How to Remove Glue From Hair

How To Remove Glue From Hair.

To be frank, adhesive on hair can be frightening as it can damage hair to an extent. If not taken out properly, you may end up going to a salon, to cut your hair vacating a mammoth amount from your pocket. We have discovered some of the most effective techniques which are harmless and cost-effective (unlike those extravagant salons).

Don’t panic, calm your nerves, and stay tuned to successfully pull out Glue to Pull on Good Hair.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner Combo

The ordinary shampoo and conditioner in your bathroom can come to your rescue. Just wet your hair like your usual shower routine and put an openhanded amount of shampoo on the affected part of your hair. Massage thoroughly for a couple of minutes and try to pluck out the glue. A couple of attempts will leave you shocked as you will notice the adhesive coming off. Once you are satisfied with the outcome rinse your hair off with lukewarm water.

This part has a later step for the finest results, applying the conditioner. Apply conditioner of any brand and wait for few minutes. Then repeat the process of massaging and plucking out. You will see the glue being soften. Rinse your hair and whoa it’s off your hair.

2. Hot Oil Massage: Olive/ Coconut/ Almond Oil

Hot oil massage is the one-stop solution to your every hair problem and glued hair is not an exception. Simply take any of the oil you prefer (coconut oil works the best) and heat the oil with the double boiler system. Apply either on the needed part or allover your hair (oil is anyways beneficial) and keep it for 30 minutes to one hour. Hair oils smoothen the adhesive and keep the removing process hassle-free. After the mentioned time, clean your hair with your favorite shampoo and you are all set to rock.

3. Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing soap is a great alternative to the hair oil method. If you anyhow do not want to put oil, you can simply go for this dishwashing soap option. This method works quite effectively and leaves no traces of any sort of gum or pastes on your hair. Take a handful of dishwashing soap and put it on the hardened or dried glue. Take a warm water-soaked towel and keep it on your hair for an hour or more. After an hour, the patches will be soft and easy to take out. Comb the hair carefully and use your regular shampoo to wash off the hair. Don’t forget to deep conditioning hair to regain its natural moisture.

4. Conditioner and a Brush (strong and dense bristle)

This method demands both your time and manual effort. Take a generous amount of the conditioner and gently put it on the concerned part of your hair. Give it a good 20 to 30 minutes to show the best results. After 30 minutes, take a brush with a strong and dense bristle and very lightly comb your hair. Make sure you have an easy hand otherwise you may harm the strands. Keep your patience and comb for some time. Slowly it will eliminate the glue and your nonstick, silky hair is back.

5. Rubbing Alcohol

Okay, this process is quite risky if not done properly but worth your potentials. As per science, rubbing alcohol dissolves adhesives successfully within a few minutes. Soak a cotton pad or cotton cloth into the alcohol and carefully rub it on the hair. Be careful, the rest of the hair must not come in contact with the rubbing alcohol as it tends to dry out the hair. Keep rubbing for a minimum of 10 minutes and more if needed. Once you see the glue is detaching, take a brush and comb gently to remove the glue.

6. Ice Cubes

While other methods mostly soften the glue, this method works the opposite and hardens the bond. Once it is hardened and tight, one can easily get rid of the problem. Get an ice cube or more as per your requirement and place it on the glue until it gets solid. When it becomes hard or rigid, it will break off effortlessly. This method takes probably the least time and gives you the most satisfactory result.

7. Acetone or Nail Polish Remover

Pure acetone is widely known for removing glue from hair. If you don’t find the pure acetone solvent, get your hands on a good quality nail polish remover. To start this process, you must keep in mind to ensure safety first. Put safety gloves on as pure acetone solution can be harsh on your skin. Soak a cotton ball/ pad into the acetone solution and wipe the target area with that cotton pad. Leave it for three minutes and you will see the glue being stiff gradually. Once it is rigid enough, you can simply break it off or comb it away.

Caution: Always use a towel to cover the rest of the hair. Acetone tends to dehydrate hair and to minimize the consequence of this use a deep conditioning mask. Never leave the acetone for a long time on your hair and keep your eyes away from direct contact with acetone or acetone-based products.

8. Peanut Butter

You probably haven’t ever thought that your favorite food item can get you out of hock. One of the most delicious food items, it can be equally soothing in digging the stubborn glue out of your hair. You must be wondering how this is even possible. Be on your edges and read carefully to this life hack. As peanut butter has an oily texture, it is effective to take away anything from your hair or even skin. Take out some peanut butter (be big-hearted regarding the amount) and place it over the adhesive patch. Leave the butter there for one or two hours. You can prolong the time frame as per your requirement. Mildly rub or comb the soft patch. You can see the magic happening and you are out of your distress so easily.

9. Aspirin Solution

The most crucial method that needs your proper attention and involvement to bring out the best outcome. Whenever we face headaches or any mild pain, Aspirin appears to be a superhero. The same goes for doing away with glue on your strands. To maximize the result, you have to make an Aspirin solution. This part is vital, note down the measurements of the required pieces of stuff.

You will need the followings:

  • Aspirin tablets: 7 to 10
  • Witch hazel: 4 tablespoon
  • Shampoo: 2 tablespoon

Follow the method step by step to avoid any unwanted situation.

  • Finely crush the aspirin tablets, mix the witch hazel and shampoo.
  • Wear safety gloves and put the solution over the patch.
  • Cover the hair with a towel soaked in warm water. Keep it there for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Take a hairbrush or toothbrush and scratch the patch slowly.
  • When there is no residue left, rinse your hair with a shampoo.

Caution: Never apply to children under 10 years and keep your eyes safe from the solution. You can do this process only once a month.

10. Petroleum Jelly or Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing cream or petroleum jelly both works in the same manner. Before applying any of these, make sure you drench the affected part of the hair. Once your hair is fully damp, apply whether petroleum jelly or moisturizing cream or even body lotion. You can keep it for one hour until you get the desired results. When the glue softens and appears like a paste, you can pull it out using your hand/ comb/ brush/ a soft. To accelerate the process warm compresses can be a great option. You can simply drench a towel in hot water and press it against the gum patch. Mild scrubbing also hastens the process. Use a brush or some table salt and scrub gently until the patch comes out. Repeat the whole process until you cannot spot any residue.

11. Hair Straightener or Flat Iron

Direct heat is very efficient to take off glue from hair or scalp and using a flat iron is probably the most convenient way to heat the hair. Take your regular straightener, plug it in, and heat it for a minute. You must not heat the area directly, take a thin cloth, and cover the patch. Place the straightener on the cloth and heat it for 3 minutes. You will see most of the glue being attached to the cloth already. Keep doing the process and within minutes you will free from the stubborn adhesive.

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There can be thousands of ways to get your hair off glue but you must always follow the instructions correctly. A single ignorant move of yours can lead you to damage the rest of your hair.

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