Best Glue for Felt

best glue for felt

Working with felt might get difficult for someone, as felts can get fuzzy. Especially when you intend to glue down the felt, it might get quite tricky to deal with.

There are different types of glue available for handling the felt. Something like hot glue, tacky glue, or permanent adhesives might come to mind. Each of them comes with its pros and cons. Based on the type of materials, some glues might work better than the others.

So today, I’m bringing out a list of the best glue for felt according to our testing. Read more about my preferred adhesive and learn what makes them an excellent contender for your next project.

Top 5 Best Glue For Felt

1. Elmer’s Craft Bond Tacky Glue

Elmer is a trusted name for the craft market, and this tacky glue perfectly encapsulates why. This glue is ideal for use with felt; it also bonds with other mediums well. The wet tack ensures that the bonding is instantly achieved and easily used on porous and semi-porous surfaces.

The glue dries clear, and it contains the no-run formula. This formula ensures the glue can’t spread during its application, so you can stop worrying about spills and mess.


  • It comes with the no-run formula
  • It can be used on both porous and non-porous surface
  • Cleans easily with water
  • The wet tack bonds very quickly


  • The bond might not last long

2. Scotch Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Spray

Scotch glues are an excellent choice for personal projects, classroom, and office works. This is a spray adhesive for felt, meaning you have to spray it to the felt for adhering. It is very versatile, and fast-drying which can bond with a broad selection of materials.

The sealant offers acid-free, fast-acting, and low-soak bonding that can help you with felt products. This spray glue for felt can also be used in paper, cushion, metal, wood, and many other materials.


  • Versatile and fast-drying
  • Suitable for a variety of materials
  • Acts very fast when applied
  • Acid-free and low-soaking adhesive


  • Flammable glue, use it on an open area

3. Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue

The beacon felt glue is a non-toxic glue that is great for all types of felt projects. It is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about getting intoxicated. In addition, it dries clearly, and somehow, the glue gets spilled somewhere; you can easily clean up the mess with water.

You can probably use it for all types of felt projects, including pillows, cushions, flags, banners, home decors, gifts, and many other things. The glue dries entirely within 3-4 hours.


  • Great for felt projects
  • Toxic-free glue
  • Dries clearly, can be cleaned with water
  • Low-soaking glue, which doesn’t mess up the surface it’s applied on


  • It can take a long time to dry out

4. Aleene’s Always Ready Tacky Glue

Aleene’s Tacky glue is probably the best choice for dealing with things that are made with felt. Tacky glues work very well with felt as well as other surfaces. Because it’s not liquid like other glues, it doesn’t get soaked into the felt. Instead, it creates an adhesive surface on which felt can get stuck.

The glue provides a super-strong bond that doesn’t develop a yellow color cast over time. It is also non-toxic and free of odor, making it safe for kids.


  • Perfect glue for felt
  • Dries clear with no visible yellowing
  • Provides a super-strong bond
  • Non-toxic and odor-free


  • Glue gets clogged over time in the bottle

5. Aleene’s Tack-It Over

For the final entry on my list, Aleene’s tack-it over is a repositionable glue, which means you can reposition and reapply it to other surfaces. This glue was initially designed for adhering to fabric products temporarily. But later, it was discovered it works great on other surfaces, too, especially on felt.

You can reuse this glue by taking it from one place and putting it on another surface. It is non-toxic and safe for kids.


  • It can be reused again and again
  • Great for a variety of surfaces, especially felt
  • Great economic glue
  • Non-toxic and safe for kids


  • The bonding is not strong enough for long time adhesion

How to Choose the Best Felt Glue

Many of the glues on the market offer excellent adhesion, but not all of them are the same. There are some factors to consider before you get yourself a pack of glue.

Time for Drying

Many of the craft projects require a relatively short time to finish the work. If the glue you purchased takes a long time to solidify, it might not worth the hassle. Instead, consider going for sealants that can dry within a few minutes.

Glue Finish

If your glue can be seen from the outside, it should dry clean. Many of the adhesives can interact with the UV light and create a yellow cast on them. If your glue sticks on the outside, consider going for something that dries clear and transparent.

Ease of Use

The glue you’re using for the project should be easy to apply. Some adhesives might take a considerable amount of preparation before applying; stay clear of those. Felts can get fuzzy quickly if you’re not careful enough.


Some glues are made with toxic materials that are harmful to work with for long periods. Kids might be in danger if they deal with such kinds of glue. If you’re buying glue for your kid, look for non-toxic glues that are safe to use.

How to Glue Felt

Gluing felt can get messy because felt can fuzz up and mess up the surface before applying the glue. So as a generalized approach, it would be best if you start by identifying the part you want to use the glue to. Then slowly and gently put a very thin layer on the felts and the surface you wish to apply the glue to.

After the applying is done, press down firmly for a couple of minutes. You can use something heavy to help them to adhere. You have to wait for at least 10 minutes before you can lift it and look for any gap in adhesion. For most of the cases, the glue gets firm and dried within 10 minutes.

Felt Glue for Different Surfaces

Different types of felt glues are applied for different surfaces. As distinct surface reacts with adhesives differently, it is essential to know what style works. Here is some mention of the various glues that work on other surfaces.

Felt to Felt

For gluing felt with felt, the best option you can go for is fabric adhesive. Fabric glue can very firmly bond with the two pieces of felt. It also ensures that the adhesive is flexible and washable but not weak to get torn apart.

Felt to Metal

Super glue is your ultimate choice when you’re looking to stick felt to the metal. Super glue can create an instant strong bond that will be very hard to break. The bond that super glue will make is pretty much permanent.

Felt to Wood

If you want to glue felt with wood, tacky glue is the best option for you. From my multiple tests, it creates the strong bond between the wood and felt. It also doesn’t leave any stain or mess up the wooden material.


My 3 Favorite Glues for Felt

As I’ve worked with different types of glues over the years, I have some preferences for felt adhesives. Here are three of my favorite glues that work the best with felt.

White Glue

White glues are best for working on school projects, and kids love using them. They adhere great with different surfaces, and they don’t mess up the surface. They are also very cheap to work with and non-toxic.

Hot Glue

This type of glue works with battery-operated glue guns. They can adhere fast and creates a solid bond with the surfaces. Moreover, these glues are very good at keeping the surfaces stick for a very long time. Unfortunately, they are not kid-friendly, and they are not suitable to work with small projects. But they are great for large projects.

Industrial Glue

This type of glue is extremely strong; they are used to stick with massive objects. You can practically stick felt with any kind of object using this glue. Moreover, these glues are waterproof; they’ll not go away after washing. Also, they are pretty easy to use, but they can be toxic and not suitable for kids.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use a hot glue gun on felt?

Yes, you can use a hot glue gun on felt. They adhere easily and fast, but they are not kid-friendly.

Should we avoid white glue for felt crafts?

White glues are not perfect for felt crafts. They can take a long time to dry; they are much runnier and messier. They can also soak through the felt.

Can you use PVA glue on felt?

PVA glues can be used in felt. They are safe for children to use, and they can adhere quickly. Just make sure to use tiny amounts as they can bleed through the felt.

Final Words

For doing craft works with felt, glues are an absolute necessity. You can’t join felt with various surfaces if you don’t use glue. But not all glues are suitable for different textures, and it takes some knowledge on which type works best.

I tried giving you my personalized recommendation of the best glue for felt. I hope it helps you with your next project. All the best!

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