Best Heat Resistant Glue 2021-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

We’ve researched 14 heat resistant glue. We featured only top 7 in our best heat resistant glue content by proper experiment like heat resistance, temperatures and flexibility to use. To know more about it, check the details of it first.

But If you are in hurry then go for Krazy Glue Maximum Bond



J-B Weld Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy

J-B Weld Professional Steel Reinforced Epoxy

  • create a strong bond
  • Work in different temperature
  • Waterproof
Krazy Glue Maximum Bond Super Glue

Krazy Glue Maximum Bond

  • Maximum-strength formula
  • Shock-resistant bond
  • Sets fast 
Elmer's E1012 China and Glass Cement

Elmer's China and Glass Cement


  • Nontoxic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant

Here is top 5 pick for your easy understanding.

Best Heat Resistant Glue

1. J-B Weld Professional Steel Reinforced Epoxy-Heat Resistant Glue for Metal

J-B Weld Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy

Talking about J-B Weld 8281, it has a lot of good features that you need to know. It will be easier to create a bond.It is used on various materials like, metal, tile wood, plastic, ceramic, fiberglass, and more others material.

Besides, This strongest glue that can withstand heat up to 550°For 287 Degrees Celsius.

It is versatile so that you can also DIY it. This is authentic and the best quality ever till the 70s.

That will be the best decision if you purchase it for doing your different purposes.

This Sealant can be used for household, crafts, automotive applications, outdoor tasks. There is an epoxy system that helps to add more features.

The system provides a long-lasting as well as strong bonding of any kind of material like plastics, metals, or other multiple surfaces.It is made by maintaining a ratio of 1:1. And it helps to form a permanent bond.

If you keep it at room temperature, it will take 4-6 hours to set properly. When it sets, it will turn into a grey color.When the adhesive is grey in color, you will know that it is completely set.The J-B Weld has tensile strength.Which is equal to 3960 PSI also provides the highest heat resistance.

That's why it will take to set and have a hard bond if you keep it overnight.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can create a great bond than other hot melt glues
  • You can use it for different types of materials
  • Doing DIY is easier
  • Great for extreme heat
  • Strongest Metal glue

2. Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

The Gorilla Heavy Duty Constructive adhesive comes with lots of features. It is basically a piece of heavy-duty construction equipment. It is durable and versatile as well.

You can use it for different purposes. On the other side, several kinds of materials can be cured by this adhesive.

It will be a great thing if you want a good quality adhesive. You must try to use it at least once.

This adhesive is great for use in all weather. No matter what the weather is, it can be used in an effective way as it moisture resistant too.

It will do a great job for both indoor and outdoor repairs.The Gorilla adhesive is best for home and building improvement constructions.

It is basically heavy-duty construction equipment. But it can also do both indoor and outdoor projects.

It can be used on different kinds of materials. The number of materials is huge. You can use it on plastics, glass, metal, stone, wood, ceramics, PVC sheet, concrete, brick, and lots more.It generally takes about 30 seconds to hold.

You will need to give it 24 hours to completely dry.The Gorilla adhesive also comes with a bunch of great features. First of all, it is strong. It also has versatility.This is extremely durable as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water resistant
  • Can be worked on several kinds of materials
  • Also has a mold and mildew resistant
  • Good for heavy duty, indoor and outdoor construction
  • 3. Permatex 82194 Ultra Grey Rigid High-Torque RTV   Silicone Gasket Maker

    Permatex 82194 Ultra Grey Rigid High-Torque RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

    Permatex 82194 Ultra Grey Rigid High can be used for different purposes and on different materials too.

    Such as, oil pans, timing covers, valve covers, intake manifold end seals, water pumps, thermostat housings and many more.

    This product is basically designed for high-torque and also for high vibration uses.I mean it comes with a low odor formula and non-corrosive feature.

    Moreover, it is OEM certified. That's why you don't want to be worried about its quality.

    It will also not leak just like the other ones. You just need to be while applying this.

    It's is suitable for using on several kinds of things.There are also some other features that you will have if you use this glue. There is an amazing resistance to oils, so that you can also use it on oily surfaces too.This will be a great option, indeed.

    Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for high-vibration and high-torque application
  • Gasket maker will not leak
  • Low odor
  • 4. Krazy Glue Maximum Bond Super Glue

    Krazy Glue Maximum Bond Super Glue

    The Krazy Glue Maximum Bond works great on metal, plastic, rubber, vinyl, and more. But it works best on porous surfaces.Not only that, it is totally value for money with a lot of features like shock-resistant.

    This high heat glue has maximum strength Which is act as impact resistance as well as shock-resistant bond.

    This Multi-Purpose super glue can be used for several kinds of things and on different types of materials. For Examples,

    It’s applicable for porous materials.It also has a great feature, and that is, it can change the consistency of itself according to the temperature.

    This also has an extended tip that helps to work even in tight spaces. That makes it versatile and easier to apply.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Suitable for Strong bond
    • Works best on porous surfaces
    • Heat proof Glue     
    • Can change in high-temperature applications
    • Can be used on mismatched and vertical surfaces too

    5. China & Glass Cement-High Temperature Glass Glue

    China and Glass Cement

    You can use it for variety of surfaces like ceramic, pottery, glass, china, and lots more.

    All these things make the adhesive a versatile one. This product is dishwasher safe and solvent-free.

    It's also an aftermarket that is of generic part. Elmer's E1012 adhesive is also non-toxic.

    And that is the most important and useful thing you can ever get in a glue.It has the ability to set in just one minute.

    You don't have to worry about its quality. You will surely have a better service than the others.

    This is applicable for glass items,ceramic,pottery,and many more.It will be a good one for you to use it in several ways.

    You can use it for both indoor and outdoor use.One of the most important things is that you can use it properly. This product sets in a fast way. It will just take one minute to set.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
    • Has a non-toxic formula
    • Dishwasher safe glue
    • Solvent free
    • Can be used on several types of materials
    • Completely value for money

    6.Loctite Glass Glue 2-Gram Tube (233841)

    Loctite Glass Glue 2-Gram Tube (233841)

    When we talk about Loctite Glass Glue, you need to know a lot about it.

    It has 2 grams of the tube that is non-watery and thick.

     Working with it even on vertical surfaces will be much better.It has a tube that is a self-piercing one.

    It can do things without creating any mess. You can use it on different kinds of glass and crystal materials.

    The best thing about it is, it can set in seconds and dries out clear.

    Not only that, it has heat and water-resistant facilities and shock resistance too. you can wash it after drying out because it is a resistant glue dishwasher.

    It basically can be used on variety surfaces. The reason is, the texture of it is thick.It won't spread or fall at all. When you will use it, you will see that it can set in seconds.The tube of it is a self-piercing one. That's why the entire process of applying this glue becomes much easier.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Has shock, impact, and temperature resistance
    • Can also be used for both porous and non-porous surfaces
    • Suitable for vertical surfaces    
    • Glue Dishwasher Safe

    7. J-B Weld 8297 HighHeat 550 Degree Epoxy Putty Stick

    J-B Weld 8297 HighHeat 550 Degree Epoxy Putty Stick

    The J-B Weld adhesive is basically good for automotive and industrial applications.

    If you are looking for an industrial glues for cars, then you will need this one.

    It is also great for muffles, exhaust manifolds, engine blocks, tailpipes, ductwork and many more.

    If we talk about the set time, then it will take about 1 hour to properly set.It turns into machine grey color once it is set and properly cured.

    When you apply and knead the putty thing of two parts of the formula by your hand, it will take 1 hour to set and the cure process ends in 8 hours.

    The J-B Weld has a strength of 800 PSI at room temperature and it has 600 PSI at 400°F. High heat is able to withstand intermittent heat of 500°F and continuous heat up to 450°F.

    This is used in tail pipes, engine blocks, exhaust manifolds, ductwork, muffles, machinery and other high-temperature equipment.

    Highlighted Features:

  • Great for engine blocks and machinery works 
  • Can be used at high temperature projects 
  • Becomes 3X stronger at higher temperature    
  • Works great for industrial applications
  • Types of Heat Resistant Adhesives

    Before buying or selecting any heat resistant you should know about it’s type.

    If the glue you are planning to purchase is suitable for your work or not. The reason is, if you search about all these things, you will know the types of glues automatically.

    when you talk about resistant glue, you need to be much careful about it.

    High strength glue is also another kind.It works great on many kinds of materials.

    There are some resistant wood glues that especially work great on glass, china, and ceramic things. Some are good at industrial and automotive maintenance.

    Epoxy resin is a outdoor constructive adhesive which is suitable for use in glass and title item.

    These types of adhesive that you are looking for. All you need to be careful about it . Each of the glue is made for fixing certain kinds of materials and you just need to know which is suitable for what.

    Last but not the least, make sure the glue you are going to purchase has certain qualities like heat resistant, water proof, dishwasher safe and also non-toxic facility. It's all about knowing things in a proper way.

    Things Need to Know Before Buying High Heat Adhesive

    There are some factors that you need to know before buying any adhesive. Let's see what the facts are and why it is so important.

    Curing Time

    Considering the curing process is necessary. Every glue has a certain curing time. And according to that, you need to choose any of them for your job. when you are buying heat resistant glue, this matter will also be the most important one. You need to know how long it does take to cure properly.As you know that the heat resistant glue is used for various kinds of reasons such as, it can paint the thing over for dishware or to sand over.For repairs, it's important to know the curing time.


    Viscosity means how thick the texture of the glue is. You should keep in mind about viscosity when you use a heat resistant glue.

    Maintaining and knowing about this thing is important. The reason is that it provides you the idea of applying it in a proper way.You will also decide if you can use it on vertical surfaces or not.The reason is, if the glue is watery then you cannot use it on vertical surfaces. It will fall down. But if the glue is thick enough to hold and set quickly, then you can use it on vertical surfaces.

    So, that's why knowing about viscosity is important.

    Temperature Resistance

    Well, to know how high or low is the temperature of the heat resistant glue that you are using is such an important thing to know.

    It is because not all heat resistant glue is the same. It has differences and some might be exceptional than others.You should know the Temp resistances of the glue before buying any of those.


    Workability refers to the features of the glue and how you can use it for doing your adhesion to desired one.

    Not all glues can do the same things like the others. There are different kinds that can do different types of repairs.Before getting into any decision, you must know the workability of that glue that you are planning to buy.

    Shock and Impact Resistance

    There are impact and shock resistance that you can find in some heat resistant glues. But not all glues have that.

    If you want to get these facilities then you should know if the adhesive has these features or not.

    These kinds of features ensure the flexibility of the repairs. And most importantly, it can create a strong bond.That's why you have to know if the glue has this feature or not.

    Bonding Time

    Always remember, the fast the glue dries, the better it will be.For that reason, you have to know what the bonding time of the glue you are buying.

    There are different kinds of heat resistant glue available.bonding time will be vary for object to object.

    You have to know first about the bonding time of the glue.If you see the glue can dry fast, then you can finish your repair fast.when the glue dries fast, you can do the repair more accurately.For all those positive reasons, you need to know what the bonding time of the glue you are getting or what the good fast bonding glue of all.

    Safety Tips For High Temperature Glue

    There could be some safety issues or safety guides that you must know. You just have to know all of these if you want to use any of the glues properly and with safety.

    That's why it's important to know what to do and what not. So, let's see what the guidelines are.

    • First thing is that you need to know all details about all kinds of adhesives.If it is not possible, then at least know about that one that you are planning to use.
    • You have to work in a ventilated area for fast curing and setting more accurately.
    • Do not wear new or fresh cloth. Try to wear old cloth to avoid glue stains.
    • You should always wear gloves. It will ensure your total safety. Don't forget to use safety masks too.

    If you can maintain all of these things then working with any kind of adhesive will be much easier and safe.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Heat Resistant Glue

    How Do I Choose the Heat Resistant Glue?

    If you are going to do an indoor and outdoor use then you will need an adhesive that is waterproof, has heat resistance facility and can do almost all kinds of construction in almost all kinds of weather.

    You can go with Gorilla Adhesive for this. Amazingly Elmer’s E1012 comes with some fantastic features like heat resistant,water proof and dishwasher safe glue.

     If you want a glue for general use, then the Krazy Glue will be the suitable one. And if you are going to do any kind of heavy-duty work then you will need J-B Weld glue.

    Is Krazy Glue Heat Resistant?

    Yes,Krazy glue is heat resistant to High temperature or extreme temperature.

    Can heat resistant glue go in the dishwasher?

    You might be get confused with this questions. Well, to let you know, there are some adhesives that are dishwasher safe.

    It’s not possible that one product can fulfill your demand for every need.

    This is important because these two facilities can make the glue dishwasher safe.Both facilities are available Loctite Glass Glue and also Elmer's glue. But not all glues have the facility.

    How much heat can a super glue be able to withstand?

    Not all products are the same in this fact. These things depend on the category of the glue and the formula of it.

    But for example, there are some super  glues with high strength feature which can fullfill industrial demand.And it can withstand up to 550°F.

    On the other hand, the other dishwasher safe like Elmer's glue can handle the high temperatures of a dishwasher well.

    Is Gorilla Glue original heat resistant?

    The question depends basically on the glue. If we talk about the Gorilla brand, we need to know first which one you are talking about.

    There are lots of options in the brand Gorilla. Not all have the heat resistant facility. But there are a few that have it. But the numbers are low.

    Final Words

    In this post, we try to make a top heat resistant glue list which are available on the market now.

    But it will be totally your choice what kind of features you want in a heat resistant glue and why you would prefer for doing your job.

    To get to a conclusion, first you have to be sure about the glue is heat resistant or not.If you can figure it out then getting the suitable and the best one will be easier.

    So, try to know all the things first and then get your preferable glue. We hope that you can do your task well and let the thing last longer.


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