How to Remove Super Glue From Plastic

Super glue is defined as the bonding of super-strength instantly adhesive due to containing cyanoacrylates, which are responsible for creating the bonding agent among different materials is called the super glue.

Cyanoacrylates have a long shelf life and can store in a sealed tube for one year-round. Super glue liquid is ideal for penetrating the hand to bond creaks on nonporous surfaces.Sometimes we place it in the wrong place and make more complex situations.

But do you know how to remove super glue from plastic? If you don’t, nothing is about to worry. I’ll provide some perfect secret information for you those you didn’t know.

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Removing Superglue from Plastic Surfaces

How to Remove Super Glue From Plastic


(Most Common Way)

Necessary Materials

  • Soap water
  • Acetone or Rubbing alcohol or nitromethane
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tape
  • Knife/ utensil spoon
  • Cotton cloth

Step by Step Guide

1. Create the Soap Water Solution and Soften the Glue

First things first, take a good quality dishwasher soap and mix with a bowl of warm water. Now, soak a cotton cloth into the solution and place it over the glue.

Keep it there for a good 3 to 5 hours to get the glue as moist as possible. If the cloth seems to dry up just wrap it with plastic and use tape to secure the wrap. Make sure the moisture gets sealed.

2. Sponge Up the Soften Glue from the surface

Try to clean up the glue by blotting it with a cotton cloth. Never rub the glue as it can smear around the surface. Keep blotting the glue until it comes away properly. This process can take a good amount of time, be patient.

3. Use Rubbing Alcohol/ Acetone/ Nitromethane

When the soapy water does not work, these stronger options come in handy. Rubbing alcohol and acetone are quite strong and tend to damage the plastic surface.

Thus do a patch test (smear it on a hidden plastic surface and examine the results) before applying. If the patch test seems okay, soak the cotton cloth into acetone or rubbing alcohol and then place over the glue. And blot the glue with a cotton cloth.

Nitromethane is more effective than soap water and less aggressive than alcohol or acetone. Thus it can another option if you don’t want to risk the plastic material. Just repeat the same process replace soap water with nitromethane component.

4. Use a Knife or Utensil spoon

In case you cannot blot the glue up with the cotton cloth, go for a knife or utensil spoon to scratch it off. Be attentive to scratch gently unless you may end up damaging the plastic surface.

Safety Tips and Tricks

  • Always use safety gloves while working with acetone.
  • A patch test (especially on printed surfaces) is a must while applying acetone or rubbing alcohol.
  • It is best to take some time while cleaning up (avoid rubbing motion) the glue.

How to Remove Super Glue from Plastic Models

Follow some of the mechanism to remove the super glue. For collecting the required materials, we need the working place near a storeroom.Some popular and effecting methods to remove the superglue from plastic models are:

Method 1: Use Water and Soap MixingMethod 2: Use Rubbing AlcoholMethod 3: Use VinegarMethod 4: Use Vegetable Oil

Method 5: Use AcetoneMethod 6: Use Nitro-methaneMethod 7: Use Knife

Method 1:Use Water and Soap Mixing

Essential Materials

  • water
  • Soap, 
  • Paper Towels, 
  • Soft Cloth, 
  • Bowl or Bucket, 
  • Plastic Wrap, and 
  • Tape.

Steps to remove the glue:

01: Start with mixing the water and the soap in a bowl or bucket.Wet a soft cloth or paper towels in the water and soap.

02: Put the wet cloth on the glue to allow it sets for a few hours. The idea is that keep the glue as very moist for a few times.

03: Before softening the glue, a chance also presents here to dry up. So, put the wet cloth carefully on the glue and then cover it with a plastic wrapping sheet.

04: Tape it with care around the edges to seal it properly.

05: After passing 3-4 hours of soaking, pull the plastic cover and wet or soapy cloth. Create blot around the softened glue with transparent material for removing the softened glue. Repeat the same process until the adhesive removed.

Damaging the plastic surface is a prime concern before applying the super glue removing methods. Among different ways, use the water and soap mix is a safe and straightforward method for the plastic surface.

Method 2:Use Rubbing Alcohol

Essential Materials

  • Require water
  • cotton ball 
  • clean cloth 
  • alcohol

Steps to remove the glue:

1:Moisten a cotton ball to make a gentle blot near the glue, so that removes superglue very easy.

2:After softening the glue, use a clean cloth for blotting it away.

3:The entire glue wipes with a wetted cloth. Then apply warm water to clean the area properly. And lastly, dry the area thoroughly.

Method 3: Use Vinegar

Essential Materials

Need White vinegar, Cotton balls, and knife.

Steps to remove the glue:

1:Pour the white vinegar into a suitable dish. Then soak the cotton ball into it and squeeze out the most of the dripping liquids.

2:Repeat the process for several cotton balls. Then cover at the entire glue stain by the vinegar-soaked cotton balls. Use the cotton balls as required.

3:Let it sit for a few hours to allow the vinegar to do its working process. After that, it removes the cotton balls.

4:The vinegar makes weakened the glue, scrapping it off by the flat end of an object like a butter knife. Wipe off about any remaining mess there with a cotton ball, and you have done almost the work.

Method 4: Use Vegetable Oil

Essential Materials

Paper towel, vegetable oil,

Steps to remove the glue:

1:Vegetable oil is also a way to get superglue off from any plastic surface. Oil helps lubricate in the synthetic surface and allowing the superglue to detach from it clearly and accurately.

2:Then put the vegetable oil on a folded paper towel. Wrapping or covering the superglue. Stain completely by the oiled paper towel and take it after 1 to 2 hours.

3:When the oil can lose the superglue, wipe it off carefully with the paper towel. Then use a fresh paper towel for removing any tracing impact of the oil from the surface.

Method 5: Use Acetone

Acetone typically uses as a paint thinner. For nail polish, removing it is very familiar with girls. Use this active chemical substance to remove another durable type of glue is super glue. May discolor the plastic element and take the safety before using it.

Essential Materials


Steps to remove the glue:

1:Make a dilution with water. Not follow the way to soak with the plastic object into the acetone.

2:Then place the dilution in the recommended place. Wait a very few minutes and remove the super glue. Start the work with a small amount. Unbinding property of acetone makes do more damage than good.

Method 6: Use Nitro-methane

Nitro-methane usually sells for removing the glue. Acetone may cause severe damage to the plastic models. On the other hand, nitro-methane has less harm activity than other methods. Anyone can use it without any significant damage to the synthetic surfaces.

It can take from any hardware store and call for a de-glue solution. Using the process is as same as acetone use for removing the super glue.

Essential Materials


Steps to Remove the glue:

1: A dilute version is preferable for doing this method. Soak a cotton ball or cloth into the nitro-methane.

2: Start the loosening process of the adhesive affinity of super glue when dabbing with the soaked ball. So, touch with the wet ball carefully and adequately on the super glue affected area.

3: Repeat the process continuously until soften the total affected super glue area.

4: After completing the loosening or softening process, clean the area smoothly. Give assurance that the city has no portion of super glue.

5: Then rinse with warm and clean with a soft cotton cloth. Not use a paper towel. It may cause a scratch on it.

Method 7: Use Knife

It is safe, for it may not create any discoloration on the plastic surface. So it has less damage affection than the other methods.

Essential Materials


Steps to remove the glue:

Excess use of super glue can clean with a knife, and people usually do it at the primary stage. Then change the turn toward the other methods. During use, the blade may create scratch on the plastic surface and look like an ugly. Try to do this job with a knife carefully. Do it very softly and smoothly.

After doing, if present, some of the super glue can use a little amount of glue remover. This glue remover is very common in hardware stores.

The removing process of super glue is different from different methods to methods. But always take safety awareness before starting the job. Otherwise, some chemicals may cause many dangers.

How to Remove super glue off the plastic phone case

Cyanoacrylate is responsible for highly resistant to many cleaners usually used to dissolve glues. Special removers are essential to ensure that the removal process may not damage the phone.

With wiping the chemicals do at the soft side of a sponge. Spray with a small amount window cleaner on the phone’s screen. These are the normal process of the super glue removing process.

Another process of removing the super glue as below-

  • Use of Acetone
  •  Use of Cooking Oil
  • Application of Nail Polish Remove
  • Use of Super Glue Remover
  •  Scrubbing

Method 1: Use of Acetone

Essential Materials


Steps to remove the glue:

1: It depends on the Acetone type, and acetone will remove the super glue.  The problem is there it may damage many types of plastic. So be careful about the scrapping because it is using a sharp scraper or even scalpel.

2: From begin to try with moistening, neither a cotton ball nor a paper towel by pure acetone. It can collect from the hardware stores and also some beauty supply stores.

3: The glue bolts with a piece of paper acetone until it starts for softening. Finish the glue softens and bolt with a clean cloth for removing.

4: Continue the process if the softening work not completed. Then wipe down in the area with fresh, clean water or with a cloth as like as before for removing any small parts of acetone remaining.

5: Dry it completely. Maximum plastics may damage the same solvents. Will attack or lose the adhesives or paints. Hot water treatment has many effects but cannot hurt to try it as the first result.

Method 2: Use of Cooking Oil

Essential Materials

Need cooking oil, petroleum type solvent, and paper towel.

Steps to remove the glue:

1: Paper towel soak with cooking oil is one of the ways to get off super glue from the plastic phone case.

2: Use a petroleum distillate type of solvent. So that Goof off it or use one of many popular removers as an orange-scented adhesive, which is containing d-limonene.

Method 3: Use of Nail Polish Remover

Essential Materials

Need acetone-based nail polish, cotton ball.

Steps to remove the glue:

1: The acetone containing nail polish removers can help get the super glue off from the plastics surfaces. Before doing this method, get sure about the using process of an acetone-based remover.

2: In cases, try to do a spot test at first to make sure that it may not accidentally ruin the plastic item.

3: Soak a cotton ball at first with acetone contain nail polish remover. Then rub it properly over the stain super glue.

4: Use more fresh soaked cotton balls according to requirements for getting off all the superglue from the phone case.

Method 4: Use of Scrubbing Sponge

Essential Materials

Scrubbing Sponge

Steps to remove the glue:


Scrub the glued area with the coarse side of the scrubbing sponge. That works the remover into the glue and helps to weaken the chemical bonds.

Super glue removing is a particular type of cement. Cause hazard and create a spot in the plastic phone case. Here, we already described how to remove super glue off plastic phone cases. Follow it when necessary to keep with proper safety.

How to Remove Super Glue from Plastic Lenses

Look throughout one thing that, which is safe for the type of lenses. Then follow the methods accordingly to remove the super glue.

Method 1: Use the water

Method 2: Use alcohol

Method 3: Use toothpaste

Method 4: Use acetone-based nail polish remover

Use the Water

Use the water is a safe method for removing from the plastic lenses that create a coating on it. It may take time and do the work.

Essential Materials

Need water, ammonia-free dishwashing liquid, a soft cloth, plastic wrap.

Steps to remove the glue:

1: Ammonia free specific dish liquid mix with some in water for making suds. Dip there a soft fold cloth together in this soapy water for getting it wet.

Then press the folded cloth over the glue. Wrap with a plastic wrap to the damp cloth for keeping in the moisture.

2: The glue may take three or more hours to soak. Then remove the plastic wrap or the damp cloth use to wipe off at the softened glue. If the cloth may not soften, then you need to arrange warm water.

3: After doing this, moisten the cloth with the warm water. Press the fabric into the glue. Only use warm water but not hot.

4: After every 15-20 minutes, do the re-soaking process at the cloth with the warm water and then put it back in the glue. Try to do this many times as needed for softening the super glue.

Vedio Guide for removing super glue from Plastic Lenses

Use Alcohol

Essential Materials

A soft cloth, isopropyl alcohol, razor blade, mild soap, water

Steps to remove the glue:

1: Moisten a piece of soft cloth, especially with the isopropyl alcohol. Then use the piece of fabric for rubbing off the super glue. It may take some of the elbow greases.

2: Then rotate the soft cloth to a new area so that the superglue can transfer to it. Please do this step to follow the rules.

3: Carefully use a razor blade and scrape offs the super glue. Once it softened, do the work well. Be careful not to put any scratch on the glasses from the razor blade.

4: After clear the area with a bar of mild soap and the water. After cleaning the lenses, dry it with a piece of soft cloth from preventing any watermarks. Try to avoid present any metal rust parts.

Use Toothpaste

Essential Materials

Paper towel, warm water, warp or tape, toothpaste

Steps to remove the glue:

1: Use toothpaste is the safest method for removing the super glue from plastic lenses. However, if the lenses have a coating, test with this solution at first. To make sure not do any damage, try from along a corner edge.

2: Wet the glue with the warm water. Rub with toothpaste gently over the glue. And take a cloth for removing the super glue after doing the work.

3: Though it takes some time, people are getting success after applying this method. Not to use any toothpaste which contains ‘micro-scrubbers?’

They may put a scratch on the lenses. And never use paper towels for cleaning the plastic lenses because they also could create scratches.

If next time needs the superglue in the eyeglasses, cover the lenses firstly. Make the covering with the plastic wrap or tape.

Follow this way can peel off the tape easily. After finishing the superglue in the glasses, remove it properly.

Use Acetone Base Nail Polish Remover

Essential Materials


Steps to remove the glue:

1:  For removing the super glue from plastic lenses, take a test with acetone-based nail polish remover. Make a patch test at first on edge to making sure that it is not harmful to the plastic lenses.

2: A piece of cotton ball soaks into the acetone-based nail polish remover at first. Dab the cotton ball on the super dried glue for softening.

3: Continue the rubbing process with a wet cotton ball. Continue rubbing. Make the super glue lose. Then use another piece of cotton ball to clean the super glue.

4: Then rinse the lenses with warm water for proper cleaning. And clean them with a fresh, clean, and dry soft cloth.

People can choose any of the methods to remove the super glue. Not use the paper towel from preventing scratch.

A magic eraser can use for cleaning the lenses. By following the additional tips may keep away from any hazards.

Vedio Guide For Removing Super Glue From Plastic


Super glue is one of the worlds’ most effective and hardens cement. Use it to attach any materials or particles effectively. For these vast capabilities of the paste, everyone likes it.

Super glue is a common type of cement which is present almost all home. If insincerely superglue gets to fall in any plastic item, it is challenging to clean.

This simple guide may show the path of how to remove super glue from plastic at home. One can easily use any of the methods following the resources that have at a time — not only materials the size of the surfaces but also.


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