Best Super Glue 2021-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

One mistake that people make is thinking that shopping for glue is as easy as walking in a glue store and picking any glue on the shelves. On the contrary, glue shopping goes beyond this myth. It is equal to clothe shopping. You have to pick the best and in order for you to do this, you have to consider certain factors.

For instance, one must consider the type of material you want to use on the glue, how fast you need the project completed, price, and viscosity among other factors.

To help you with selecting the best super glue in the market here is a review of not only one or two but ten top-rated super glues which deliver nothing but the best.



Henkel-Loctite 1363589 4 Gram Super Glue

Henkel-Loctite 4 Gram Super Glue Ultra Gel

  • Strong Bond
  • waterproof and weatherproof
Gorilla Super Glue Gel

Gorilla Super Glue Gel

  • Dries within 10-45 seconds
  • Versatile Strong Bonds
Professional Grade Glue Master Super Glue

Professional Grade Glue Master Super Glue

  • Very easy to use
  • Waterproof
Bob Smith Super Glue

Bob Smith Super Glue 

  • Instant bond 
  • Highly versatile

1.Professional Grade Glue Master Super Glue

If you are looking for an adhesive that will help in fixing that flat or non-porous surface, then professional Grade Cyanoacrylate Thin is the answer.

The glue comprises a thin viscosity hence perfect for using on flat and non-porous surfaces.

However, this does not apply to the fabrics and clothes due to their negative reaction while in contact with this glue. Away from this, here are features you will love about this glue.

Protective Cap

Glues with thin formulas are known for easily drying out especially when exposed to open air. Fortunately, the Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate Thin is incorporated with a protective cap. This helps to keep the glue safe from drying making the glue highly reusable.

Excellent formula

The glue has been designed with one of the best formula due to the strong bond it provides. However, you have to know that the bond this glue offers is not only strong but also instant. Therefore, avoid making mistakes as you will have a challenging time undoing the mess.

Fast setting

Say goodbye to long hours of waiting for your glue to set and dry once you have this product. This is because the glue takes as little as fifteen seconds or even less to set. It should not take you hours to have it fully cured.


This is one of those glues that are perfect for a crafter or a craft hobbyist due to its versatility. Apart from the clothes and fabrics, the glue is an application to various materials including wood, porcelain, metal, and plastics. It is also not limited to a specific niche as you can use it on DIY projects, household tasks, and carpentry projects.


  • Long shelf life
  • Very strong
  • Easy-to-use metal glue
  • Sets within seconds
  • Usable on many materials  


  • · Runny

2. Bob Smith Super Glue

If you are wondering why this is so, it is better to take a look at its amazing features listed and explained below.

This is because they give a better impression of what is expected of this glue once you use it on your various projects.

High viscosity

The higher the viscosity of an adhesive, the higher it is to apply. Thankfully, Bob Smith glue comprises a high level of viscosity. As a result, it is very simple to squeeze from the bottle and apply on your preferred surface whether you are a professional or novice.


You are not limited to using this glue on a specific material. Instead, you can use it on rubber, glass, metal, plastic, leather and other materials. You just have to first ensure that the material is compatible with the glue and will not react negatively.

Dries clear

Some glues are known for offering some very untidy finishes like thick white or yellow finishes. Luckily, you will not have to experience such a disappointment when you use Bob Smith since it offers a crystal clear finish on all materials.

Quick bonds

Forget the previous product which offers a fast bond within 15 seconds. This glue does the magic within five to ten seconds. What’s even more interesting is the fact that this type of bond is not a simple type of bond. It is the medium type of bond which means it will work well for your crafts.


· Very simple to apply

· Sets and dries faster

· Highly versatile

· Instant bond


· Has medium strength

3. Krazy Glue Maximum Bond Super Glue

In case you do not know, there are two types of formulas used in glues. They identify as the gel and the liquid formulas.

So far, the already reviewed glues fall under the liquid formula super glues. However, the Krazy Home and Office Glue is distinct.

This is because it categorizes under the gel super glue formula and here are some of its unique as well as outstanding features you will love.

Excellent formula

There are two things that make the formula of this glue great. The first one deals with its thickness. The glue has a thick formula that enables it to refrain from running during application. Secondly, the formula offers a high level of adhesion which makes the bond set within the shortest time possible. It is also this high adhesion power that makes the glue resistant to shock and highly durable.


You can use this glue on an array of materials such as porcelain, metal, rubber, vinyl, and ceramics. Also, it is not only ideal for the non-porous surfaces but the porous surfaces as well.


Let’s just admit that for some adhesives, once the gluing has been done, the item needs to be free from bumps or any harsh conditions. You, however, do not have to worry about this while using the Krazy Home and Office Glue.

The reason is that the glue is impacted tough meaning tools glued using it cannot get detached when they fall or when exposed to harsh conditions.  

Tip applicator  

The gel formula can be quiet a hassle to apply due to its thickness. In recognition of this, the manufacturers of Krazy Home and Office glue came up with a tip applicator.

The applicator does not only ensure that the application process is easy. It also helps to reach the tight spots on various crafts.


· Extra strong bond

· Easy to apply

· Resistant to water and harsh weather

· Highly versatile


· Less quantity for complex projects

4.Liquid Nails All-Purpose Super Glue

The other super glue you would want to consider is the Liquid Nail All-Purpose super glue.

No! This is not the type of glue that is specially designed for acrylic or nail repair. Instead, it is the kind of super glue that is 100% compatible with small projects. Consider the case of the lighthouse repairs and remolding.

Nothing will play the trick better than this adhesive in such cases. Championing this is its silicone construction-grade along with these four features.


You do not have to scratch your head on how you will handle your projects when the glue gets into contact with water. This is because this adhesive is created in a way that it can resist solvents especially water.


It is natural to find a super glue that is resistant to water. However, finding one that is resistant to weather conditions such as high temperatures or moisture is often challenging. The good news is that with Liquid Nails All-purpose glue you not only get to enjoy the waterproof aspect but the weatherproof aspect as well.


Different glues use different materials during their construction. While some use safe materials, other use materials that can cause harm especially when intentionally or accidentally lit. Fortunately, this is not the case with this adhesive as it is inflammable which means that it is constructed using very safe ingredients.

Fast setting and dries clear

Be prepared to enjoy the fast bonding and curing speed of this glue. The reason is that it will take your projects less than a minute to set and dry with this glue. The best part is that even at this speed the bond that is offered is a permanent one and the finishing is also clear.


· Very safe

· Quality finishing

· Resistant to water

· Reacts well under harsh conditions


· Suitable for small projects only

5.Super Glue 15187

Are you looking for a super glue that will work exceptionally on your non-porous surfaces? If yes, then, consider trying the Super Glue 15187.A strong bond is not the only thing that this glue can offer, it also provided the fast setting, multipurpose applications, and comes with a precision applicator and reusable storages. Read below to understand how each one of these works for the benefit of your crafts.


When one hears of a permanent and strong bond they often think that the setting of the glue takes long. The Super Glue 15187 proves this as wrong as it can take a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds to set and dry your materials.


If you were keen at the beginning of this product, you must have noticed the mention of its competency in wood and metal. Surprisingly, these are not the only materials that the glues work on as it does an amazing job on fingernails, pottery, plastic, ceramics, and jewelry too.

Precision Applicator

Applying of this glue has been made easier through the precision applicator. The best part is that you do not have to buy the applicator separately. Instead, it comes included in the flue package which saves you on money while giving you an easy application process.

Re-usable storage

Along with the precision applicator, this adhesive also comprises the re-usable storage. These are tubes that you can use to keep the glue safe and reuse it any time you want other than only using the tube once.


· Simple to use

· Sets and cures in seconds

· Highly versatile

· Excellent formula


· Only suitable for non-porous surfaces 

6.Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate Thick

Closely linked to the first reviewed super glue is the Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate Thick glue.

This is because they are from the same company and bare the same names except that while the other one was thin, this one contains a thick formula.

However, it also has the capacity of getting the work done due to some of its awesome features listed and explained as follows:

Quick fix

Although this glue comprises the thick gel formula, it does not take ages to set and cure. Notably, it takes as little as one minute to set and cure. What’s more, you do not have to apply an enormous fraction of the glue to get the quick setting. Instead, you can only apply some little amount of the glue and watch it serve you a great deal.

Strong Bond

This adhesive uses the industrial strength formula. That means that it offers a permanent and robust bond and all kinds of projects including the simple ones to the complex ones. Besides being strong, the bond that this adhesive offers is also instant. Hence, you need to be very careful while making the first gluing attempt.

Excellent formula

From the reviews above, you already know that glues using the gel formulas have a very excellent formula. This is because they rarely become runny or messy hence offering one an easy application process. Luckily, the Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate Thick just like other gel super glue denotes this attribute.


Since this glue is of the gel formula that means it can be applied on both the vertical and horizontal surfaces. In other terms, you can also use it on the porous and non-porous surfaces. The materials that are applicable to this glue are also numerous including fabric, wood, porcelain and more.


· Resistant to water, weather conditions and bumps

· Zero drips

· Very versatile

· Highly adhesive

· Perfect for porous and non-porous surfaces


· None

7.Henkel-Loctite 1363589 Super Glue Ultra Gel Control

Coming seventh on our list is this super glue from the Henkel Loctite brand identifying as 1363589. As you can tell from its name, it does not comprise the liquid formula but the ultra-gel formula.

This alone should tell you that you can use this glue without worrying about any runs and messes.

It should also tell you that you are not limited to only using it on the vertical surfaces alone. But what are some of the outstanding features of this glue? Well they are as listed and explained below:

Strong Formula

The glue has been created using additional rubber particles. As a result, it is able to easily resist water and tough weather conditions. Also, no form of drop or bumps will interfere with the bond as the formula besides being waterproof and weatherproof is equally impact-tough.


This is because it works exceptionally well on these materials as well as other materials such as cardboard, chipboard, ceramics, paper, cork, metal and fabric.


This is not the ordinary applicator found in other super glues. Influencing this is the fact that this applicator offers a patented control.

What this means is that this precision applicator is simple to squeeze through and offer the exact amount of glue you want thanks to its pin point accuracy and accurate dispensing ability.

As if this is not enough, the glue also comes with a self-piercing top and a screw-on cap. The cap ensures that the glue is reusable as long as you tightly fix it on the glue once done with the application as it prevents air from entering the glue.


· Applicable on many materials

· Excellent for porous and non-porous surfaces

· Simple to use

· Instant and strong bond


· Can take some time to cure

8.Starbond EM-02 Super Fast Thin, Premium Instant CA Super Glue

There are various purposes that glues serve. One of them includes wicking.

Adhesive that are designed to serve this objective is normally ideal for projects dealing with wood turning, stabilizing, pen making, hardening, fossil prep, hobby, and inlays.

This is because of the capillary action of the glue. Therefore, consider this glue if any of your projects relate to the activities listed above.

Importantly, you can consider making this your glue of choice because of these four unique features it comprises:

Water Thin

This is perhaps the thinnest adhesive you will find in the market today. It’s viscosity matches that of water which means it is more or less similar to water in terms of thinness. This is a good thing because it helps to easily reach some tight spots.

High gloss finish

It offers a seamless close to crystal clear shine finish that is extremely beautiful. One would even go ahead to think that the finish is the design of the wood because of how it adds life to the wood.

Additional supplies

Have you ever bought glue before? Then, you know very well that some brands only offer brushes and applicators and some offer only the glue.

When it comes to this glue, three extra supplies are offered. They identify as two applicator caps, one clog free stopper and one bag of micro-tips. The applicators make the entire application process easy, the micro tips ensure high level of accuracy during dispensing and the stopper prevents drying of the glue.

Long-shelf life

One of the main reasons why some glues have a short shelf life is not because they are less in quantity. Instead, it is because of their adhesiveness weakness faster. To solve this problem this glue as listed above has a clog-free stopper. It helps to prevent air from entering the glue hence maintaining the adhesiveness of the glue for a long period.


· Durable

· Saves on cost

· High-quality finishing


· Need high maintenance due to its runny nature

9. Scotch Super Glue

We have already mentioned that there are two types of formulas offered by the super glue.

 What we did not say is that there are various type of usage offered by super glue. The Scotch Super glue falls under the single-use category which means that you can only use it once.

This is to mean that it is therefore ideal for those short and quick crafts within your home or your office. Take a look at some of the features that are making it worth listing in this list of top ten super glues.

 Modern Precision Applicator

The other cool thing about this adhesive is that it comes with a modern-day precision applicator. Notably, the applicator uses the patented Adhesive control technology during dispensing. In return, this ensures that you dispense a controlled amount of glue and avoid messy scenarios.

Re-usable bottle

You don’t have to throw away the bottle once your glue is over. Influencing this is the Clog-resistant design of the glue bottle. They help to keep the bottle fresh all the time hence allowing you to reuse the bottle as many times as position even after the original glue packaging is over.


Since this is a liquid formula, it is only limited to working excellently on the horizontal surfaces. However, with regards to materials, the glue works well on a variety of materials such as leather, metal, vinyl, ceramics, rubber, wood and on some selected plastics.

Fast and strong bond

The last feature of this glue deals with its adhesiveness. Primarily, this glue is highly adhesive. As a result, it forms a bond instantly and the type of bond it forms is also permanent. Therefore, this means it will take some time before the fixed item wears out.


· Very strong bond

· Multipurpose

· Simple to use

· Re-usable storage


· Ideal for small projects

· Only usable once

10. Krazy Glue Home and Office Super Glue

Finishing our list is another product from Krazy manufacturers identifying as the Krazy Glue Home and Office Super Glue.

Similar to the ninth super glue reviewed in this article, this super glue is a single-use glue which means it is suitable for small impromptu projects that need immediate but not lifetime usage. Below are some of the features that make this glue worth every penny.

· Quick fix

Though small and thin, the glue has a very strong and permanent bond. As a result, it comes in handy those projects needing a quick fix. Consider the case of broken arms of spectacles or open soles. This glue fixes them instantly and also dries almost immediately making them ready for use.

· Versatile

There an array of materials that react well with these glues. They include but are not limited to vinyl, metals, and plastics. It is important to inquire is the glue works on other materials before going ahead to do the application.

· Precision tip

You will almost not want to buy this glue because of the messy nature of its liquid formula. Fortunately, you will not have to deal with this encounter because the adhesive comes with a precision tip. As a result, the flow becomes accurate with minimal drips and runs.

· Convenient packaging

The rubes within which these glues are packaged are small. As a result, this makes them easy to fix whether in your pocket or your purse and go along with your normal duties. You just have to ensure that they are well closed to avoid any messes.


· Easy to carry around

· Simple application

· Suitable on various materials


· Limited to small projects

1. How Strong is Super Glue?

Super glue ranks as one of the best adhesives in the market since its inception. The main reason for this is their ability to form permanent, and strong bonds. Therefore, that means that the super glues are very strong and this is influenced by nothing other than the industrial-strength formula that is used in their constructions.

You can, therefore, expect durable and long-lasting bonds as long as you have followed all the instructions that are needed of the specific super glue like cleaning of the surfaces before application.

2. Is Super Glue Heat Resistant?

The answer to this question is both yes and no depending on the kind of formula the super glue features. Often, most gel super glues are beat resistant.

This is because they feature rubber particles that not only make the glue stronger but tougher. It is this toughness that makes them resistant to heat as well as other harsh weather conditions.

The toughness is also responsible for helping the glue remain intact on the materials irrespective of the amount of impact showered on the material. However, such is never the case for most super glues that have the liquid formula.

3. How Can I My Make Super Glue Stronger?

Although super glue classifies among the strongest adhesives, the level of strength in each super glue product differs from one to the next. Notably, while some glues have medium strength other have very high strength abilities.

The medium strength super glue may not offer the amount of strength you need especially for complex projects. The good things is that this is not anything to worry about as you can increase the strength of the super glue by mixing it with baking soda.

The baking soda will act as a catalyst and harden the super glue making it even stronger.

4. How Do I Make a Super Glue Accelerator?

Making a super glue accelerator is very easy as long as you have all the required ingredients. Notably, you will need purified water and baking soda and teaspoons.

Pour a half teaspoon of the baking soda into a quarter cup of purified water and brush it on the surface with the glue. This forms the super glue accelerator that you desire.

However, this is a homemade super glue accelerator hence not exactly similar to the accelerators sold in glue stores.


As you can tell from this article, there are numerous super glues in the market. That is why it is very essential to know what you want from the glue and what the glue can offer. This is because each super glue is unique and offer aspects that the other glues cannot offer.

Therefore, stick to feature evaluation of the super glue and your project to ensure you settle for the best super glue at the end of your purchase. 

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