How To Remove Hot Glue

how to remove hot glue

Hot glue is a familiar glue for us. We use this glue widely. We use hot glue for furniture and woodworking, building and construction, packaging and carton sealing, deep freeze packaging and so on. Hot glue is also commonly known in the crafting world.

This glue may accidentally drop while working. Do not worry; it is not impossible to remove hot glue.

The techniques of removing hot glue depending on which surface the glue sticks. All surfaces are not same. Therefore, the removing technique will be different depending on surface quality.In this article, we will elaborate on how to remove hot glue from different surfaces.

We will describe the different methods of removing the hot glue for different surfaces.

Hot glue Removing Techniques from Fabrics

It is easier to remove glue from fabrics than our thinking.  Do it with patient. If your fabric is thinner then you need to be more careful. The hot glue may mix you are your fabric thread.

Step 1

For avoiding damaging risk, coat a small amount of alcohol on your fabric. Use alcohol on a small amount to see the reaction on your fabric before using its large extent.

Step 2

Leave the glue to get dry. Removing dry glue will be easier than wet glue. Hot glue does not take much time to dry. Before going to the next step make sure the glue is completely dried. You can check the thickness using a toothpick. Go to the next step when the glue will fully solid and no glue will be transfer to the toothpick.

Step 3

The procedure requires 70% isopropyl. Take a cotton swab and soak the cotton into it.  Isopropyl rubbing alcohol and the glue will make a reaction with each other. The glue will lose its grip on your fabrics for the reaction. Leave the glue for a while to loose.

Step 4

Try to remove the glue with a butter knife or your fingers. If the glue attaches two objects together then try separating the objects before removing the glue. Put more alcohol to soften the glue if it is necessary.

Step 5

Wash your fabrics with water after removing the glue properly. Water will wash off remaining glue or alcohol.  


1. Try not to touch the hot glue with hand. It may spread on your fabric or also can burn your skin.

2. There is some rubbing alcohol present in the market, which contains 91% isopropyl. The standard products contain 70% of pure isopropyl. Both work perfectly in this technique. Do not confused about the percentage of isopropyl.

3. If you cannot manage isopropyl-rubbing alcohol, you can use 100% acetone or a nail polish remover that contains acetone. You will get same result with acetone as well. It is better not to use acetone.

4. Do not use only fingernails. Use your finger to remove the glue. Hard glue may harm your nail.

An alternative hot glue removing techniques from Fabrics

1. Take the fabric piece in a freezer or you can use dry ice on it.

2. Wait for several minutes, approximately 20 minutes to set the glue.

3. Take the glue out of the freezer when the glue becomes cool. 

4. Scrape it with a scraper or a spoon.


  1. Put the fabric in the freezer for a long time. It will help to remove the glue easily.

2.  Scrape the glue gently. Because hard scrapping may damage your fabric.

Another option to remove glue from fabric

Apply this technique to remove the excess amount of glue from fabric.

  • Soak a cotton ball with acetone.
  • Wipe the cotton ball on the affected area.
  • Clean the glue with a soft cloth.  


 Try not to use the technique. It has the risk of damaging your fabric.

How to Remove Hot Glue from Skin

Dropping of hot glue on your skin is very painful. Try to remove glue as soon as possible. It is better as much you can prevent your skin from affecting.

1. At first, keep the affected area in cold water for several minutes. Doing this will help you in cooling the glue fast and your skin will survive for extra burning. You may apply ice cubes on the affected area.

2. Let the glue dry. Do not try to remove melted glue. It may burn more and it is more painful.

3. Soak olive oil in a cotton ball and gently dab it on the affected area. The glue will be soft and you can remove it easily. You can use rubbing alcohol instead of olive oil. However, alcohol may be painful for your burned skin.

3. Clean the remaining glue carefully from your skin. The glue should not stick to your skin and you can clean it easily. Be careful about the hair of the affected area. Careful about not to pull them. Otherwise, it may increase your pain.

4. Put your affected area in cold water again. Doing this will wash off remaining olive oil and this will make the affected area cooler. Check again if there are any glue remains.

5. Apply ointment on your affected area and bandage the area with sterile gauze. This will keep your skin secured. If the pain is high, you can take medicine to get relief.


  • After putting the affected area on the water, massage gently. This will remove the outer ply of the hot glue.
  •  Continue the process until the glue does not remove completely. You can use more alcohol or olive oil to remove the glue properly.
  •  If you fail to remove the glue through the method, go for medical help immediately.
  •   Do not use your nail to remove the glue. It might be painful for your burned skin.
  • You can apply distilled vinegar to your affected area and wait for some time. It is not necessary to wash it off. It is your wish to leave it on your skin or wash it.
  •  If you feel the pain, more than two days then go for medical help.
  • There may be a blister in your affected area. Do not touch it. Leave it for a natural cure.
  • Change the bandage and apply the ointment again if you feel the necessity.

How to Remove Hot Glue from Carpet

1. Put a piece of fabric on the melted glue. Thus, the glue will not damage the carpet much. It will stick more on the fabric than the carpet. Use a fabric that you can toss after removal of the glue.

2. Heat up an iron and press it on the fabric. Remember the heat of the iron should be at medium-high. You have to press the iron against the glue. The glue may spread if you use the iron on in back and forth motion. After completing iron the glue will be transferred to the fabric.

3. After transferring the glue check, it properly whether the glue removed completely. Pull the fabric out of the carpet and separate them. If the glue remains, repeat the procedure. If the method fails to remove the glue from the carpet then meet a specialist for help.

4. If the glue removes properly then clean the carpet with a carpet cleaner. Clean the carpet gently. If a small amount of glue remains this will also wash away.


  • Be careful when you are using the iron. Put on hand gloves may prevent from occurring any unexpected accident.
  • You can use water instead of the carpet cleaner.

How to Remove Hot Glue from Wood

A. To remove hot glue from wood you will need a strong adhesive remover. You can use denatured alcohol for this.

B. Soak a cotton ball with alcohol.

C. Use a small amount of alcohol first.  Some specific polishes on your wood may disappear. So check the reaction first and use it broadly when the result is positive.

D. Dab the cotton ball on the affected area.

E. Give time to loosen the glue.

F. Wipe the glue with a cloth when the glue loosens.


1. Use a soft cloth to wipe the glue. A harsh cloth may scratch on your wooden furniture.

2. Do not use alcohol before testing it on a small surface. This may damage your furniture.

How to Remove Hot Glue from Other Material

You can use this method to remove hot glue from metal, plastic or glass. You can use isopropyl rubbing alcohol or alcohol as a glue remover.

1. Clean the surface first. It will help you removing the glue easily.

2. Soak a cotton swab with alcohol and dab it on the affected area.

3. Leave it for some time. Check if the alcohol loosen the glue. If the glue is still hard then use more alcohol.

4. When the glue become loose remove it with a knife or a scraper.


  • Make a way for ventilation. Choose a well-ventilated place to do this.
  • Stay away from flames.
  • Wear a mask to be safe from the flames.

Final verdict

As we often use hot glue for various purposes at home. We need to think about the solvent instead of panicking when the glue drop on any surface. You have to adopt techniques based on your surface and amount of glue.

We describe here how to remove hot glue from different surfaces. Follow the steps and tips for getting the better result and be careful while removing the glue.

Hope our given information will help you to remove glue effectively. Whenever you are using hot glue or try to remove hot glue keep your kids away from this.

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