Best Glue for Fabric to Plastic

Best Glue for Fabric to Plastic

Many types of glues that are used for gluing fabric to plastic materials. Talking about adhesives, you can find various kinds of it. But you must choose the best one according to your choice. 

According to different materials, different types of glues are made. If you want the proper glue for fabric to plastic, first you should know what the proper ones for it.

This review guide rounds up recommendations and FAQs for best glue for fabric to plastic lists on online.

8 Best Glue for Fabric to Plastic

1. Loctite Vinyl, Fabric and Plastic Repair Adhesive

The quality of attaching fabrics without sewing, repairing plastics, rubber, you can find all in just one product.

This loctite works great on some household items like vinyl upholstery, rubber items, balls, seat covers, and many other things.It is a flexible, clear adhesive that is created for mending stuff like glass, fabric, wood, upholsteries.     

It is manufactured in china. You can surely get the better results by using it. The clear liquid adhesive formula makes the application much easier than the others.

You can say that it has the perfect thickness that you ever want in an adhesive for plastic as well as fabric. It is an easy to use adhesive you can ever get.                  

Not only that, this adhesive can give the product a shiny look that enhances the beauty of it. It is waterproof, dries clear, totally value for money. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Adds visible shine to the product
  • Can repair several kinds of fabric and plastic
  • It is waterproof so that it can be used on different kinds of products  
  • The adhesive is completely value for money

2. Scotch Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Spray

You can see that this one is a multipurpose one. You can use it for several kinds of repairs.

It can be used on metal, wood, fabric, plastic, cardboard, and lots of materials like that. You can use it for thick types of fabric like denim. It will repair all kinds of fabric quickly.

Besides, it can also be used for repairing shoes too. Although the material of it is thick, the adhesive can hold the fabric. Fix the problem easily.

The glue can create a durable, strong bond. That’s why it will last for a long time if you repair things with this adhesive in a proper way. 

It has VOC<30% formulation. That’s the reason for its good quality bond. It works great on various kinds of surfaces. That makes it more versatile.

You can consider it as a good quality product with a good price range.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used for various kinds of purposes
  • It can create durable, and strong bond easily
  • It is able to work on a broad range of surfaces
  • The entire process of using it is easy  

3. 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Permanent Spray Adhesive Glue

3M Super 77 Multipurpose Permanent Spray Adhesive Glue

The first thing that is the reason for its good quality is the texture of it. The adhesive is not like the regular ones that we usually buy.

It’s not that thick. It comes in a spray bottle. You should apply it just like you apply any other kind of spray.              

It is a versatile one. That’s why you can use it for several kinds of purposes. It can be used on fabrics, plastics, wood, metal, paper, cardboard, and many other materials as well.

That’s how you can see how it can be used on some lightweight materials.

On the other hand, it has the quality of creating a quick, strong bond.That quality saves much time. It just needs 15-30 seconds to set, create a bond. That is great as a feature of an adhesive.Although it sets fast, but still, it gives you a long-lasting bond. That makes it the most desired adhesive ever.

Not only that, You can reposition it if you need. It will be easier to do the perfect repair. It is the best product you can ever have. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The product can work for several kinds of purposes
  • It has a lightweight facility to ensure the ease of using
  • Can do the applying in a fast way as it is a spray adhesive 
  • This can give you a long-lasting bond, and it is repositionable too 

4. J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder Body Panel Adhesive

The feature of having a syringe type of adhesive makes all the things different. Well, just like the other adhesives that we have described before, it has the versatile facility that you want. 

Not only that, it has two parts of urethane that provide a strong bond. Not only is it strong, but it will be durable.It can be used on tough kinds of materials like concrete, plastic, automotive, ceramic, brick, composite, wood, PVC.

This glue is the best for filling dents, DIY plastic repairs, bumper repairs, and lots more.

As you can have a syringe, you can pour the product properly, seal it again. That’s why it won’t be leaked or dried anyhow.

No matter the DIY that you are going to do is big or small, you can do it in an easy way if you use this adhesive. Use it to make a strong bond.

Calling it a durable, strong one because it can set, also cure properly in a short period of time. It needs about 15 minutes to set, 30 hours to cure.When you see the color of the glue becomes black, at that moment, you will know that it is properly cured. 

You can consider it as a quick, but effective one for doing a lot of strong repairs quickly.   

Highlighted Features:

  • The product is a versatile one as it can be used on different kinds of materials
  • It has a quick-setting facility
  • Provides long-lasting, and strong bond
  • This product has a shock-resistant facility that makes it more reliable

5. Beacon Adhesive Fabri-Tac Glue

The Beacon adhesive has a lot of features including fast grab, fast dry formula that ensures that your time won’t be wasted.

It is basically a crystal adhesive. Calling it that because it stays, don’t soak into the fabric. That’s why it doesn’t make any stains on it. The glue dries quickly.The no-sewing adhesive for fabric has a glue gun type of applicator. That’s why it will be easier to apply only to the places that are needed.    

It has a great versatility. You can use it on several kinds of materials.

Such as, regular fabrics like cotton, silk, even leather.Not only fabric, it will also work good on wood too. You can use it for DIYs, even for home decor too. It will do the things as you want.

You can say, it will be a good choice if your purpose is to do these things.  

Highlighted Features:

  • It itself is a glue gun but is easier to use than any regular one
  • This glue won’t soak into fabrics and leaves no stains on it  
  • The product is trusted and used in professional works
  • It is suitable for both personal, and professional works

6. Bondic LED UV Liquid Plastic Welding Pro Kit

If we are talking about this product from Bondic, we will know the extra beneficial feature of it. That is the LED light activation.The places that you want to repair are with much care. With the incorporated LED UV light, it will ensure the thing to you. It has a press button that makes everything easy to use.

When you take the liquid bond under the UV light, it will get cured. That’s how it makes the bond permanent.

On the other side, the glue is solvent free. You can fix to reposition the bond until it is under the UV light.You can use it for different purposes.

It works well on different types of materials like plastic, rubber, PVC, metal, wood, wiring, leather, vinyl, polypropylene and lots more.

You can have it in a small kit. It will be easier to organize the things even after using it. You can get all in this kit.In a sense, it is a good product with a lot of different facilities. That’s why you should totally try this at least for once.

Highlighted Features:

  • The adhesive is 100% waterproof, and that makes it water-resistant
  • It is also heat resistant that ensures the safety
  • This product has a non-toxic formula
  • The LED light activation is included for ensuring fast drying

7.Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 6 oz Bottle, TG06H

The Tear Mender fabric, and leather adhesive works good because of having good features in it. With the waterproof facility, it doesn’t harm the fabric, also sets quickly.You can wash just after 15 minutes of application. If you use it in fabric, then it will be a right decision. The reason is, you can wear the fabric after fixing it with that glue.    

Not only that, it has UV protection. For having it, you can be sure of its durability. It can make the thing so strong that it will last for a long time.

The formula of it is basically water-based. That’s why it will be easy to use, and easy to clean too. For having this kind of formulation, it can save your skin from damaging.

It has a fast-drying formula. It just needs 3 minutes to set, that is incredible. In a sense, you can totally get this if you want.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is wearable, and washable even after using it as it has a waterproof facility
  • The UV resistance helps to make it a long-lasting, and also a durable one
  • It is flexible, and that’s why it’s easy to use and clean too  
  • The important thing is that it is not harmful to the skin at all as this has a water-based formula

7. Misty Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

This one basically comes in a spray bottle. It is a spray adhesive with a lot of features in it. The product can do the toughest applications in a few minutes.This product can be used on several types of materials like plastic, leather, cardboard, some porous surfaces, even on fabric.       

It works great for both permanent as well as temporary bondings. You can use it for several kinds of applications the way you like.

Just like the others, it is a waterproof one. That makes it flexible too. It helps to dry the surface clear.You can use it on clothes. It is because it creates no stain. You can wear it after fixing with the spray adhesive.   

You should definitely try this one if you want quick coverage.       

Highlighted Features:

  • It is suitable for repairing tough applications
  • The spray glue is flexible and waterproof
  • It doesn’t create any stains on the surface
  • This one has great coverage that happens quickly

FAQs – Glue for Fabric to Plastic

How to glue plastic to fabric?

If you want to apply glue on plastic to fabric, then you should know all the methods about doing it first.

To do it, you can use the hot glue gun for it. If it is for plastic, then this procedure works really well.

The other technique that you can use is the wax paper. Take the paper to place it on fabric. Cut the paper, fabric, and plastic in the same measurement.

After that, wipe out the plastic to make it clean, dry. Then, iron the paper on the fabric. That will help to attach it in an easy way.

Just like that, you can use the heat or the pressure bonding. It will work even more than any kind of adhesive. In these ways, you can glue plastic, fabric, to make it a durable one.

Things To Consider Before Buying Glue For Fabric To Plastic


As you already know about some of the products, you see that these products can be used on different kinds of materials. It can be used in different ways.

All these things make it a versatile one. Before buying any adhesive, see if you can work with it in a different way or not.

Check if it suits several kinds of materials or not. Go for that one that has this quality. That’s how you can use it for different purposes.       

Type of the glue

There are a lot of varieties of the glue. You can have the suitable one of all according to your preference.

First, you have to know about the types of the glues. There are several types of adhesives like liquid, water-based, thick ones, even the spray ones too.

You should do what will be the best for your purpose. According to that, you can choose any of these glues.  

Final Verdict

We have come a long way about knowing all the stuff about adhesives for plastic to fabric. Now, you must know what the best glue for fabric to plastic is.

You can have a look at the research that we described before. There is not a single one that is great of all. Every product has a significant feature of doing this thing properly.

But make sure it ensures safety. According to all these things, you can get your preferable one.

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