Best Glue For Styrofoam [TOP 7 2020]

Do you have a Styrofoam project you are working on or do you want to engage in Styrofoam crafts for fun? How about you begin by finding out some simple facts about styrofoams? Well, here is the thing; it is challenging to end up with an excellent Styrofoam piece while using ordinary glue.

That said, you will need a Styrofoam glue to complete your craft. Fortunately, this is not anything to worry about as there are several Styrofoam glues in stores today. However, picking up the best Styrofoam glue is what turns out as a headache for many people.

Since you are not an exception, this article will feature six top-rated styrofoam glues plus the best glue gun in the market currently. The aim is to not only help your buying process easy, but to assist you in selecting the best glue for your project. This is because under each adhesive, not only will the key features become discussed but their pros and cons. Without taking much of your time, let us get started.  

Six Best Styrofoam Glues Review Plus Glue Gun

1.FloraCraft Non-Toxic Styrofoam Glue StyroGlue 4 Ounce Dries Clear

If you have previously done a research on this product, you will wonder why this glue is part of our list. Influencing this are the rather harsh comments that some of the users have concerning this glue. Contrary to what others say, this Styrofoam glue is excellent as long as one uses it in the correct manner.

For instance, this Styrofoam glue has become designed for the simple projects such as kids crafts, home decorations, scrapbooking and florals. Therefore, using it on complex crafts will not offer a desired output. Moreover, it is perfect for Styrofoam to Styrofoam sticking. Using it to stick other materials may thus prove less effective. Among the features that make this Styrofoam glue incredible include:

Water-based adhesive

The glue features a liquid design that is eco-friendly and allows easy usage. As a result, you will not have to heat it up before its application.  Although you should always earn to keep such glues from child, this glue while accidentally exposed to children, does not cause any harm. This is due to its water-based adhesive. Hence, it is very safe to use.


The instructions are very easy to follow. What’s more, this glue does not need heating before use. Therefore, this makes it ideal for use whether you are a professional or a beginner in the craft industry.

Bottle packaging

The last feature that makes this glue great is its packaging. Judging from the name, the glue comes fitted in an opaque bottle which is not destructive to children. What’s more, the bottle has an incredible opening at the top to minimize any mess that the glue might cause upon application.


  •    Simple to apply
  •   Non-toxic
  •   Economical
  •   Light-weight


  • Slightly runny and messy
  • Takes some time to dry clear

2.   UHU Pro Styrofoam Adhesive

Like other consumers, you must feel very confused on whether or not you should purchase the UHU Pro Styrofoam adhesive. This is because of its biased language instruction which make you veiled on how to use the glue, its properties and how they will benefit your project. But that this why we are here.

Before informing you about this glue’s properties or features, here is what its instruction dictates. Clean the surfaces you intent to stick together before applying the glue on them. After glue application, let dry for an estimated 20 minutes before sticking the surfaces together firmly. Back to its features, here is what the glue has to offer:


Often, when glues are left open for a few minutes, they solidify making them irrelevant for usage. Fortunately, such is not the case for the UHU Pro Styrofoam adhesive. The reason is that this glue comprises an anti-aging property that allows the glue to remain intact even when you forget to close its top.  

·         Flexibility

From the previous review, it became apparent that the glue was only efficient for sticking styrofoam to styrofoam material. While this is good, it is often limiting because you will want to stick styrofoams to different materials on other occasions. In recognition of this, the UHU Pro Styrofoam glue was designed to allow sticking Styrofoam to various materials.

Notably, this best glue for Styrofoam allows sticking to glass, metal, plaster, and ceramic among others. Nonetheless, you should always test the material on foam first before proceeding with your project. The aim is to become certain that the material works well with the glue.

·         Rigidity

Have you ever tried sticking two coins with ordinary super glue? It did not stick right? Well, this is because the level of rigidness in super glue in only perfect for simple craft project. As a result of its high level of rigidness, this glue not only sticks the simple crafts but the tough pieces alike and holds them in position for a long period of time.

·         Waterproof

The last feature you get to enjoy from this glue entails its reaction to water. Primarily, this glue is waterproof which means it will not allow water to destroy it or the material stuck using the glue.  


·         Highly durable

·         Resistant to aging

·         Holds the pieces

·         Can stick foam to various pieces effectively


·         Language biased instructions

3.Weldbond Multipurpose 8-50420

You do not need rocket science to identify the most outstanding feature of this incredible glue. By reading its name alone, you can almost tell what to expect from this product. Yes, this is one of those adhesives that you buy and it ends up serving all your project needs.

You wouldn’t even know whether to classify it as the best Styrofoam glue for plastics or glass. This is because along with sticking plastics to foam perfectly, it is also very efficient in gluing foam to glass, clay tiles, cork, fabrics, linoleum, slates, ceramics, bricks, wood, concrete blocks just to mention a few.

It is therefore highly suitable for model makers who delight in building using foam. As though this is not enough, here, are more features that will make you love the adhesive even more.

  Clog free cap

Although it can come packaged in traditional bottles, it is also present in a beautifully designed tube. Ideally, the tube comprises a cap that is clog free. As a result, it allows you to easily squeeze out the glue and maintain the state of the glue once the cap is on. 

·         Robust and safe substances

Besides the clog free cap, this best universal adhesive comprises strong and safe ingredients. Therefore, there is no worry about having your material damaged or failing to stick together with this glue. What’s more, in case you spill the glue on your body or on unwanted surface, it easily comes out with the use of minimal effort. 

·         Smooth finishing

When you go through the readings on the tube, you will discover that the glue claims to offer crystal clear finish. While this glue will not give you that top-notch finish, the clear finish it gives is quiet commendable compared to the finishes strong glues offer.  

·         Climate friendly

Dust or rainy, this glue will not compromise on its efficiency. More interesting, it is not only impervious to water but resistant to oil, salt, grease, weak acids, fungi, alkalis and petroleum. However, the manufacturers have warned about leaving the product in cold areas as this will makes it loose its adhesiveness. You want to store it in a place of temperature level 50°f/ 10°c. 


·         Resists water, acids, alkali and petroleum surfaces

·         Applicable for sticking all materials

·         Perfect for using in strong crafts


·         Does not give a crystal clear finishing

·         It does not dry as fast as it claims

4.Beacon Hold the Foam Glue

According to the instructions of this adhesive, you can use this product to stick almost any type of material. Unlike other goods which have such labels but end up underperforming, this glue does exactly what it claims. Of course, it will not stick certain materials to foam. Nonetheless; it glues together a couple of foams including Styrofoam plastics, wood, fabric and paper. Before trying it out, it is recommended that you first inquire or do a test to ascertain its efficiency in sticking together your preferred material.  You will also require a lot of patience while using this glue as many users have reported issues with its drying time. With that, you don’t try it on a project that is urgent. Irrespective of this shortcoming, this glue still has some amazing features explained in detail below:

Water cleanup mechanism

It is the nature of adhesive to become messy and runny. While manufacturers have done their best to minimize this issue, the Beacon have gone a step further. They understand that no matter how careful you are, the glue will end up on unnecessary surfaces and cause a huge mess. As a result, they invented this glue which is simple to clean using water.

·         Non-toxic materials

Most of the glues in the market today comprise substances that are not only harmful to the human heath but the environment. Luckily, the Beacon Hold the Foam Adhesive is very safe to use. It is non-flammable and does not pose any harm to humans which mean guaranteed safety even when exposed to children.

·         Reposition properties

As human beings we have various shortcomings and a common one is imperfection. It is possible for you to stick surfaces in an undesired manner or worse still, end up sticking correct foam to the wrong material. You need not worry about this while using this glue because it has a repositioning property that allows you to make changes as long as you notice the mistake quickly.

·         Flexible

As seen at the beginning of this section, this is not a limited type of glue. It can stick to a variety of products as long as it is compatible to the glue. You can therefore use it on nearly all the foam projects you have.


·         Highly versatile

·         Simple to clean

·         Allows repositioning

·         Very safe to use


·         Takes a lot of time to dry

5.Gorilla Original Gorilla Glue

If you are looking for an adhesive that will perfectly hold your Styrofoam and wood, then Gorilla is what you have to purchase. Not only is this glue known as the best glue for Styrofoam to wood. It is also praised for its ability of sticking Styrofoam to other materials including but not limited to glass, ceramics, metal, concrete, stone, and foam. You however have to bear in mind that amidst its greatness, this glue has the ability of having a negative outcome on your project if used incorrectly. Thus, take your time to understand and follow the instructions to enjoy the benefits of Gorilla Glue listed below but before the pros, let’s get to the features.

Three Times Expand Ability

You want to go slow with the Gorilla Original Gorilla Glue lest you end up having a bad surface once the glue dries. This is because the glue once applied on the relevant surface expands thrice as much. Therefore, you want to put as little glue as possible avoid getting a bad finishing at the end. This ability of the glue to expand thrice as much also confirms how strong the glue is when it comes to holding your materials together.  

·         Safe gluing use

For some of the glues in the market, their usage becomes limited to specific locations. For instance there are those whose application is only safe while indoors. Whereas, there are those whose usage becomes limited to outdoors alone. Fortunately, the Original Gorilla Adhesive has become designed in a manner that it is safe to use not only indoor but outdoors. However, the chemicals in the glue are dangerous and thus it is necessary to put the glue away from young ones.

·         Versatility

As mentioned at the beginning, this glue has properties that make it flexible enough for sticking styrofoam to various materials. What’s more, it also allows sanding, painting and staining hence, you can use it as your multipurpose glue either at home or at work.

·         Waterproof

The last cool feature about this glue entails its waterproof attributes. Yes, this glue does not react with water. Therefore, it allows you to work confidently without worrying that any spills, accidental or intentional may interfere with your crafts.


·         Very strong

·         Can glue Styrofoam to a lot of different materials

·         Waterproof

·         Applicable for use both indoors and outdoors


·         Expensive compared to other glues

6. Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

Are you looking for Styrofoam glue that has exceptional value? Why not try out the Original Tacky Glue. Created by the Aleene manufacturers, this glue has become applauded for its great gluing performance. However, it would have not been easy for the adhesive to end up being such an incredible piece in the market if not for its top features explained as follows.

Before we get started, keep in mind that the glue has some instructions which users have to follows to get exceptional results. With that, here are the four features making Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue among the best glue for Styrofoam

 Unique Opening

Unlike other openings of Styrofoam glue, this glue by Aleene features a unique opening design. Notably, the opening can become cut in any of the available three options to suit the user’s needs. For example, you can choose to cut the opening at the tip to get a thin glue volume or choose to cut the opening at the center or near bottom to get an average or thick glue volume respectively.  

·         Smooth finishing

This is not one of those glues that give a yellow finish once it dries off. With this adhesive, you get to enjoy nothing short of a smooth finish once your attached surfaces dry. However, this comes at a cost of patience as most users have reported the inability of the glue to dry faster.  

·         Safe chemicals

The other charming thing about the Aleene Original Tacky glue is that it doesn’t comprises toxic chemicals. As a result, it is very safe to use in whichever location. Also, there is no harm if your child accidentally finds it and starts crafting as it is 100% safe.

·         Strong and versatile

Lastly, the adhesive has become created in such a way that it is multipurpose. Therefore, it will glue Styrofoam to most materials without compromising on quality. You just have to become sure that the material is compatible with the glue and proceed with your project. You can do this by asking the service attendant or performing a test with a small piece of the materials you want to attach.


·         Simple to use

·         Very safe for adults and children

·         Excellent on both simple and tough crafts

·         Can bond a variety of material types


·         Does not dry quickly

7.Topelek Hot Glue Gun

Distinct but much related to other reviewed products in this article is the Topelek Hot Glue Gun. You can use it with any Styrofoam glue including but not limited to best Styrofoam glue for metal, wood, and foam. However, it has specifically become designed for the hot Styrofoam adhesives. The reason is that these types of Styrofoam glues are often dangerous to handle with the bare hands. Of course, there are numerous glue guns available in the market but the main reason why we settled on this one is because of its amazing attributes. Primarily, the Topelek Hot Glue Gun is not only simple to use, it comprises four top features which are discussed in detailed below:

    Small and convenient

When engaging in any DIY or professional glue project, the last thing you want is something that interferes with your comfort. This is because, you are already working and any discomfort will make you tired quickly hence affecting the quality of your craft. In recognition of this, Topelek designed a gun for the hot glue that is not only small but very convenient for using. This glue gun measures 5.3 by 5.5 by 2 inches which means it sits perfectly on the hand. Moreover, it weighs 9.8 ounces which means it is lightweight thus a perfect choice for your work.

·         High-quality materials

Topelek Hot Glue Gun is not the ordinary glue guns constructed using ordinary materials. The gun has become engineered with premium materials such as the stand holder which is stainless hence makes the glue stay in place to prevent melt back which damages guns.  Also it has a leak-proof inlet and a heat-resistant cover. The leak-proof inlet ensures that there are no glue leakages and the heat-resistant ensures that the gun remains protected irrespective of the heat from within or outside. Lastly, the gun also contains copper hot nozzle. Their main aim is to control the amount of glue one intents to use.

·         Dual-power mechanism

If you have used glue guns before, you understand that most come with only one power mechanism. For example, they are either fitted with a low watts level or a high watts level. Fortunately for this gun, you enjoy both the low watts and the high watts. This is because the Topelek hot glue comprises the 15W and the 25W. As a result, you can switch from either of the powers depending on the needs of your project. Also, the switching process is not anything that needs lessons.

·         Inbuilt- fuse and fast heat up

There is no doubt that you will love the high-tech electronic ceramic PTC f this glue which allows instant heat up of the glue. Interestingly, the heat up takes an estimated 1-3 minute which is great even when you are running late on time. You want to take advantage of switching the power off earlier to prevent issues of leakage and save on glue sticks. Complementing this rapid heat up is the inbuilt fuse of this gun. It aids in the prevention of overheating as a result of its auto-over current protection.

·         Glue sticks

You need glue sticks while using this hot glue gun. While this comes at an extra financial cost, well not during your first purchase of the gun. Influencing this are the 30 glue sticks that come with the Topelek Hot Glue upon purchase. Each has a diameter of 0.28 inches and one thing you will love about them is not the size but their strong adhesive ability.


·         Simple to use

·         Lightweight

·         Durable to high premium materials

·         Safe


·         Some users have reported issues with the flow rate


1.What is the best glue for styrofoam

There are various best glues for Styrofoam in the market today. Some of which have been critically discussed in the article above. However, singling out one as the best glue for Styrofoam depends on a number of things like the type of material you want to glue to the Styrofoam or the nature of your project materials. If you are strictly sticking simple Styrofoam to Styrofoam materials, then, the best glue for Styrofoam becomes the FloraCraft Non-Toxic Styrofoam Glue StyroGlue. However, if you are a crafts person and use different kinds of materials every known and then, the best glue for Styrofoam in that case becomes of the Multipurpose Styrofoam Glue. For example, you can consider the gorilla Styrofoam glue as the best glue here if the surfaces you will be working on are tough. In a nutshell, the best glue for Styrofoam depends on the type of surfaces or material you are sticking and the simplicity or toughness of the project. Therefore, you want to first understand the nature of your project and the properties of the glue before classifying it as the best Styrofoam glue.

2.What type of Glue to use on Styrofoam

If you are talking about styrofoam to styrofoam, then, the best type of glue to use become the FloraCraft Non-Toxic Styrofoam Glue StyroGlue. This is because it contains solvent materials that work well only on foam to foam bonds. Alternatively, you can always use the Styrofoam glues labeled StryoGlue. The reason is that most of the glues having this brand work well on Styrofoam to Styrofoam. However, this is not 100% guaranteed as some brands, although containing the label StyroGlue will not work efficiently for Styrofoam to Styrofoam. Nonetheless, the type of glue to use on Styrofoam depends on the properties of the glue, the nature of your project and the type of material you want to stick on to the foam.


From the above best Styrofoam glue review, you must have noticed that every glue has distinct characteristics. While some are perfect for foam to foam sticking other are excellent for foam to metal or foam to anything. As a result, you have to know the properties and applicability of the Styrofoam glue before adding it on your cart.

Another thing, following instructions while dealing with Styrofoam glues is crucial. Championing this is the fact that every glue has a specific way of usage for excellent outcomes. You cannot depend on one formula to handle all the Styrofoam glues. Therefore, you have no option but to adhere to the instruction lest you end up with a negative experience of an adhesive rated as the best glue for Styrofoam.

One last thing, you will not easily find Styrofoam glues in your ordinary stores like the super glues. They are challenging to find. Fortunately, you can always find them with ease at either the retail outlets or crafts store. 

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