Gorilla Super Glue Review [Updated 2020]

One of the most recommended glues in 2020 is the Gorilla Super Glue. This is because of its high bonding power and its versatility in terms of materials.

However, when you take a walk into a glue store today, you will be shocked by the amount of glues under the Gorilla Super Glue Brand. While this is something good as you have a variety to choose from, it can be a bit challenging when you don’t know how each one of them works.

That is why in this article, we make your work easier by reviewing the top three Gorilla Super Glues. They comprise a detailed description of the glue including their unique features. Read through to know the one that will work perfectly for your project.

1.Gorilla Super Glue, 20 Gram, Clear

Starting off our Gorilla Super Glue Review is the Gorilla Super Glue 20 Gram Clear.

This is one of those Gorilla glues you want to have around your household. This is because it is designed in such a way that is perfect for small projects such as fixing toys or kitchen items.

 Its fast setting and drying time is also another reason explaining why it is superb for small household projects or crafts that need fast fixing and using.

Some other great facts you will love about the Gorilla Super Glue 20 Gram Clear are listed and explained as follows:


This Gorilla Super Glue is not limited to being used on one material alone. You can use it on various materials and expect excellent results. Notably, you can use the Gorilla Super Glue 20 Gram Clear on rubber, plastic, stone, metal, fabric, paper, ceramic, leather, wood and other approved materials.

Impact- tough

One unique thing about this adhesive is that is comprised additional rubber particles in its formula. As a result, if you accidentally drop your item after the gluing process, there is a low chance of it getting dismantled. This is because the rubber particles make the glue stronger and highly resistant to drops and bumps.

Fast setting

As mention in the product introduction, one of the reasons why this glue stands out is because of its setting time. Primarily, the glue will only take you an estimated 10 to 30 seconds to set and dry. What’s more, you will not require any amount of clamping.  

Anti-clog cap

Glues are prone to losing their adhesiveness when exposed to air. In recognition of this, the Gorilla Super Glue 20 Gram Clear is fitted with an anti-clog cap. This cap helps to keep the glue from drying out hence making it reusable.

2.Gorilla Super Glue with Brush & Nozzle Applicator

Closely related to the previously reviewed Glue is the Gorilla Super Glue with Brush and Nozzle Applicator.

This is because they share a lot with regards to features. However, these two sets of Gorilla glue are distinct from one another because of the unique dispense mechanism used by this second Gorilla Super Glue.

Here is more information about this dispense mechanism feature of this glue along with descriptions of its other features.

Dual dispense mechanism

You do not have one but two dispense methods you can use with this glue. For instance, you can choose to use the fine bristle brush or consider the nozzle tip applicator depending on your liking. Nonetheless, the brush offers controlled use hence less messes and the applicator gives easier and faster application.


You can fix items of various materials while using this glue. This is because based on the credible reviews; the adhesive does not only perform greatly on plastic and metal. It also does an excellent job on ceramics, paper, stone, rubber, fabric and more.

Fast setting

It should not take you more than a minute to have your projects set and dry while using this adhesive. Championing this is the fact that the glue offer a fast setting and drying time of 10 to 45 seconds at most. Therefore, it is a go-to glue when you want to finish your crafts within the shortest time possible.

Impact- tough

The type of bond formed by this glue is very strong. This means that your project is unlikely to tire and wear out once proper fixing has been done. Influencing this greatness is the high-performance formula of this glue which is infused with outstanding rubber particles to resists any form of damages.

Anti-clog cap

Like the Gorilla Super Glue 20 Gram Clear, this glue also comes with an anti-clog cap. Based on the role of the cap pointed out in the previous product review, you know that this glue will serve you for the longest time. This is due to the fact that anti-clog cap will keep off any air from entering the glue to weaken its adhesiveness. 

3.Gorilla Super Glue Precise Gel

Last on our Gorilla Super Glue Review list is the Gorilla Super Glue Precise Gel. 

Judging from its name, it is easy to tell that this adhesive uses the gel super glue formula and not the liquid super glue formula.

As a result, its texture will be slightly thicker than the ordinary liquid super glue.

However, this is not something to worry about as it means that you will have minimal drips in your application process.

 With this background, let us get to understand some of incredible features:

Easy application

Ideally, glues using gel formula are thick hence offer challenging dispensing process. Fortunately, this is not the case when it comes to the Gorilla Super Glue Precise Gel.

This is because the glue comes fitted in a large bottle that comprises a precision tip applicator. This helps in the easier control and dispensing of the glue.

Heavy duty formula

The second feature about this glue is with regard to its strength. The glue has been designed using a heavy duty formula. With this, it is able to offer a strong and permanent bond which is highly impact resistant.

Anti-clog cap

Similar to the other two adhesives, this glue features an anti-clog cap. As a result, it ensures that no air enters the glue and affects is gluing capacity. This means that in the long run, the glue can serve you for the longest time as long as you keep it closed using the ant0clog cap when not in use.

Fast setting

Of course the other two gorilla super glues have a fast setting capability. However, none of their speed can be compared to that of the Gorilla Super Glue Precise Gel. This is because the setting speed of this adhesive is an estimated 10 seconds only which is impressive!

FAQ List For Gorilla Super Glue

Is Super Glue and Gorilla Glue the same thing?

No! Super Glue and Gorilla Glue are not the same thing. This is because Gorilla Glue is a glue product belonging to the Gorilla Company or brand just like we have brand like Loctite and Loctite glue. On the other hand, Super Glue is a type of glue just like the hot glue.

A brand can include it in their product to form something like Gorilla Super Glue which means that the Glue belongs to the Gorilla brand and classifies under Super Glue.   

How Good Is Gorilla Super Glue?

The goodness of any glue is tested by its level of adhesiveness and the level of adhesiveness is seen in factors such as nature of project and durability. Super glue handles all types of projects from the simple, middle and complex.

In all these projects it retains a high level of bond capable of lasting for long and even resisting heat, impact, water and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, this goes to show that Gorilla Super Glue is very good.

How to Make Clear Gorilla Glue Dry Faster

Some gorilla glues take a lot of time to dry. Fortunately, you can fasten the drying time by using three main methods. These three methods include the use of a blow dry, fan or baking soda.

While using soda ash, you should sprinkle a little on the already applied to so that its acts as an accelerator and reduce the drying time. In the case of the fan and blow dry, there should be no direct placement on the glued surface. 

This is because the heat or pressure may destroy the glued surfaces. Other options besides these three measures include opening windows and use of breathe.

Is Gorilla Super Glue Heat Resistant?

Yes! Gorilla super glue is heat resistant. This is because of the additional rubber particles that it comprises. These rubber particles make the gorilla glue even tougher enabling it to resist high temperatures, bumps and harsh climate.

However, this feature is not experience in all Gorilla super glue products but in those that have the impact tough feature.

Does Gorilla Super  Glue Work on Silicone?

Some of the gorilla super glues are designed as multipurpose. While this word can mean anything from the glue being applicable to household and beyond household crafts, it mainly relates to the type of materials it can handle.

As a result, this goes to show that Gorilla glue can work on silicone as long as the glue lists as multipurpose but you can always ask to clarify your doubts.

Is Gorilla Super Glue Gel Water Proof?

Yes, most of the gorilla super glues under the gel formula are water proof. However, you can only be sure if this is so by looking at the features of the glue listed at the bottle or with the box.

Ideally, the gorilla gel super glues that are waterproof will have the label waterproof or water resistant.   


Gorilla Super Glue is that type of glue that you want to consider for either your small project or the complex crafts. The only thing that you have to first consider before deciding which Gorilla Super Glue to buy is your needs and the specific things that the glue offers.

For instance, if you want to use the glue on outdoor activities, you have to first ensure that the Gorilla Super Glue you are considering is water resistant and weatherproof. This is because outdoor tools are prone to getting in contact with heat and water.

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