Best Glue For Styrofoam 2021-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Styrofoam is non-porous like other plastic. I think you already know there are available many formula for Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a combination of polystyrene, urethane, neoprene or vinyl. That’s why it’s not easy to select the best glue for Styrofoam. You can’t use a solvent-based adhesive.

Here I listed top 10 glue for styrofoam on basis of different criteria which are related to Gluing Styrofoam.

10 Best Glue For  Styrofoam  2021

Everbuild Universal PVA BondCheck Price
UHU POR Styrofoam AdhesiveCheck Price
Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Construction AdhesiveCheck Price

The right glue for your styrofoam project will save you from lots of additional hazards. As the glue industry offers enormous options, you can lose track. Hence, we narrowed down our top picks from the whole in order to help you pick the desired one.

Let’s get started.

1. Everbuild Universal PVA Bond

The Everbuild PVA Bond will live up to your highest expectations, as it is made of stabilized polyvinyl alcohol with medium viscosity. With high-end adhesion, it can be your go-to glue for any work you seek, not to mention styrofoam.

Form this glue, you have an interesting method to achieve, which is, you can apply it as a sealer or primer while working with tiles. Isn’t that great?

Also, don’t worry about flexibility or resistance; this glue has it all. So, get yourself to the store now, and give it a shot.

2. UHU POR Styrofoam Adhesive

UHU POR Styrofoam adhesive

UHU POR Styrofoam is one of the most highlighted items out there for crafting or other works. This UHU Glue formula is the mainstream here because of its faster bonding system than most other adhesives. This unique formula makes it particularly effective for styrofoam.

Thanks to its thicker formula, you can apply it uniformly to every edge of the surface with a clay blade or little spatula; whether you’re working with wood, glass, plastic, leather paper, or metal surfaced things, no worries. It’ll let you work without a single drop of sweat.

Anyway, if you choose something with a smaller surface, this  Adhesive will smooth out easily without any extra assistance. For easy access, the tube design comes really handy in work. Just press it gently, and it’s ready to go.

However, either way, this product is incredibly built to be used for styrofoams.


  • It will serve you with multiple uses
  • Creates a very high-end bond
  • Works pretty well for styrofoam


  • Requires a bit of time to create the bond.

3.Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Construction Adhesive

The Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Construction Adhesive upholds a magical construction adhesive formula, which can bond styrofoam to any type of material you want.

Even if the surface is either porous or non-porous, you are ready to roll with this adhesive.This adhesive can work in any condition by its formula, especially in wet conditions, which you won’t meet in other adhesives.

The temperature has always been in the limelight while using adhesives, but this Loctite Product solves the issue. It offers a wide range of temperature measurements, 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit, to work with.It can glue wood, tiles, concrete, ceramic, aluminium, stainless steel, paper, and many more.

No matter what, this adhesive will do its job even if your project is indoor or outdoor based and it dries immediately.

4. Dow Chemical 157901 Insulating Foam Sealant

While working with multiple items, including styrofoam, sometimes you may need to seal and insulate some gaps and layers to maintain a proper bond.

On account of that problem, the brand, Dow Chemical, invented the Dow Chemical 15709 Insulating Foam Sealant, which performs as an insulator or sealant as well as a suitable adhesive.

Interesting to say, this glue comes with a spray nozzle that is really handy and convenient to use. With this advanced technology, you can spray on all sides of the surfaces.

Whether it is a large or small project, now you can be ensured to keep the materials altogether and save your time too.

However, this  glue can easily bind two different materials with proper safety and fix the cracks and gaps with ease.

In a sentence, it’s a tough, powerful, and mainly a versatile product to use.


  • It can be stained, painted, and sanded
  • Fills, insulates, and seals the cracks and gaps
  • Sprayable on all sides
  • Professional grade formula


  • It takes a long time to cure

5.Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue

The Tombow 62191 Mono Multi Liquid Glue can be your handful of assistance in your work. One glue, multiple uses, and yes, obviously styrofoam.

 This Multi-Purpose glue is built with a non-toxic and acid-free formula which can’t cause any injuries to you and the project you are working on.

It offers dual tips in one small and ergonomic dispenser. The pen tip can help small surfaces or create perfect lines, and the bigger tip smooths out for the bigger areas.

Likewise, you can bind your project in two ways with this Tombow Glue, repositionable and permanent.

While choosing a repositionable bond, make sure to lay the glue and wait until it dries out before becoming a strong bond. And in case of a permanent bond, hold fast while the glue hasn’t turned into a rigid form.


  • Applicable dual tips
  • Acid-free formula
  • Easily washable
  • Usable on photographs.


  • It doesn’t work on handmade papers.

6.SUREBONDER All-Purpose Glue Stick

If you are looking for an ultimate gluing solution for all of your DIY projects, including styrofoam ones, this SurebonderAll-Purpose Stick can be a wise option for you.

This gluestick works well in all temperatures, starting from low to high. That is why it is usable for both hot and low-temperature glue guns. Accordingly, the lowest limit is 230 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest is 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

For bonding materials like paper, wood, metal, magnet, fabric, glass, plastic, and ceramics, using a high-temperature glue gun and delicate materials such as styrofoam, ribbon, balloon, and lace using a low-temperature glue gun is recommended.

While dealing with glues, what most people are concerned about is getting a colour free bond. It is specially vital to be working with styrofoams, and this glue will perfectly meet this requirement.


  • Faster bonding system
  • A color-free strong bond
  • Budget-friendly item
  • Compatible with a wide range of products
  • Works for both high and low temperatures


  • It may not work for certain types of plastics.

7. Elmer’s Craftbond Tacky Glue

You are seeking a glue for your styrofoam projects, home décor pieces, ornaments, or for any other DIY project of yours, then this Elmer’s E461 Craftbond Tacky Glue can be enlisted at the top of your priority list.

With advanced formula, this tacky glue can give you the necessary adhesion for pretty much everything, especially art and craft projects.

Elmer’s styrofoam glue is compatible for multi-purpose use. This is easy to use and will give you a strong bond. The glue bottle is 2.11 inches high, 7.21 inches long, and 2.11 inches wide.

For styrofoam, its non-toxic glue formula is very suitable.


  • Works faster than other glues
  • Provides water colour bond
  • Easy to apply
  • Accessible for almost all items


  • Depending on the item this is being used, it may consume a longer period.

8. Weldbond Multi-Purpose Adhesive Glue

Many reviewers across the world find this glue among the best ones for styrofoam.

Unlike our top pick, this is pretty much of all-purpose glue. You can use it on wood, tiles, glass items, glass tiles, and lastly, styrofoam.

Weldbond has another specialty to mention, sealer. You can conduct it as a priming coat for fixing porous surfaces and as a dust proofer, weather proofer, and a potent bonding agent too.

As an adhesive, the glue must be safe from flames and prevent injuries. And this Weldbond Multi-Purpose Adhesive advantages you the protection.

Moreover, water-resistance lies in every vein of this adhesive that does not dry out if kept open.

The product is available both as traditional bottles and squeezes tube.


  • Wide variety of use
  • Incredible sealing capabilities
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • It is a bit smelly.

9. 3M Spray Trim Adhesive

3M Spray Trim Adhesive strongly bonds lightweight materials like upholstery cloth, trunk liners, and styrofoams to a vast extent.

Spraying adhesive is far better and easier to improve work capability, and the 3M spray mechanism makes it easy to be used for both household purposes and automotive works. When it comes to checking compatibility with styrofoams, it is a smart pick.

This adhesive builds a strong bond to provide a long-lasting adhesion. Beisdes, other than styrofoam, this adhesive also acts on metal surfaces as well as other ones too. On porous surfaces, it provides a low soak.

However, if you are in a quick-fix situation, this spray adhesive is super handy for instant fixing.

Lastly, as it sets very quickly, you don’t need to hold it for long.


  • It gives an instant fix.
  • An affordable product to choose
  • Enhanced formula technology
  • Works on multiple materials
  • Dries faster


  • It does not work on a dusty or dirty surface. Fairly, the surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly before using it.

10. Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Aleene’s is a USA glue brand and came up with a non-toxic, quick-dry tacky glue. The Aleene’s Tacky Glue features an 80 oz squeeze bottle with superior quality adhesion.

With the squeeze design, you get ultra flexibility and comfort while working.

For styrofoam use, this will have your back ultimately. When used for styrofoam, it enhances applauded adhesion, integrated with nanotoxicity formula, so that it can outperform every situation you go through.

Anyways, after applying, you will come up with a flexible and transparent bond.

As this glue for styrofoam dries super quickly, it will provide you with an instant fix.No matter what your project is, this tacky glue will prove extolled excellency for your small craft or ornament projects and many more.

So, why not give it a shot?


  • Ease of use
  • Instant results are shown
  • A flexible formula
  • Doesn’t dissolve the styrofoam
  • Non-toxic formula to keep items protected


  • You may face a yellowish bond.

Types of Glue for Styrofoam

If you are looking for a suitable glue for your project, a glue that can get the job done and, most importantly, you have to understand what type of glue are the most suitable without causing you any more trouble styrofoam. You will be facing an abundance of options out there. To ease things up for you, we are here with a shortlist:


These are from epoxy resin. Some epoxy type glues are so good for styrofoam usage, whereas some cause an exothermic reaction with styrofoam and meltdown the foam block. Without these melting types, other epoxy type glues tend to create a permanent sort of bond.

Two-part Acrylic Adhesives

The two-part Acrylic adhesives work excellent to bond styrofoam without causing any damage to the foam block. Sometimes it requires to be exposed in UV to bond fully. These two-part adhesives usually result in a firm and long-lasting bond. Creating such a strong bond, it requires time to cure.

Silicon-Based Flexible Glues

The silicon-based glues give you a flexible bond. It is suitable for those areas that may regularly come in contact with other surfaces. These kinds of glues normally ensure strong but flexible adhesion. Places that are meant to endure wear and tear on a regular basis are not suitable for silicon-based flexible glues.


This is an acrylic resin that will provide you with an instant bond that is incredibly strong and super long-lasting bond. It forms a type of mesh from the water of the air. Well, this means its effectiveness depends on the amount of water in the air. If there is not enough water, the bond will not be that strong bond. But in most cases, it works pretty well and acts quickly to bond styrofoams or any other surfaces.

Buying Guide 

To be assured of enjoying all the bells and whistles from glue for styrofoam, here we will discuss a few key features, specifications that you must consider before purchasing the right glue for your tasks.

Comfortable Grip

A comfortable grip means a healthy amount of hassle-free work. Whether it is a large or small size glue, the gripping area should be ergonomic and comfortable. It will likely depend on how long you can hold onto the glue.

Gripping Time

The gripping time comes along with a comfortable grip. Gripping time is actually the period when the glue is getting set. It can be a minute for a few glues, and some can leap around twenty to thirty minutes. So, choose according to your needs.

Note: Ensure the parts are correctly positioned when you start applying glue.

Time to Dry

The drying time means the time when the glue starts becoming a bond and fully set. When the glue is fully dry, you can’t move or separate the parts. So, if you want a fast or slow drying or glue, check for the specifications before buying the glue. Because, you won’t leave a chance to undo the work.


Consistency is the part where all glue differentiates with a margin. Your decision on the glue depends on its consistency.

In the case of thicker glues, they are easy-going for multiple craftworks and easy to set between the parts and materials.

On the contrary, the thinner glues make their way to larger applications, particularly the application that requires the help of a brush or roller to cover its surfaces.

But don’t worry, you can find middle-order adhesives as well, which will be useable for both large and small applications reasonably.

Service Life

Apart from all other key terms, the service life steps ahead of all of them. Nothing can be peskier than having the glue bottle is entirely dried out in the working moment of an application. Service life or how long the product can last is the key here. Regarding that, if you are a person who needs multiple tubes of glue every single month, then service life is not a matter for you. But, if you use glue twice a year for any project, then the servicing life matters.

So, make sure to look at for what purpose you are purchasing one.

How to Glue Styrofoam

Applying glue to styrofoam and attaching it to other pieces is an easy process, but it’s not something you should hustle around. Some adequate and correct steps are needed.

Steps Below:

  • First, ensure the material’s surface is prepared and free from dust and debris.
  • You should then select the right glue for your project, which will create a perfect without dissolving the styrofoam.
  • While you’re done selecting the right glue, apply it uniformly on the surfaces. You can take additional help with a brush or roller for prodigious areas.
  • Apply it in all the directions and then let it cure.
  • As soon as the glue is cured, you’re all set.

See? The steps are pretty neat and easy. Just be careful while going through the procedure.


Be careful that styrofoam can melt easily with the use of the wrong type of glue and heat exposure. Melted styrofoam, if it comes in contact with bare skin, it can cause irritation or burning sensation.

Besides, styrofoam’s exposure to heat can create the emission of carbon monoxide, which is poisonous and can be fatal.

1. What Not to Use for Gluing Styrofoam and Polystyrene sheet

Not every glue is suitable to be used for styrofoams. There are some that can be really harmful to your project. So, you need to know what can be used and what not. The superglue types and the hot glue variations of glue guns are a big NO for styrofoams. Using them will put your whole project at stake.

Glue for Styrofoam FAQ List

It is a must to have the right set of glues for styrofoam to ensure that you have a nicely built and stable diorama with longevity. Due to that, check out some frequently asked question that people usually asks.

1. What sticks to styrofoam?

The glues that feature polyethylene are best for styrofoam. If you are thinking of adding something with styrofoam, you need to consider the materials of the objects you want to bond together.

Glues that are for all-purpose will work nicely when it comes to bond other materials with styrofoams. If you are looking to add rubber with styrofoam, you will have to find something that works on both rubber and polyethylene.

2.What type of glue is suitable to combine two styrofoam together?

The best adhesive type for styrofoam is polystyrene. These are the best as styrofoam, and they are of the same material. If you do not have time to let the glue dry, you would probably want to go for cyanoacrylate. They perform well for styrofoams.

3. Does gorilla glue work on styrofoam?

It works, but not really the best option to go with. It needs moisture to create the bond. As this is absent in styrofoam, you need to take care of this. Besides, it gets deeply absorbed and creates a deformed and discolored bond at the jointing area.

4. Does super glue work on styrofoam?

Well, there may be a couple of exceptions, but mostly super glues are not really a good sort of choice for styrofoams. Because the particles of styrofoam, the solvents, and the chemicals are not suitable. They melt down styrofoam, if bonds, make a deformed one.

5. Which type of glue does perform well for attaching concrete blocks to styrofoam?

The best and possible way for attaching concrete blocks to styrofoam is a glue with spray, like the Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Construction Adhesive.


Gluing Styrofoam is very easy if you can select the proper adhesive. Half of your sweat is gone if you start doing your projects with the right glue.I hope you choose one from our details review.

To guide you towards desired tools regarding crafting, we tried to shorten the best glue for styrofoam list for you in case you don’t get lost among all the varieties out there.

Hopefully, you will be benefited. Happy crafting!

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