How to Remove Glue Residue From Floor Tiles

If you remove tiles from the floor, you will see glue residue often remains on the floor. Removing the glue residue with common techniques such as warm, soapy water and knife is not so easy.

Industrial glue creates a strong bonding. Therefore, you will need a special glue remover to clean it properly. Alternatively, it might be a glue residue of tape.

You intentionally stick tape on your tiles or do it unintentionally a gluey will be left after removing the tape. We will inform you of some ways about how to remove glue residue from floor tiles. Choose your suitable one and follow the steps to get relief from the glue residue problem.  

You Will Need

  • White vinegar
  • Mineral spirits/ lighter fluid/ paint thinner/ nail polish remover
  • Plastic scraper/ putty knife/ razor blade
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hand gloves
  • Water
  • Soap
  • A cloth
  • Baby oil
  • Peanut butter
  • Baking soda

How to remove glue residue from floor tiles

Step By Step Process:

1. Soak the cloth in vinegar for some time. Cover the glue residue with the cloth and wait. Give several minutes to soften the glue residue.  

2. Scrape the residue with the plastic scraper or putty knife. If glue residue remains then follow the next step.

3.Wipe the glue residue with the rubbing alcohol. Soak a cloth with warm soapy water and rub the glue residue.

4.Take some warm baby oil in a bowl. Put some oil onto the glue residue and leave it for some time.

5.Then scrap the residue with the plastic scraper again. You can use olive oil instead of baby oil.

6.After that, put some creamy peanut butter on the residue and leave it for half an hour.

7.Wipe the peanut butter with a soapy cloth. Repeat the process if it is needed.

8.Make a paste of baking soda and a small quantity of water. Put the paste on the residue and then scrub it with a cloth gently.

Some other techniques

Pick mineral spirits/ lighter fluid/ paint thinner or nail polish remover to soften the glue residue. Use any one of these. Do not mix them with each other and use.

Cleaning with mineral spirit

Step By Step Process:

1.Wear your hand gloves. Take a cloth and wet it with mineral spirits. Be careful about dripping.

2.Rub the wet cloth over the area you needed. Rub it in circular motions and continue it until the mineral spirits disappear the glue residue.

3.If any glue residue remains then scrape that with a putty knife. You will not need to put much force to do this. Because the mineral spirit you used glue residue will soak that. After soaking, the residue will become soft and you can remove it easily.

4.If any tough glue residue remains and becomes difficult to remove it with the putty knife then wet again the cloth. Rub on the tough residue and continue it for a long time.

5.After removing the entire glue residue, wash the floor with warm soapy water. The water will wash all mineral spirits. Washing of mineral spirits is necessary before new tiles replacement.

Dry Ice Is Another Method of Cleaning:

1.Rub dry ice on the glue residue and wear plastic gloves to protect your hands.

2.Wait and let the ice freeze the glue residue. The dry ice will freeze the glue residue for some times.

3.Scrape the frozen glue residue with a putty knife. It may need force to apply to remove the glue residue.

4.Continue the same procedure to clean the entire floor.

Tips To Follow

1.      Soak the chosen liquid in the cloth. properly

2.      Do not scrap in a hurry. Do it gently.

3.      Using hand gloves is compulsory.

Final verdict

Hope you get your necessary information about how to remove glue residue from floor tiles.

Follow any of the above procedures to remove glue residue. If you have old glue residue stains then try nail polish remover containing acetone or pure acetone.

 Soak the acetone in a cotton ball and apply on the residue stain. Scrub gently the stain will be gone. Be careful about using a colored nail polish remover.

If all mentioned techniques fail then we recommend using acetone on glue residue. It will be better if you do not need to use acetone. Acetone will create many fumes. So make a way for ventilation. Wear a mask while using acetone.

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