What is The Best Glue for Ceramic?

What is The Best Glue for Ceramic

Whether they are your favorite set of dining material or not, it is impossible to live in a house that does not have a ceramic item.

Knowing how prone to accidents we as humans are, though not frequent, it is possible that at a particular point you have broken a ceramic material within your home.

For any broken you need adhesive which will fix it,Here is a list of best ten you can follow & apply

1. Devcon Minute Epoxy  Waterproof Glue

Devcon Minute Epoxy

This amazing Devcon super glue will impress you with the amount of tasks it can handle.

To say the least, this glue is indeed best for fixing all sorts of ceramics. However, it is also perfect for all other projects involving crafts that deal with wood, china, metal, concrete and glass materials.

Although this sounds great for a professional crater, this is not the only thing that makes this adhesive great but the features that follow:

Waterproof:The Devcon 8.5oz does not interact negatively with water. Therefore, you can use it on a watery surfaces and it will still maintain its high bond. 

High strength:The adhesiveness of this glue is everything you would want. Not only is it instant but it is permanent. 

Quick fixing:It already takes you five minutes to have the glue fully set and hardened. 

Chemical-resistant:Water is not the only thing that this amazing glue can resist. It can equally resist most of the man chemicals. Hence it is suitable to use both indoor as well as outdoor as there are minimal risk of its lack of functionality.


  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use due to its great formula that resist water and most man chemicals
  • Takes the least of time to set and harden
  • Provides users with a clear or transparent finish
  • Excellent strength that gives permanent and durable bond.


  • Forces the user to work quickly due to its high setting rate thus allowing room for no mistakes

2. Gorilla clear Glue

Gorilla brands are always outstanding because of one thing-their strength, and the Gorilla clear Glue proves this as correct. It formulates a hard to detach bond as long as everything was correctly observed and the correct material used. Strength is not the only thing that this glue has to offer to its users. It has other features listed and explained in detailed below.

Crystal clear finish:One of the most exciting things about this glue is its finish. It is neither yellow or opaque. Instead it is crystal clear and very appealing to the eye. 

Non-foaming:Gorilla clear Glue is perhaps one of the easier glue to apply and use. Influencing this is the fact that it is non-foam.

Water-resistant:The glue is open to being used both indoor and outdoor without application of strict measure. This is due to is waterproof nature which means it does not react adversely with water.

Versatile:You can use this glue on various non-porous surfaces besides ceramics. Notably, you can comfortably use it on glass, foam, metal, and wood surfaces without having to worry about any negative reaction.


  • Gives a smooth and elegant transparent finish
  • Great formula that create strong bond and is resistant to water
  • Very simple to apply and use
  • Applicable on various materials especially non-porous surfaces


  • Takes a lot of time to set and cure

3.Bob Smith Industries BSI-135H

Doing an amazing job in gluing of anything is this great product from the sponsor of the wounded warrior projects. This is not because it is manufactured by a great company but because it has various aspects that make it worth every praise. These aspects include but are not limited being versatile, super thick and having a clear finish. For more details of how these features come into play in this glue, here is a review of its features:


The main reason why this glue is featured here is because it is excellent of gluing of ceramics.It also works perfectly on other materials such as plastics, wood, rubber, glass, metal , and leather. As a result, you can use it on all your projects.

Super Thick

The super thick aspect of this glue makes it very adhesive and easy to apply on the vertical surfaces. You will love to know that even though this thickness makes the glue have a longer cure time, it sets within ten to twenty five seconds.  

Clear finish

The glue gives that ideal transparent finish on all surfaces. Interestingly, you can even carve the finishing with either a razor blade or a knife, or sand and feather the finishing to give a look that cannot be distinguished from plastic.


Not all super glues are easy to use. Some are quiet challenging but luckily this Bob Smith product is not one of them. The steps of its application are less. Moreover, the instruction comes in five different languages making the application even easier. 


  • The finish blends well with all materials
  • Simple to apply
  • Applicable on various materials and surfaces


  • The curing process is slow

4.  Atg Fix Superglue Clear

You may have heard of this adhesive or not but trust me, it is one of those glues that are doing an amazing jobs in ceramics and other materials. Perhaps this is because of their incorporation of the modern Adhesive technology. What this technology does is that it formulates a bond that can instantly be filled, drilled, painted or polished. Here are some other things that will interest you concerning this wonderful super glue:

Strong formula:The strength of this glue has been better described as being similar to that of weld. Perhaps this is because of the modern adhesive technology that the glue uses which leaves surfaces with a permanent and tough bond.

Multipurpose:Although you can use this glue on ceramic as it is categories as use for ceramic tiles, it is also good in other materials. These materials include plastics, wood, porcelain and metal.

Waterproof and Heat and rust resistant:The last aspect of this feature relates to its formula again. Ideally, the glue is created in a manner that it can withstand temperatures of up to 302 degrees and is not affected by rust. It is equally very resistant to water which goes to show that it will work well with outdoor tools repairs.


  • Available in three colors giving you the option of choosing the best one for your material
  • Suitable for those working on a budget
  • Long-lasting due to its modern adhesiveness technology and formula


  • Application process is a bit complex

5.The Last Glue

You do not know what you are missing if you have a broken ceramic surface on your house and you have not used the Last Glue to fix it. To say the least, this last glue does not suffer from drying out which normally affects the adhesiveness of the glue. Any case of dryness within thirty days is treated with a refund. Other top features of this superb glue include:

Unique formula

This is the only glue so far that has a unique holding capability. Notably, the glue an hold the surfaces to immense temperature of -65 degrees to 650 degrees. That mean you can use it on items you intent to use on garden or basically outdoor activities.

Quick setting

So far we have dealt with cases of glue taking minutes to set and even hours or a day to cure. You will not experience this when working with the Last Glue. This is because it not only dries within seconds but also cures within the shortest time possible.

Permanent bond

As a result of the incredible temperatures that this glue can withstand, there is no denying that it forms a great bond. Primarily, the glue holds bonds of up to 5,000psi. The bond is equally long lasting just like the glue as well as instant just in case you want to use it for a quick fix craft or project.


 it does not compromise on the same greatness on metals, shoes, leather, glass, toes and more. 


  • Sets and dries within seconds to minutes
  • Forms instant and strong bonds 
  • Long lasting since it’s made to not dry out


  • Expensive compared to similar products but it does a commendable job

6. Epoxy Clear 2 Part Glue

Have you ever heard of the saying good things take time? If yes, then Epoxy Clear 2 Part Glue is a reflection of the practically of this statement. What do I mean? Well, this glue is not one that has a quick setting time especially when it comes to curing. However, once the bond is all set up and dry you will love the results as it will serve you the longest. Take a look at some of the features responsible for these incredible results from this glue

High strength

Epoxy glue is always known for its strength and this product does not prove this wrong. This is because it is designed in a manner that forms very strong bonds once the glue has dried. That means you will have your item glued together for the longest time possible.

Invisible finish

One of the things that never go unnoticed about this glue after the bond is its finishing. Clear almost seems an understatement when describing the finish that this glue offers. This is because the offers an invisible smooth finish. That means it will work well for all materials irrespective of their color.  

All purpose

This glue is the ultimate adhesive for hobbyist and crafters. Championing this is the fact that it is not specific to being used on ceramic materials alone. It can also be used to glue jewelry, porcelain, plastic, stone and glass. You however want to conduct a test before you can use it on any other materials not listed here.


  • Suitable for complex and not in a- hurry-to-finish projects
  • Can be used on various materials.
  • Forms a strong, permanent and invisible bond


  • Takes a long time to cure (48 hours)

7. J-B Weld 50176 KwikWeld Steel Reinforced Epoxy

Although you can find ceramics within your place of work, you will mostly encounter them in your home. In that case, you will want to settle for the J-B Weld 50176 KwikWeld Steel Reinforced Epoxy as it has been approved as being the best for fixing household ceramic surfaces. It also does a great job in the plumbing, automotive and marine environments. Presented below are some of the great features of this incredible ceramic super glue:

Excellent strength

The strength rate for this glue is 2424 PSI. This is to mean that it has the ability of forming a very weld like bond. The bond is likely to hold the surface for the longest time as it is a evidently a permanent and durable type of bond.

Fast setting

It will take you around four to six hours to get your project fully cured. While this is a reasonable time, the setting time is even better. Influencing these are confirmations that the glue will always take you a minimum of four minutes to a maximum of six minutes to have the glue set and ready for curing.

Unique dispensing system

The glue features a re-sealable no-waste cup. This helps the use to have a controlled dispensing thus minimizing the amount of messes and ensuring the glue does not dry up at the same time.


As mentioned at the beginning this product review, the glue is not only effective on ceramics. It is also applicable to use on other materials such as brick and concrete. In terms of environment it is also suitable for household repairs, automotive, marine, plumbing and crafting.


  • Sets within minutes
  • Possesses a tough and permanent bond for long-lasting hold on items
  • Works on multiple surfaces including ceramics


  • Does not offer a clear but dark gray finish

8.Gorilla Heavy Duty GorillaWeld Steel Bond 2-Part Epoxy

It does not matter if you want to mend a complex ceramic material within your household or any heavy duty under the materials plastics, fiberglass, and concrete, metal or more, this is the glue for you. First and foremost, it supports gluing of variety of materials listed above, ceramics not being an option. It is also suitable for those heavy duty projects and it is due to these features:

Incredible strength:The first amazing feature of this glue deals with its strength. Not only does the glue possess a tough and steel bond. It also has a powerful strength formula that can hold a bond of 4250 PSI.  

Fast setting:For glue that handles heavy duty projects one would expect that the setting time should take a long time not to talk of the curing time. it only takes 10 minutes to set and a shorter time to dry.

Waterproof:This is because the glue is designed in a way that resists water. You can even the soak the glued surfaces in water for a couple of hours and no negative impact will be observed.


  • Long lasting and incredible bond
  • Highly resistant to water
  • Takes the shortest time to set and dry


  • Dries in the shade dark gray which may be a turn off when used to fix items of different colors especially bright colors

9. Gorilla 7500101 07221000673 Glue

Even if some never want to admit, some of the glues in the stores are not as easy to apply as they seem. In recognition of this difficulty, companies have come up with alternative to help out their consumers and one of the company that has done this is the Gorilla Super Glue through the Gorilla 7500101 07221000673 Glue. Take a look at the features to understand why this is so and why the glue fits as a best choice for gluing ceramics:

Applicator and Nozzle Brush:This is not the glue that either comes with the brush or the applicator. Instead, it comes with both the brush and the nozzle pplicator.The nozzle applicator is good for quick and easy dispensing while the fine bristle brush is excellent for controlled coverage.

Dual dispensing measure:As a result of the two application tools, the glue offers two ways of dispensing the glue while mending your broken things. The aim is to improve the control as well as the versatility.

Quick setting:It also offers a short drying time of around 10 second to forty five seconds.

Impact-tough:Besides the normal ingredients used in the making of Gorilla super glues, this glue has additional rubber particles. They help in ensuring that the item you have glued does not get affected by any form of temperature or intentionally or accidentally bumps and drops.


  • Sets and dries in less than a minute
  • Very simple to use due to the application tools and dual application mechanism
  • Permanent bond that resist harsh weather conditions and pressure 


  • The finishing might not be clear  

10. Dap 18001 Kwik Seal Caulk

The last product on our list that highly ranks among the top-rated  glues in the markets as of 2002 is the great Dap 18001 Kwik Seal Caulk super glue. It has a remarkable level of adhesiveness even when exposed to temperatures of forty to a hundred degrees. Although its high strength power is a common attribute, here are some of the unique features that this glue takes pride in effortlessly:

Waterproof seal cap:There is nothing as devastating as having a less effective cap on your glue as this will adversely impact the adhesiveness of the glue. Aware of this, this glue was equipped with a waterproof seal cap that ensures that the glue remains protected as long as the cap is correctly and tightly fitted.

Paintable finish:The finishing of this adhesive may not be crystal clear or as transparent as you like. However, this is nothing to worry about.

Odorless: This glue does not have any odor. 

Easy clean up: This glue gives you the time to clean up any mistakes or messes using water without using a lot of effort.


·         Very simple to apply

·         Simple to clean up using water

·         Protective waterproof cap keep the glue safe

·         Multipurpose and forms a strong bond


·         May require the use of glue gun for easier squeezing


You do not have to get worried the next time a ceramic breaks in your household or in your place of work.This is because you have a total of ten  glue to choose from and a detailed procedure of what to observe for perfect gluing of your item.

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