How Long Does it Take for E6000 Glue to Dry?

Not only as a crucial part of your craft, but strong high viscosity adhesives are also very useful when it comes to day to day usage, for example, to fix a broken door, a broken vase, or even your jewelry.

The e6000 high viscosity adhesive is a great and versatile adhesive option when you are looking for a multipurpose adhesive. But you might wonder, how long does it take for e6000 glue to dry? Or if it is safe to use or not. Today we will be talking about the e6000 glue and its usage.

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What does the e6000 high viscosity adhesive offer?

The e6000 high viscosity glue is a very strong, self leveling adhesive that is built to meet all your requirements. It is applicable to almost all sorts of materials.

It dries flexible which means it will not harden up and break off. This multipurpose adhesive comes in a tube of 3.7 oz.

It is very strong, has a high tolerance, and is very flexible. It dries clear. It is temperature resistant glue as well as non-inflammable once dried.

This waterproof adhesive formula is also quite safe as well. The most amazing part is that this glue is also paintable as well.

This means you can paint over it once it is cured. The fumes are quite toxic but this is not only this glue, almost every adhesive releases toxic fumes.

How long does it take to dry?

The e6000 adhesive starts tacking up within the first 2 minutes of application. It starts to settle down within 10 minutes, approximately. However, it takes 1 day to 3 days for the adhesive to be cured entirely.

Temperature, humidity has a huge part in the drying time span of the glue. The lesser the temperature, the slower the drying process. After the application place it outside where it is very sunny and let it stay there until sunset.

In order to speed up the process of drying indoors, you can manually apply heat to the area. However, do not apply hold directly at the adhesive.

You can use a dryer to dry the glue as well. Make sure your room is properly ventilated.

Where to use it

The e6000 high viscosity glue is a very strong, durable and versatile adhesive. It can be used to fix almost everything. It can be used on almost all sorts of surfaces.

It can be used on wooden surfaces like to fix a chip in your wooden door, or to make wooden craft. It can be used on ceramics for example, to fix your favorite vase, plates, or dishes.

And it is a great choice to use on ceramics as it dries clear. It can also be used on porcelain. It can be used on plastic, metal, vinyl, leather etc.

This amazing glue adheres to almost everything. Due to its high elasticity, it is widely used to fix jewelries, attaching beads and stones. Due to the elasticity, it does not break apart.

It dries clear so it can be used on glass as well as glassware. It can be used to fix a rip in your favorite shirt or your favorite jacket. You can use it to fix a crack in your wooden door. The possibilities are endless with the glue.

Can you use it on glass to glass?

Using adhesives to fix your glassware, flower vase, glass beads jewelry or even microwave door is actually quite common. If this is your first time hearing of this, let me assure you, a lot of people do this and it is actually quite common.

While using glue on glass it is quite important to use something that is clear and transparent. Or at least dries clear. Otherwise, you will have a very unattractive mark left that will let people know that you fixed your favorite vase using glue.

This is why the e6000 high viscosity adhesive is a great choice. It offers a black as well as clear when dry option.

Now you can use the transparent glue to fix almost everything. However, if you want to fix your favorite plates or maybe a dish bowl, I would not recommend to do so. It is better to not use it on something that will have food near it as congesting it can be very harmful.

While using the glue on glass, it is important to use a solvent. For example, acetone. Or you can opt for other types of solvents as well. For example, citrus based solvents work very well as well.

How long does e6000 glue take to dry on glass?

Since this glue dries transparent, it is actually a great, in fact one of the best adhesives to use on glass. The drying time of e6000 on glass is 24-72 hours. The drying process is quite dependent on the temperature and humidity.

If the glass is wet, the glue will not stick to it properly. Since it is a self leveling glue, the smoothness of the surface does not matter too much. It strongly adheres to pretty much everything.

Is it stronger than epoxy glue (gorilla adhesive)?

 Epoxy glue, also known as gorilla adhesive is also a very popular adhesive option vailable in the market. Epoxy glue is mainly used for metal and plastic.

But it is also effective on other surfaces such as wood, ceramics, brick, etc. However, it is said that the E6000 is 60 times more flexible than epoxy glue.

This means epoxy glue hardens up once cured. On the other hand, e6000 dries to a flexible shape. From masonry installation to PVC panels, it can stick it all. In addition, this adhesive is UV radiation, acid, and water resistant.

Though epoxy glue takes less time than E6000 to dry, the later one is still worth it.  An epoxy glue takes only around 10 to 30 seconds to dry where E6000 glue requires at least 5 minutes.

If you are planning on using the adhesive for craft projects, DIY projects, repairing jewelries, making jewelries, then e6000 is definitely the better choice.

Epoxy glue is slightly stronger than e6000 glue but given the fact that e6000 does not crack and dries flexible makes it better than epoxy glue.

Is it user friendly?

To be honest, the material of E6000 is very toxic.  The content of this product can cause headaches, nausea, and even cancer in the long run. Too much exposure can also result in liver and kidney damage.

Skin problems can occur from this glue and eye irritation is a regular experience for those who use the glue. However, being careful can make E6000 much safer.

It is advised that after application you should not apply heat directly to the surface. As the vapor and fume can be harmful it’s better to use the glue in an open place where there is enough ventilation of air.

Airflow will prevent the glue fume from coagulating. It is recommended to use hand gloves and face mask. Prolonged contact with skin must be avoided. And it is a must to wash hands after using the glue.

As a whole E6000 is one of the easiest to use glue available. There is no extra trouble before applying it. It doesn’t require mixing it with any chemical or anything. It can be used right away. So, if you take proper measures, E6000 is the most effective and convenient glue.

E6000 Overview

By now you probably have realized that E6000 is a multipurpose adhesive.

The manufacturer insists that the unique formula of this glue is water resistant and is compatible with all type of paint and works on a wide range of materials such as wood, rubber, and concrete.

It offers a wide range of service, and much less work. You can do your craft DIY projects with it. You can use to fix something in your kitchen. E6000 is an one stop solution for adhesives.


  • This adhesive is 2x stronger than any regular glue
  • It is 60x more flexible than polyurethane
  • It can be used on almost all sorts of surface
  • Dries clear
  • It is washer/drier safe
  • Very suitable for usage on glass to glass
  • Paintable
  • Temperature resistant


  • The fumes are toxic, so do not forget to take necessary precautions before application.

Will it dry out?

The main problem with all types of adhesive is that they dry out if they are not properly stored. The E6000 adhesive has a shelf life of 2 years.

But if you have opened the tube once then you must store it in a cool and dry place. But be careful not to freeze it.

Just make sure the cap of the tube is tightly fitted and place it where there is not much heat. If it dries then there is no turning back.

You can’t bring it back to its previous state. So, to maintain the efficiency store the glue in the proper manner.

When it comes to adhesives, there are multiple options available in the market. The answer to the question that which one you should buy entirely depends on your requirements.

Overall, e6000 is definitely a better option than epoxy glue due to its versatility and usefulness.

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