How to Remove Super Glue from Glass

Before using anyways please get confirmation about the surface materials.  All items are not suitable for using all ways purpose. Remove from eyeglass keep concern about lens area. Because it is not glass, it made from plastic. Or sometimes the lens is cover with UV protected coating. Using remover does affect it.

In many ways, we are presenting here the most appropriate ways. You chose from here according to your safety, available materials, etc. For example-

  • Use Water
  • Use Alcohol
  • Use Acetone
  • Use Toothpaste

Give there some description about how to remove super glue from glass. Stay with us.

Use Soapy Water

Use water is the safest method for removing super glue from glass. A maximum type of glue or adhesive may be removed from the surface after using water. This work is also a time-costly project.

Required Materials

  • Water
  • Ammonia-free dishwashing liquid
  • A piece of soft cloth
  • Plastic wrapping
  • A soft cloth


Step 1: Need some water in a dish. Then mix up in it ammonia-free dish liquid. Mix up it for making suds. It is the first step to start the process.

Step 2: Take a folded soft cloth piece and then soak it into the mixture for wetting it properly. Press the cloth over the glue area. Otherwise if possible you can soak the glass into the soapy water. The reason is there that your necessary glue area may be affected and get loosen. 

 Step 3: Put a wrapping paper on the damp cloth area. It can protect from getting dry before loosening the super glue. Keep it for several hours as required for making loosening.

Step 4: Passing required several hours remove the folded damp cloth. Check it properly to get loosening surely. Then wipe off the superglue with the damp cloth piece.

Step 5: It does not get a cloth to soften you can try with warm water. Warm water is used for moistening the cloth. After that put or press the cloth over the super glue. Be serious about warm water, not hot water. Too hot water can make cracking for glass. So it is an alarming issue that how much warm need for getting loosening the super glue.

Step 6: Revise the working process every 15-20 minutes. That means re-soak the cloth into the warm water and put it over the glue. Continue the process until making the glue soften.

Step 7: When all the step of the working process is completed then clean the glass properly. Dry it with a soft cloth so that not present any metal parts on the glass.

Use Alcohol

Using alcohol is safe for glass as well as plastic. If you create any coating of super glue on glass surface unnecessarily then need to put off it without damaging the glass. Before using this method makes a test at the corner side of the glass surface. If getting no damaging attack then move fast.

Essential Materials:

  • A soft cloth
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Razorblade
  • Mild soap
  • Water
  • A soft cloth


Step 1: Take isopropyl and a soft cloth. Then moisten the soft cloth with the isopropyl. Carefully do this work.

Step 2: After moistening the cloth rub the cloth very carefully over the super glue. Some elbow grease may need. Do rotate in a new area with the cloth so that the glue may transfer on it.

Step 3: Do every step with very carefully. You can use a razor blade instead of a fingernail for scraping off the super glue. Once getting softens works well. Keep in mind it is not safe for lenses glass which contains a coating. It may damage the coating.

Actually, keep careful always about using a razor blade for scraping. During scraping, scratching may appear so do well carefully.

Step 4: Afterward apply mild soap and water. For cleaning mild soap and water is necessary. When getting clean then dry with a soft cloth. A soft cloth can absorb excess water to prevent watermarks. Avoid any metal rust parts having on the glass.

Use Acetone

Using acetone for removing super glue purpose is especially safe for lenses glass not for all type glass. But not use or apply for plastic lenses. Try at the corner side of the glass to get surety that the method is not harmful to glass. Without the coating, it is very easy to apply the method. You can work with it.

Essential Materials:

  • A soft cloth
  • Acetone
  • Razorblade
  • Mild soap
  • Water
  • A soft cloth


Step 1: Take a soft cloth and moisten the cloth with acetone. You can easily collect it from a hardware shop or a beauty shop. You can also use acetone-based nail polish remover if you can’t collect acetone.

That was one problem, acetone contains nail polish remover has another chemical also. So it may create damage for glass. So, before using try to collect chemical-free acetone.

Step 2: Make rubbing with the cloth continuously until remove the super glue from glass. It may need some elbow grease for getting easy. Rotate the cloth continuously in a new area so that glue may transfer in it.

Step 3: You can use a razor blade or fingernail to do scrapping on the super glue. But suggest you please do it very carefully. After getting soften apply a razor blade can do the removing work very well. Keep in mind that you can’t apply it in lens glass for its powder coating system. Using a razor blade may create a danger for lens glass.

Step 4: Afterward use a mild soap and water for cleaning the super glue affected area. Make dry after cleaning with a soft dry cloth to prevent any watermarks. Not only watermarks but also removes any metal rust parts.

Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a very common and necessary element of our daily life. You can use it for a super glue removing project. Another thing is that it is safe for all types of glass criteria such as glass lenses or plastic or other things. That has no damaging effect on the surface. Extra care is needed for coating glass. To avoid any risk you should try first at the corner edge side.

Essential materials

  • Toothpaste
  • Warm water
  • A cloth


Step 1: Take a dish for warming some water to start the method. Wet the super glue area with the warm water. Apply simply warm water not hot water.

Step 2: Then rubbing gently with toothpaste using a cloth over the glue. The cloth is used for doing well work but it takes some more time than other methods. Need also some elbow grease. You can use normal white toothpaste but you get better success in gel type toothpaste using.

Step 3: Avoid any type ‘micro-scrubber’ containing toothpaste such as blue balls. That has the risk to give scratch on the glass.

Using acetone, toothpaste, water or alcohol is the different type of method for removing super glue from glass. Anyone can easily choose one of them according to his glass particles or available materials. Always need to follow all the instructions to avoid all types of dangers.

How to Remove Super Glue from Glass Surface

Super glue is unstoppable glue and it connects two materials together. Bonding affinity makes it is more popular to us for together some parts and also your fingers. Do not get fear about if it filtrates on your glass. Some alternative solution is ready to solve the situation.

Acetone is the enemy of super glue. Once you identify some mistakes during apply superglue then you have to use acetone. You may have some problems when you use a razor blade for removing the glue. Meanwhile, acetone is common, easy to apply, rapid, harmless, etc.

Now here we describe the methods of removing the filtrated super glue from glass. Please stay with us to know the different ways of super glue removing. Such as-

  • Use Acetone
  • Use a Sharp Blade

Give here the total apply procedure of the methods. Please follow all rules or instructions to avoid any danger.

Use Acetone

There present some other methods to remove the super glue but acetone place the first position. Use acetone is common to remove super glue from glass which is an organic compound. Colorless, mobile liquid, odorless, etc. are characteristics of acetone. Water miscible makes it easier to use. From 3 million kinds of tonnes, using acetone against super glue is the best one.

Essential Materials

  • Acetone
  • Soft cloths


Step 1: Take some acetone from any nearby source. Nail polish remover may also use for this sector. Acetone can easily make lose the glue cement.

Step 2: Then take a piece of soft cotton cloth for wetting by acetone containing the substance. Properly wet the cloth piece with acetone.

Step 3: Cover with wetted cloth on the affected glue area. Keep some time for getting to lose the glue cement.

Step 4: After passing some time dab the super glue area with another dry cloth. Make sure about the total cleaning factor.

Step 5: You can repeat the whole process once another time if not get at the first time. You can continue the process till removing the super glue totally.

Use a Sharp Blade

Use a sharp blade to clean the superglue is another way. You can apply it carefully. A little chance has to make scratches on the glass surface. Some extra patience needs for this method.

Essential Materials

  • A sharp blade
  • a soft cloth


Step 1: A sharp blade is a common and essential instrument for a daily life basis. Here not found any house where you can’t get a sharp blade. So, take the blade then start the method process.

Step 2: Proper and very carefully use the blade in the super glue area. If it gets drier you can use some acetone for loosening the cement or bond.

Step 3: Then use the sharp blade to scrape over superglue very carefully. Be careful about scratch spot on the glass surface.  Glass surface looks like dirty and low its demand if there presents scratch.

Step 4: Repeat the whole path again and again till complete the task. Better you try on the one corner of the super glue to take an output of this method.

Super glues cement affinity is very strong and its removing process is not easy like other glue. Before using any method it is helpful to take an overview from others. If found any negative thoughts it is safe to avoid the method.

How to Remove Super Glue from Glass Table

Removing the process of superglue from the glass table is similar to the methods of removing super glue from glass or glass surface. From home to the office we use glass table maximum. During glass setting or for another purpose need super glue. The adhesive affinity of super glue is strong. So unconsciously use super glue becomes difficult to remove.

We may follow some instructions or methods for this purpose. Read attentively to know the working procedure of the ways-

  • use glass cleaner
  • use oil
  • use acetone

Give the working procedure in detail. Follow the instructions step by step.

Use Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner is normally used for cleaning the glass. For removing super glue can also use glass cleaner. Find a strong glass cleaner for using in super glue removing task.

Essential Materials

  • A glass cleaner
  • A soft cloth
  • A knife or a pinch or a credit card 


Step 1: Select at first a strong glass cleaner and obviously branded such as Windex. Anonymous glass cleaner may damage your table glass. Do not forget to check to expire date of the glass cleaner.

Step 2:  Use some amount of glass cleaner to make weaken the super glue. Wait for like one hour for loosening the super glue.

Step 3: Then take a knife or a pinch or a credit card to scrape the super glue. But do not use scalp for scrapping the glue. That may give a scratching spot on the glass table.

Step 4: After that take the soft cloth to clean the glue residue. Properly clean and make dry the glass table.

Step 5: Follow all instructions as repeatedly if not get success for the first time. But carefully do all tasks to avoid any damage.

Use Oil

Oil is used for removing super glue from the glass table. Super glue is very strong glue without any strong dissolve solvent it may take more time to lose the glue. Here we present the working method of using oil to remove the super glue.

Essential Materials

  • Oil
  • A plastic putty knife or a pinch or a credit card
  • A soft cloth


Step 1: Take vegetable oil to apply the method. Not like act as any other dissolving reagent. Vegetable oil takes more time.

Step 2: Wait for around an hour to break down the strong bond of super glue. So, wait with patience and not be hopeless.

Step 3: Then use a plastic putty knife or credit card for scrapping. The scalp is not advisable for scrapping. If using a scalp may create more damage or hamper than benefit.

Step 4: After use soft cotton piece cloth for cleaning the residue of super glue. Clean the glass table for getting dry quickly.

Step 5: Repeat the oil using process continuously if not get the desired result for the first time. Though it takes more time it does in this case.

Use Acetone

Acetone is a good dissolving agent. Available because nail polish remover has acetone. After using recently acetone works very well. Good idea is, to use for testing on a portion of the super glue area.

Essential Materials

  • Acetone
  • A plastic card or gift card or nonmetallic straightedge
  • A cotton ball


Step 1: Collect acetone and start the method. You can use nail polish remover which is available especially for the female.

Step 2: Then soak the cotton ball to wet it to dab on the super glue area. So, get sure that it soaks properly.

Step 3: Afterward dab on the super glue area and cover the area properly. Continuously dabbing with the soaked cotton ball for getting soften the super glue.

Step 4: Gradually get soften the super glue area and scrapping with the less damaging tool. You can use a plastic card or gift card or plastic putty knife. Using a scalp is strictly prohibited.

Step 5: At the last stage take the soft cloth to remove out the residue. Take dry and soft cotton cloth to make dry the glass table

So, the methods of removing super glue from the glass table are already described. You should follow the methods A to Z to get success for the first time use.                                      


Super glue is very useful, strong, common, and popular and a necessary object for us. We use it to bond different materials strongly and permanently. To join glass particles, wood, plastic and like others we apply super glue. Sometimes we use it in excess amount or carelessly which is not our desire. Many alternative ways are ready to solve the problem.

Glass particles are very sensitive because it does not bear more pressure like wood particles. So, you can’t apply all similar methods for glass particles. On the other hand, scratching spot make the glass or glass surface or glass table ugly which make it less valuable. So, take your best decision to depend on your glass category

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