfaces like metal, rubber and leather. It allows for a more precise application without dripping or running.

There is a reusable container that house 12 tubes of glues so you don’t run out of adhesives when you need to repair anything.

This is the glue that cures pretty fast. It is mildew-resistant.

The Super Glue is a remarkable glue with exceptional holding properties. Use it for the adhesion of your leather items to get a strong and durable bond. This glue bonds instantly and sets in a matter of seconds. 

Thick Viscosity

The Super Glue 15185 Gel comes with thick viscosity for a perfect adhesion that will be long-lasting. Just a little drop is enough to bond your items. 

Curing Time

It generally has a fast drying time when compared to epoxy glue. The Super Glue 15185 Gel cures in no time

No drips

 It is extremely convenient to use without drips or runs due to its thick viscosity. There is no spill and no mess. 

Strong adhesion

The Super Glue bonds fast and strong when applied to compatible materials. 


This is a pocket-friendly glue for the mending of leather materials and other applications. It is also cost-effective.


  • Resistance to mildew
  • Great functionality 
  • Strong adhesion 
  • Easy application 
  • Fast curing time 


  • It is not flexible

6.Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive

Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive

The Tear Mender Instant Adhesive is specifically formulated for fabric and leather materials.

It is an all-natural and non-toxic adhesive that forms a permanent and flexible bond to many porous materials.

This adhesive is waterproof and can be used in 101 ways. The Tear Mender Adhesive is commonly used for fabric, leather and vinyl repair.

It is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. This is a fast-drying adhesive that instantly adheres to any materials it can penetrate.

The adhesive is useful on clothes, tents, convertible tops, boat covers, tarps, leathers and many more. It is super easy to use and clean up. If you are looking for an adhesive that does not stick to hard surfaces and clean up effortlessly, the Tear Mender Adhesive is the right choice for you.

Instant & permanent bond

Within just three minutes, you can start to use any materials that are bonded using the Tear Mender Adhesive. The material is washable after 15 minutes. 


The adhesive becomes waterproof after drying within three minutes. This makes the adhesive ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Fast Drying Time

The Tear Mender Adhesive takes three minutes to dry. It does not require iron, solvents or heat to dry. After drying, it becomes machine washable and dry cleanable. 

Perfect for porous material

This adhesive is a good choice for porous materials such as leather, fabric, sporting equipment, furniture, auto upholstery, crafts and industrial garments.

Water-based formula

The adhesive is made from renewable sources. It is made from natural latex and other natural raw materials to make it UV-resistant 


  • UV-resistant and acid-free 
  • Fast drying and waterproof 
  • Flexible and permanent bond 
  • Easy to use 
  • Affordable and economical 


  • The smell is offensive

7.Gorilla Clear Grip Contact Adhesive

Gorilla Clear Grip Contact Adhesive

This is a crystal-clear adhesive that holds different applications instantly. It is flexible and fast-setting.

This adhesive creates a strong and permanent bond that is waterproof and paintable.

The glue is ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Gorilla Clear Grip is photo-safe making it suitable for surfaces such as wood, paper, rubber, metal, stone, ceramic, PVC, plastic, glass, brick, concrete, fabric and laminate.

Use this glue in a well-ventilated area because of its strong odour. Full cure is in a minimum of 24 hours. It does not require clamping or heat for proper bonding. Cure time may increase if it is applied to nonporous materials.


  • 100% waterproof – Gorilla Clear Grip is 100% waterproof making it perfect for different projects. It can be used indoor or outdoor. 
  • Quick adhesion – The glue bonds instantly. It bonds in a matter of seconds. So there is no waiting time. 
  • Ease of use – This glue is extremely super easy to use.The flow of the glue is easy to control thereby reducing spill or mess
  • All-purpose – Gorilla Clear Grip is an all-purpose glue for different applications such as metal, glass, fabric, wood, leather, paper, plastic, ceramic and many more 
  • Dries clear – There is no discolouration with this adhesive. It dries clear and flexible making it blend well no matter the colour of the material. 


  • Sandable and paintable 
  • Heavy-duty adhesive 
  • Fast setting time 
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant 
  • Washer/dryer safe 


  • Do not dry clean 
  • Strong smell

8.Barge All-Purpose Cement Rubber Leather Shoe Waterproof Glue

Barge All-Purpose Cement Rubber Leather Shoe Waterproof Glue

This glue is best for the repair of shoes. It is an outstanding adhesive for the bonding of different rubber materials and leather.

The adhesive is waterproof and will never freeze. Spreading the glue is easy. Drying time is about 10-15 minutes.

The glue is mostly used by shoemakers and cobblers for a professional and permanent bond. Barge All-Purpose Cement dries flexible but not clear.

Leather crafters now have a dependable partner in the Barge All-Purpose Cement to make solid and strong repairs to shoes and other stuff. 


  • Universal application – This glue is universal in its application. It can be used on rubber, wood, leather, metal, glass and more. 
  • Washer/dryer safe – You can always wash and dry your items after the glue has dried because the glue is washer/dryer safe. 
  • Flammable – The Barge All-Purpose Cement is highly flammable. It should be stored safely and kept away from children. 
  • Dries quickly –This glue has a quick drying time making it easy to get your glued items ready-to-use in no time. 
  • Permanent bond –Superior bond is guaranteed with the Barge All-Purpose Cement which helps you to use your shoe or other items for a longer time. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Long-lasting bond
  • Easy to use 
  • Quick-drying time 
  • Good leather to leather crafting 


  • It does not dry clear. Turns yellowish after drying. 
  • High flammable

9.Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

The Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive is a bonding agent that delivers a permanent adhesion to different materials such as fabric, wood, leather, lace, canvas, ribbons, trims, plasters and more.

This adhesive will never soak into fabrics making it ideal for bridal accessories, seams, hems, shoes and other clothing repairs. It is also suitable for lampshades, pillows, dolls, picture frames and more.

 If you are looking for a washable adhesive, do not hesitate to go for the Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive. The fabric adhesive comes in a bottle with an applicator tip lid that is very handy for ease of use.

 It is an adhesive that does not deteriorate over time because it is acid-free and lignin-free. 

This is an adhesive that dries clear and flexible. Fraying is prevented with the high strength bond even after many washes. Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive is fast grabbing and quick drying.

The adhesive’s innovative formulation bonds sewing projects quickly and easily without a single stain. Whenever you need a durable and fast bond, use the Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive for a long-lasting repair to your important items.

 The glue remains flexible after drying so you can confidently wear your items without the fear of cracking or breakage.


  • Permanent bond – The adhesive delivers an extremely hard bond that lasts for a long time making it ideal for external and internal application. It can be used on beads, shoes, fabric, wood, drapes and many more. 
  • Fast-drying –Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive has a fast grabbing and fast-drying advantage. Its fast-drying performance and flexibility make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Perfect for textured surfaces – If you are looking for an excellent adhesive for textured surfaces, this is your best choice. It bonds effectively on textured surfaces with ease 
  • Washer/dryer safe –There is no worrying about washing or drying any materials glued with the Beacon Adhesive. It is washer and dryer safe. Wash in delicate/hand-wash cycle.
  • Ease of use – It comes with a nozzle that ensures convenient and easy application. The nozzle does not allow smearing or mess. Precision application is guaranteed. 


  • Waterproof after drying 
  • Solid adhesion 
  • Great performance 
  • Washable and dryable
  • Quick-drying time 


  • Foul smell

10.3M Super 77 Multi-Purpose Adhesive

3M Super 77 Multi-Purpose Adhesive

The 3M Super 77 is a multipurpose aerosol spray adhesive that has the same bond strength as the non-aerosol spray adhesive.

 It can be used to bond lightweight materials such as foils, papers, foams, plastics, fabrics, metals and cardboards. It has a high tack, high coverage and fast drying adhesive for the permanent bonding of felt.

The low mist formula is heat-resistant up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 3M Super 77 has a shear strength of up to 160 PSI. It bonds in just 15 seconds so there is no waiting time.

This adhesive is versatile and transparent so there is no discolouration to your glued items. Its permanent bond keeps your projects to last for a long time. The spray adhesive is super easy to use. 

Dispense and apply it directly on surfaces and materials without any mess, spill or smear. 3M Super 77 provides aggressive tack that is fast grabbing and give you enough time to position materials properly before glueing permanently. The adhesive resists dripping or running when being used in vertically positioned applications.


  • Versatile – The spray adhesive can bond to different surfaces and materials such as cardboard, ceramic, fibreglass, foam, glass, leather, metal, plastic, rubber, vinyl and others.
  • Multipurpose –This adhesive bonds to different surfaces. It is ideal for use at home, office, factory and craft projects. 
  • Easy to use – 3M Super 77 has an easy application. It does not drip or run when it is applied to any materials that are in vertical positions. 
  • Permanent strength – The adhesive has a strong strength that adheres to items permanently. It provides industrial and professional strength to demanding applications. 
  • Quick bond – For quick bond, the adhesive provides aggressive tack and fast-drying advantage that helps to reduce set time drastically. 


  • Dries clear 
  • High strength bond 
  • Fast drying time 
  • Moisture and heat resistant 
  • Multipurpose aerosol spray adhesive 


· Difficult to clean 

Buyer’s guide for Leather Glue

There are many fake and bad types of glue out there. This is why you need to do a little bit of research before you purchase leather glue. Choosing the best glue for leather can be a headache. There are critical factors that you must consider before you buy leather glue.

If these factors are overlooked, there is the possibility that you may end up buying a glue that won’t serve you well. Here are the important factors you must consider if you need strong and durable bond glue. 


Flexibility is an important factor that you must consider when purchasing leather glue. This refers to how elastic the glue is when cured. The glue that is not flexibility will break when the material is put through stress.

A flexible glue will remain elastic and bend easily without breakage after being used. Flexibility guarantees the robust usability of the glued items. Good leather glue should not compromise on flexibility. You need to use the shoe or purse immediately the glue is dry without the fear of the glue wearing off and breaking after a few uses.

Water-resistance and waterproof

It is important to note that these terminologies are not the same. Manufacturers use these terminologies to confuse customers. Water-resistance means you can deep the item into the water without having any problems while waterproof means that the item can only withstand splashes of water.

Look out for leather glue that is water-resistant and not waterproof because water-resistant glues are already waterproof but a waterproof glue is not water-resistant.

If you wear a boot, you should be able to wear it comfortably even in the rain. Water-resistant glue can withstand moisture. It can also withstand hot and cold weather perfectly.

Adhesive ability

You need glue that sticks strongly and durably. This is an important factor that you have to look out for. Functional glue should provide the strongest bond for your items.

The bond should last for a long time before wearing off. Whether you are using the glue for leather or other items, strong adhesion should not be compromised. You need to read reviews from users online to find out which glue will serve you well base on the experience of other users.


Durability cannot be relegated to the background. It is the essence of using strong glue. Durability and flexibility are not the same. Your glue may be elastic but breaks and cracks after a few uses.

If the glue keeps breaking or cracking, it means you have to keep reapplying the glue all the time. This has defeated the purpose of the glue.

Good glue needs just one application to last you for a long time. So choose wisely the glue that comes with durability alongside flexibility

Ease of use

Easy glue application is something that must be looked out for when choosing the right glue for your leather material. Glues that are difficult to use may cause wastage, spill or smear.

This is why we advise you to go for a formula that has a long nozzle. Glues with long nozzles are easy and convenient to apply. It gives you a precise application. Such glues are stress-free and hassle-free.

Drying time

You will need glue that dries fast so you can make use of the item or material almost immediately. Glues that take 48 to 72 hours to dry won’t fit into your immediate need.

This is why you have to consider glues that dry in a matter of seconds or minutes. It makes sense to choose glue with 20 seconds or 15 minutes drying time with no compromise on durability.


Some glues dry clear while others dry with a colour that may not be compatible with the glued item. This is why you have to choose wisely. Avoid glues that bring discolouration to the surface of your material. You can never go wrong with a glue that dries clear because it won’t leave any stains on your item.


Some glues are resistant to chemicals, acids and other liquids. This type of glue will enhance the lifespan of the glue and the material.


The glue must also be UV-resistant. This makes the glue and material to last for a long time


Your ideal glue should be paintable in case the glue does not dry clear. Choose a paintable glue to be on the safe side.

Washer/dry safe

Why would you want a glue that is not safe for washing and drying. Choosing glue that wears off after washing or drying will amount to a waste of money. This is why you must go for a glue that is safe to wash and dry


Look for a quality glue that is within budget. Expensive glues are not necessarily mean the best. So do not go overboard.    

Tips For Glueing Leather

Leather has been a material of choice for many years for footwear, clothing, furniture, sporting equipment and many other applications. It is malleable and resistant to weather. Here are the tips for the glueing of leather.

  1. Do some preparations – A well-ventilated area is ideal when working with leather glue. Also, choose a wide surface for the work. Cover tables and chairs with protective clothing. A leather glue is best applied when the temperature is around 41 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Clean the leather and surface – Clean the surface where you want to glue the leather. It must not have moisture and oil. Also the clean the leather thoroughly. Use a damp cloth to clean the leather. Use another clean rag to do a second cleaning to ensure there is no dirt on the surface of the leather.
  3. Apply the leather glue – Apply a thin amount and spread the glue. Clamping is required for most glue to stick properly.

How to Glue Leather



We have spent the last 48 hours researching the best glue for leather. Our recommendations will you help you to make a good choice.

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