How to Fix Broken Ceramic Mug

Gluing is just the basic idea to fix broken ceramic mugs and there are multiple other ways and tips or tricks available. If you have a spare minute, catch the segments below to explore more.

How to fix Ceramic Mug

List of Best Glue for Ceramic Mug Handle

How To Fix Ceramic Mug Properly

Necessary Equipment

  • Hardener
  • Small bucket with sand
  • Paper bowl
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Hand Gloves
  • Dry cotton cloth or pad
  • Epoxy
  • Toothpick
  • Paintbrush/ toothbrush
  • Tape


Step 01: Collect the Broken Pieces

Gather all the broken pieces of the mug and assemble them.Before collect sharp broken ceramic pieces, use hand gloves to get the pieces.

Step 02: Synchronize all the pieces

Take a small bucket and pour sand into it. Place all the pieces and synchronized with the affected pieces. This step makes the whole process stable and you can work using both your hands.

Step 03: Take Out the Dust from the Pieces

Get a toothbrush or paintbrush and just wipe away the dust and debris from the pieces.

Step 04: Prepare Epoxy Solution

Get the Epoxy glue and the hardener in the same quantity and put them in a paper bowl. Use a syringe to measure the quantity of the glue and the hardener. Thoroughly mix the mixture with a Popsicle stick.

Step 05: Spread over the Epoxy Solution on the Broken Part

Smear the solution with a toothpick over the broken parts carefully. Do not spill over the epoxy mixture.

Step 06: Put all the Pieces Together

Now, set the pieces with the main body of the mug and hold it for a minute or so. Make sure you hold it tightly until the epoxy solution gets hardened.

Or you can just use tape to hold everything in place. Repeat the whole process until you are done with all the parts.

Step 07: Wipe Out the Extra Epoxy

Wipe out the extra epoxy mixture with a dry cotton cloth to get a fine result.

Step 08: Let the Epoxy Dry

Let the Epoxy dry for a couple of hours. Remove the tape once you are satisfied with the results. This is it, you have your mug back now.

You can find here glue list

How to Fix a Cracked Coffee Mug

Necessary Equipment

Step 1: Observe the Affected Area (Crack)

Hold the ceramic mug in your hands and give it a close look to determine its condition. If you find the crack tight enough or it appears like merely a scratch, don’t push it hard or never try to separate it.

Until the crack is loose enough that you can separate it with your hands, you don’t need to repair it. It is just a scratch, not a crack.

Once you find the crack can be separated by your hands or you can visibly see the crack being loose, this is when you must follow the steps to repair the crack.

Step 2: Prepare the Epoxy Mixture

This is the most crucial part thus be a bit careful regarding creating the solution. Epoxy comes with a hardener and if you don’t get the hardener with Epoxy just get one from any shop.

Take a cardboard or paper plate and add the same amount of Epoxy and hardener. You can get a dual syringe applicator (this too mostly comes with the packaging) and use it to measure the hardener and Epoxy. Mix both the ingredients using a Popsicle stick.

Step 3: Shove the Crack Edges

To put the adhesive into the crack, you have to create little room in the tight space. Here, you will use the razor blade. Sincerely thrust the edges of the crack by your hand and place the razor blade into it.

Move it back and forth to create a space for the Epoxy mixture.

Step 4: Insert the Epoxy Solution into the Crack

You have to be super quick during this step as Epoxy tends to dry up fast. Get a toothpick and put the Epoxy mixture into the crack. Be alert yet be perfect, make sure the Epoxy does not drip out of the crack.

Step 5:  Wrap the Mug with a Rubber

Get a rubber band and quickly wrap the mug with it. As the solution tends to dry out fast, you may have only three to five minutes to work. Keep a rubber band handy so that you don’t have to waste time looking for it.

Step 6: Wipe out the Extras

If the excessive product is not wiped out immediately, the results won’t be so good. Wipeout all the extra products from the mug with a dry cotton pad or cloth.

Step 7: Let the Epoxy Dry

At the last step, keep the wrapped mug in a safe place and let the epoxy mixture dry in the crack. Once you see the epoxy to be firm, remove the rubber band. Here you have your favorite mug back, start using it.

Extra Tips

  • Be careful about the measurement of the Epoxy and Hardener. They must be of the same quantity.
  • Always use a dry cloth to wipe the extra solution.
  • Never push the crack very hard as it can break the mug into pieces.
  • Always mix the Epoxy mixture with a Popsicle stick and never use your hand.
  • Wear hand gloves throughout the process.

How to Repair a Cracked Mug with Cyanoacrylate Glue

Cyanoacrylate Glue is widely known as Superglue or Crazy glue which comes in liquid format. This thin layer of glue provides an extremely strong bond over ceramic pieces.

Being more watery consistency, it can be soaked well in the cracks and works perfectly. To get resistance against water and heat, one may add any of the adhesives as well.

But one cannot this glue to fix a ceramic mug that is desired to use for drinking as it contains toxic elements.

The added heat can level up the toxicity and mugs fixed with this glue can turn harmful to human health.

 If you intend to use the mug or ceramic piece for any other purpose except drinking from it, you can go for this glue. It gives a more defined and polished result than most of the glues in the market.

Now, take a look at how to use Cyanoacrylate Glue on cracked mugs:

  • Spread the glue over the cracked pieces. Be sure you get enough glue to get soaked into the crack.
  • Leave it for three to five seconds to dry and remove the excess glue with a cotton pad (be quick so that it does not dry)
  • Wrap with a rubber band or tape the whole mug and leave it for a good 5 minutes. That will be all to fix your mug.

How to Repair a Cracked Mug with Epoxy Glue

The Epoxy consists of resin and a hardening agent; it needs to be mixed into a solution. The solution works better than other glues on every surface.

It is more heat and water-resistant and creates a long-lasting bond. Epoxy is highly recommended due to it’s comes with food-grade material.

Incase of fine cracks it’s very tough to work with Epoxy. Though thin toothpicks can be used to place epoxy.

For hairline cracks, getting epoxy in the crack is quite impossible. Epoxy is great for bigger cracks or broken pieces.

Repair Chipped Ceramic Mug Tips and Tricks

Apart from the methods stated above, some simple tips can assist you to handle the situation. Take a look:

Clear Nail polish

Nail polish might not be the most effective solution but it can be the quickest fix to smoothen the edges of your chipped mug. Grab a good quality clear nail polish and paint the chipped area of the mug with it.

Nail polish levels the sharp rims or edges of the mug. It may not last for very long but a quick fix without any hassle.

Milk as a Glue

Though it seems to be unbelievable that milk can fix your chipped mug but milk can do the job. Just get the chipped part and place it back to the body of the mug using tape.

Now, pour milk into a pan and put the mug into the pot. Make sure the mug is drenched properly into the milk. Now heat it in low flames for an hour.

The protein in milk having the heat glues up the chipped piece. After one or two hours put the mug out and you got it repaired.

Certified Renovation

If your DIYs don’t work, you can always seek assistance from professionals. Get any of the professionals and repair your mug.


Well, you can just stop using your mug for drinking tea or coffee on the contrary you can just reuse it as a pencil or spoon holder.

FAQ on Broken Ceramic Mug

1.  Is it bad to drink from a chipped ceramic mug?

It depends on where the chip is. If the chip is inside the mug, this can be dangerous. Ceramic mugs are painted with a substance that contains lead thus drinking from a ceramic mug that is chipped inside can be dangerous.

If the mug is chipped from outside, it is relatively safe unless you don’t cut your lips.

2.    Does super glue work on ceramic mugs?

Yes, super glue works on ceramic mugs but it does not provide a perfect result.

Superglue contains toxic elements thus it is unsafe for health to use superglue on a ceramic mug and drink anything from it.

Final Words

To get the maximum result, you must follow the instructions very carefully. One wrong step can let you get completely zero outcomes.

Thus always follow the steps sensibly and strictly maintain safety. Hand gloves are a must for all the methods. And you are all set to enjoy your coffee in your preferred ceramic mug again.

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