Best Glue for Jewelry 2020-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Jewelry is pretty. It helps in complementing our clothing to make us feel more beautiful. Unfortunately, they are not made of steel and they can at times break.

While you can consider purchasing a new one, you may not have much time or money on your side.

Luckily, there are some best glues for jewelry to save the day. Reviewed below are some of the jewelry glues you can consider when you want to craft or mend your jewelry. 

Best Jewelry Glue

10 Best Glue for Jewelry  Reviews 2020

This glue does not disappoint when it comes to accessories. It is exceptionally equipped with dotting tools to ensure you perform any jewelry work with ease.

Moreover, it also comes with dotting tips to help you reach the tightest spots during your crafting.  Below are some examples of what the glue features to make it even more amazing for use:

Permanent Bond

The type of strength for this glue is defined as industrial strength. That means the adhesive has a great formula that will work in most projects involving jewelry making.

Water proof

E6000 1-Ounce adhesive is known for resisting solvents especially water. As a result, you can bank on its reliability of not destroying your jewelry whether you pour water on it unknowing or if water spills on it intentionally. 

Dries Clear

The glue does not dry with any funny finishes. Instead it offers a very clear finishing after it completely. Therefore, you can use it on a color surface of your choice without having to worry if the color will blend with the finishing of the glue.


The adhesive does not stick instantly. It therefore gives you time to correct any underlying mistakes like incorrect placement of surface on one another.

However, once the adhesive sticks completely, you will have to spend a generous amount of time undoing the mistake.


  • Offers a beautiful invisible finish
  • Highly durable because of the permanent industrial strength
  • Inclusive of applicators such as four applicator and dotting tools


  • The glue might arrive missing some accessories

Get to experience full control of your glue during the application process with Aleene’s 94830 Jewelry and Metal glue.

This is because the glue contains a gel formula that minimizes the runs caused by other types of glues. There’s even a nozzle applicator attached on it to ensure precision during the application, which is wonderful. Here are some other features you will enjoy about this glue.


The glue has excellent strength that will keep the pieces of the craft held onto each another for the longest time possible.

Instant clear bond

The strength of this glue will make surfaces attach to one another immediately. As a result this saves you time as the setting time is reduced to instantly.


Aleene’s 94830 Jewelry and Metal glue is non-reactive to water. That means you can use it in a solvent or water based area and it will not have any dreadful effects. 


Although suitable for jewelry crafts, this glue can be used gems, plastics, stones, ceramics, beads, mirrors and metals. 


  • Gel formula minimizes the runs made by the glue
  • Applicable of many materials
  • Forms an immediate, clear and permanent bond


  • Takes some time to dry due to its thickness

Designed with a strong versatile formula this is one of those glues that will go beyond serving your jewelry needs.

That means the glue will work well for persons looking to conduct their jewelry crafts and those who are hobbyist.

Other incredible features of this glue are as follows:

Fast setting

Vigor Jewelers 2-Part Epoxy takes an estimated four minutes to set and a reasonable amount of time to dry.

Compared to similar glues of its kind, there is no doubt that its setting time is by far much fast. The setting is also instant thus; one needs to be careful to avoid making mistakes.


You can freely conduct your jewelry crafts and other projects indoors or outdoors while using this glue.

This is because the glue does not produce any smell whatsoever. That means you will not be affected while using the adhesive indoors and you have respiratory problems.

Strong and versatile bond

The best part about this glue is that it bonds like super glue and it takes a while before the bond weakens. This robust bond does not only apply on specific material.

Rather, it is applicable on a variety of materials including ceramics, wood, fiberglass, plastics, glass and metal.

Dries Clear

You will definitely love the kind of finishing that this glue offers once it is completely dry. This is because the finishing is almost undetectable unless you go ahead and tell someone that you have used glue on the jewelry. This is because it offers a very clear finishing once dry.


  • Sets and dries very quickly
  • Bonds like superglue
  • It is odorless
  • Very clear


  • The caps it comes with are not as protective and effective hence you will need to come up with an alternative for longevity of the adhesive


  • Sets and dries very quickly
  • Bonds like superglue
  • It is odorless
  • Very clear


  • The caps it comes with are not as protective and effective hence you will need to come up with an alternative for longevity of the adhesive

4. E6000 Jewelry and Bead Adhesive

For a glue that combines a medium viscosity and clear Multipurpose self-leveling formula, you can be sure that your projects will be well held to perfection. Fortunately, there is more to this glue than these two aspects as the adhesive comes packed with some amazing features detailed below:

Applicator tips

This glue has a medium viscosity which means it can be a bit runny. Fortunately, it’s level of becoming messy has been minimized through its applicator tips. The tips help in precise dispensing of the glue with close to zero messes. Moreover the applicator tip helps the allocation process to be easy.


Although this glue offers a very robust and permanent bond, it is not always instant. That said, you are allowed to make adjustments within the first few minutes of wrong alignment or gluing. This has to however be first because once the bond is formed doing away with it is hectic.


You are not restricted to using this glue in doors. You can freely use it when making your jewelry outside. This is because it does not react with water. Instead, it highly resists it due to its waterproof properties. So no more worries of what will happen when the glued surface gets into contact with water.

Dries clear

Let your jewelry enjoy perfection with E6000 Jewelry Bead and Adhesive. Like most of the glues, this adhesive does not offer a funny or opaque colorful finish. Instead, it gives a crystal clear finish making it applicable on nearly all materials irrespective of their color or coating.


  • Very simple to apply
  • Allows time for adjusting in case of mistake
  • Strong and permanent bond
  • Produces minimal or no messes


  • Takes a lot of time to dry thus not perfect for urgent projects

Yes, this is not a jewelry glue. However, it is a necessary component when you want to engage in creative jewelry pieces.

 Ideally, BigOtters Jewelry Casting molds are a composition of tools that you will require to make your jewelries.

Here are some features you need to know about this item:

Quality material

The first and integral feature of the BigOtters Jewelry Casting Molds is the material. The molds are not made of nay material but improved high quality resin material. As a result, they are able to stay for the longest time without wearing out or showing signs of rusting no matter the type of environment.

Multiple designs

This is because the designs of the molds do not come in a specific design. They are a composition of various shapes including but not limited to circle, square and rectangle.


It is true that there are no labels for the tools in this pack. There are also no instructions whatsoever. However, this is nothing to get you scared as the tools especially the mold resins are smooth and flexible making them very easy to use and even clean.


There are a dozen of tools you get in this product. Primarily, the product features 10 jewelry making molds, twenty four gold and silver screw eye pins, six glitter powder sequins and five plastic droppers and spoons. The tools make jewelry crafting a walk in the park. For instance, the plastic stirrers aid in stirring your glue while the dropper assist in glue dispensing.


  • Very easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • Highly durable due to premium materials


  • Does not have instructions or labels making it challenging for some individuals

CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive is not the type of jewelry glue to consider when you are going for those urgent crafts.

This is because of its drying time (six minutes) which is relatively longer compared to its counterparts.

Nonetheless, it still gets the job done and in a very excellent and pleasing manner because of the features is comprises such as:

Needle design

The adhesive comprises a needle design which helps in dispensing of fine and precise glue drops. It is also thanks to this design that messes are eradicated. Interestingly, CAT PALM B-7000 needle design ensures that even when opened after use, the glue remains free from gags.


From all the jewelry glues reviewed so far, this is perhaps the one with a wider usage with respect to material. Not only does this glue allow gluing of leather, wood, fiber, glass, rubber and nylon. It also supports electronic materials, textile, cloth, paper, toys, ceramics, and metal among others.


An exciting fact about this glue is that it has an elasticity of as high as 900%. That means whatever type of weather the glue becomes exposed to, especially high temperatures, it’s strong bond will remain intact. It is also because of this that the bond will not be damaged even if the jewelry is exposed to pressures such as hard bumps and drops.

Sealing properties

Lastly, this glue features sealed and isolated gas, air flow and liquid properties. It is these interplay that helps your crafted jewelry to remain in position even under water like while engaging in swimming or a similar activity.


  • Very simple to use
  • Conducive under any type of environment
  • Suitable for a large range of materials
  • Strong and permanent bond


  • Not perfect for urgent projects as it takes longer to dry

The other jewelry tool you want to have during your crafting process is the JEWMAY 200 Pieces mixed color spoon glue Pendant Bails.

These are simply jewelry decorations that you add on your pendant to make them look beautiful.

They have a spoon like opening which make it easier for fixing. Take a look at the features of this product:

Quality Material

The bails are a composition of silver and gold coating. The coatings are made using premium zinc metal alloy that is nickel free as well as alloy free. As a result, it is less likely to fade or rust hence very durable.

Wide Usage

These bails are not only idea for jewelry crafting. They are equally perfect for other projects including glass cabonchon tile, necklace, earrings, scrabbles and any other handmade crafts. 


The product does not one with ten or twenty of the bails. Instead, it comprises 200 bails and the best part is that the price is very economical for such pieces. Of the 200 pieces, there are about ten styles in both gold and silver and they come stored in a box.


  • Highly durable because of premium material
  • Economical even for those working on a budget
  • Available in various designs and colors
  • Includes a free storage box


  • Not always available due to high demand

Manufactured in the United States of America, this is not your ordinary jewelry and Bead adhesive.

 Making it unique is its tip set. Normally, glues come attached with one tip or nothing at all. In this case however, things are different and in an advantageous way.

This is because the glue comes with not only one tip with a total of four tips. Here are a few other things to love about this adhesive:

Industrial strength formula

The glue has a bonding strength equal to steel. That is to mean that once it attaches to the required surface and dries, it’s removal is almost an impossibility. Therefore, this helps jewelry to maintain its bond for long.

Dries clear

Day goodbye to weird finishing’s with E6000 Jewelry and Bead Adhesive with tip sets. The glue does not only offer a clear finish while dry. The finishing is impossible to detect due to its translucent nature hence you can use it on any material regardless of its color.


Although you cannot use this door indoors due to its strong scent, you do not gave to worried about the surrounding where you are doing the crafting. The glue does not react with water. Thus, a surface that has water will not interfere with your jewelry craft.

Small Adhesive drops

Forget having messes while using this adhesive. As a result of the tips it includes, it is very easy to squeeze out the correct amount of glue onto the gluing surface. This is because the tips help in easier dispending and control of glue.


  • Simple to use
  • Forms a robust and durable bond
  • Provides smooth finishing


  • Not perfect of indoor use due to its very strong odor and Non-Toxic nature

Traditionally used for sticking glass watch crystals or plastics, GS Hypo Cement glue comes in handy when it comes to jewelry crafting.

It can handle almost all forms of your DIY projects to perfections and this is because of these features below:

Precision Applicator

The main feature that makes this adhesive unique from the rest is the precision applicator. It comes in handy during application since it ensures dispensing of precise and fine glue droplets. This helps to minimize rubs and messes that could have otherwise been caused by the glue and makes the application process super simple.

Dries Clear

The glue has an estimated drying time of ten minutes. Once the glue gas dried, it is almost impossible to know that the craft was bonded using this adhesive. This is because of the clear and smooth finishing the glue provides.


One of the indicators of a toxic glue is its reaction to the human skin. Luckily, this glue does not stick let alone burn the human fingers. You can use it without gloves and you will not receive any irritations due to gluing or glue burning. That goes to show that the glue is Non-Toxic but still one should not consume it.


It is true that initially this glue was ideal for sticking glass or plastic watch crystals. As at now however, it has been improvised to work in various material types such as ceramic and metals. It is also for small projects such as jewelry and Bead crafting, fine screw locking and model making thus suitable for a hobbyist.


  • Very simple to use because of the precision applicator
  • Excellent finishing when dry
  • Applicable on various projects and materials
  • Safe for human fingers


  • Not perfect for complex projects requiring stronger bonds

Completing our list is the EURO Tool Super New Glue. Our hands on it concurs with the feedback by most of its previous users that it is the best glue that happened in jewelry crafting.

However, this does not come as a surprise because of the features the glue possesses. Some of these features are as detailed below:

Unique gluing formula

The adhesive has a formula that is very outstanding. It is this formula that allows the glue to retain its bond even under extreme conditions. 

Quick Setting

Based on what users have said so far and our experience with the glue, this glue will do wonders on those urgent products. It takes a very short time to set and even shorter time to dry which means you can work on a jewelry project and enjoy wearing it the same day.


It has a a high adhesion power. Since this is the case of the EURO Tools Super New Glue, that goes to show that the glue is very strong as it offers a very strong and permanent bond.


The main purpose of this glue is jewelry crafting. However, the adhesive is not specific to performing this task alone. It is also applicable to other type of projects and the best part is that it supports a variety of materials from porcelain, to plastic and ceramics among others.


  • Very simple to use as it has a nozzle applicator
  • Strong and permanent bond
  • Dries within the shortest time possible
  • Withstands any type of weather


  • None


  • Very simple to use as it has a nozzle applicator
  • Strong and permanent bond
  • Dries within the shortest time possible
  • Withstands any type of weather


  • None

How To Choose The Best  Glue for Jewelry

If you want everything to work out for your jewelry crafts, you have to choose the right jewelry glue. This is not challenging as you only have to factor in various aspects before the purchase.In this article we only focus on six main factors. The top six things you want to consider for you to buy the right jewelry glue :


Why have you decided to buy jewelry glue? More than likely, it is because you want to repair jewelry or because you want to construct some. In either of these cases, the primary goal remains to attach the pieces so that it retains or regains its jewelry form.

For this to happen, you will need glue that will hold the jewelry pieces together and for the longest time. That means you will have to focus on the strength of the jewelry glue.If the strength is low, there is no need to consider settling for that adhesive because it means sooner than later, the glue will wear out.Depending on the type of project you are working on you should always consider a jewelry glue that has a medium to high strength or bonding power.



Largely related to the first aspect is quality. This is because often, the quality of a glue is analyzed from its strength. However, this is not the only factor that depicts the quality of the glue.

Other things such as service and behavior of the glue after application determine if the jewelry glue is of high quality or of low quality.

But nobody wants to take the risk of buying a glue first to know its quality. That is why you have to buy the glue from a reputable store.

This is because reputable stores, both online and offline are known for the production of quality products. Also, some allow returns and refunds after anything negative has been pointed out by the buyer.



Admit it! Not all jewelry projects work with the same urgency. What do I mean? Okay, while you will need to fix the jewelry and wear it immediately to a party or whatever occasion, you may need to fix or craft a jewelry for a later date.

In the case of the later, you cannot afford to take risks and settle for a glue that will take ages to set and dry.

You will need something that sets in seconds and dries in less than thirty minutes. For the former on the other hand, you are free to either use the glue that takes long to set or dry or that which has a shorter setting time.

Therefore, urgency becomes an important factor to consider before buying jewelry glue.



Beauty is one of the things that is highly linked to jewelry. Therefore, while repairin

 or coming up with your craft, this is something you need to keep in mind and maintain.

The best way of maintaining the beauty of the jewelry is not through maintenance alone but also through the finishing the jewelry glue offers. Consider settling for jewelry glue that offers a dry clear finish.

This is because it is always impossible to tell if glue has been used on the jewelry if the glue offers such a finish as opposed to using a glue which has a colorful finish that does not blend with the coating of the jewelry.

If you are having a hard time finding glue with a clear finish, at least go for the one who’s finishing matches the color of the jewelry.


Range of Usage

When it comes to range of usage there are ideal two categories. The first category is the wide range while the second category is the narrow range.

Jewelry glues that has a wide range of usage will go beyond jewelry crating. It will also support other type of crafts. Also, this glue will work well on various materials.

On the other hand, a jewelry glue with a narrow range of usage is often specific. It primarily deals with jewelry repairs and crafting alone and works on a limited number of material.

It is always recommended that one goes for the jewelry glue with a wide range of usage especially if you are going to need the glue for a numerous projects.


Individual Needs

The last and very important factor that you have to keep in mind is individual needs. Consider the case of cost for instance. Everyone earns differently and is financially capable in difference ways.

If you are working on a budget, do not strain yourself with the expensive glues for jewelry. Also if you have some of the tools for jewelry making, it is advisable if you go for glue that only offers the glue to save on cash.

That means that at the end of the day, one has to focus on what they need and their specific projects to end up with the best glue for their jewelry crafts.

The reason is that following what worked for others may not necessarily work out for you.


How to choose the right Jewelry Glue


The Bottom Line 

While all these glues are perfect, you can only settle on one at the end of the day. Of course deciding on the one to pick out of the ten can be a hassle, but it is not impossible.

You only need to look at your needs and various aspects that the glue offers. With this, you can trust that you will end up with the best glue for jewelry making or repairing.

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