E6000 Glue Review

E6000 adhesive is best known for its unrivaled toughness and strength. Thanks to its unique formula, the E6000 adhesive meets high-quality industry standards, making it the perfect choice for crafters and DIYers. To help you improve your work, we’ve brought you an E6000 glue review and guide.

About E6000

If you’re a crafter who’s looking to level up their crafts, the E6000 is a must for you. This adhesive is famous for its industrial-grade strength. However, it can also perform wonders on things as delicate as a feather.

The E6000 bonds wonderfully to just about anything you can think of. You want to put some wooden buttons on a glass surface and make it look as if they’re one? The E6000 glue is your answer.

Another remarkable feature of the E6000 unit is that it remains clear even when cured. It’s a liquid glue that gets tackier when exposed to air. Once the adhesive’s cured, the final result remains glossy and transparent, making the E6000 the best choice for your crafts and DIY projects.

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Special Features

The E6000 is a tube full of 3.7 fluid ounces of pure bonding strength. The rubber-based adhesive has some unique features that make it far and above beyond the capabilities of any regular glue.

One of its undeniable strengths is the E6000’s industrial-grade strength. And it can showcase its strength on any surface. So, if you want your project to say together for the long haul, the E6000 should be your go-to adhesive.

The E6000 won’t crack under pressure. Do you know why? That’s because the E6000 doesn’t turn as hard as a rock after curing. Instead it remains a rubber-like form. This rubber-like consistency allows it to increase its durability as well.

This increased flexibility makes the E6000 an excellent choice for projects where a more brittle glue would fail. And if you’re worried if this flexibility will make things wiggly, then don’t. There’ll be no wiggling around.

Another feature that makes it a fantastic choice for any DIY or crafting project is its compatibility. The E6000 can work its magic on almost any surface. Most DIY projects and crafts need you to bond different types of surfaces. However, you can’t do that with just any adhesive. So, if you’re a crafter or a DIYer, E6000 is the way to go.


  • Industrial-grade strength
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • Works well in all conditions
  • Flexible when cured


  • Strong fumes
  • It can be messy occasionally

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How to Use E6000 Glue

Since the E6000 is an industrial-grade adhesive, it’s better to follow the directions when using it. You can also test a small area before using the E6000 for your project.

Ready the Surface

The adhesive works well on a clean surface. You should also make sure that the surface is dry. If the surface is wet or has dirt on it, it’ll prevent the E6000 from forming a solid bond.

After you’ve cleaned and dried the surface, it’s a good idea to roughen the surface up with sandpaper. It’ll help the rubber-based E6000 work better.

Puncture the Neck of the Tube

The E6000 has a seal in the neck of its tube to preserve it. Take the cap off and puncture the seal with the pointer cap.

Apply on the Surface

You can directly apply the glue to the surface. But the pointer isn’t very accurate, so for a more accurate result, use it through some other means.

Allow the Glue to Cure

The E6000 starts setting in around 10 minutes. But it has a setting time of 5-7 minutes so make sure you set it correctly within that period. Then leave it for 24 hours for the glue to cure. And if you want to get the best result, leave it for 72 hours to reach full strength.

Clean the Glue Nozzle

The nozzle that comes with the E6000 isn’t very precise. So, you’ll probably end up with some spills. You can clean up those uncured spills with acetone or citrus-based solvents.

Cap the Tube

You should apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the tube’s threads before replacing the cap. It’ll help you remove the cap easily in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much weight can E6000 hold?

The E6000 has a bond strength ranging from 34 to 45 pounds per linear inch (PLI). It also has a tensile strength of 3500 pounds per square inch. The strength of the rubber-based E6000 depends on the material.

2. What does E6000 not stick to?

The E6000 is famous for its compatibility. There are only a few materials that the E6000 does not stick to. It will not stick to the dichroic or iridized surfaces of glass. So, if your project includes this material, you should look for a substitute for the E6000.

3. Is E6000 conductive?

The E6000 doesn’t conduct electricity. It’s an electrical insulator. According to the manufacturer, the E6000 can hold out against a voltage of up to 400 volts. However, if the voltage goes higher than that limit, the E6000 will break down.

4. Is E6000 waterproof?

The E6000 is a waterproof adhesive. But that’s not the same as your typical adhesive. While most adhesives advertise that they’re waterproof, but they warn the users not to keep the glue in constant contact with water.

The E6000, on the other hand, can hold stuff together even if you keep it underwater for years on end. So, you could say that the E6000 is very waterproof.

5. Is the E6000 good for fabric?

The E6000 is excellent for fabric. Thanks to its flexibility, the E6000 can adapt with the folds. And since it’s waterproof and washer & dryer safe, you can easily clean the fabric while keeping the E6000 intact.

6. Is E6000 toxic?

The E6000 gives off dangerous fumes during its drying period. That’s why you should always work in a well-ventilated place when working with the E6000. You should also make sure to keep it out of children’s reach.

However, once it’s cured, the E6000’s chemically inert and doesn’t smell of anything.

Bottom Line

The E6000 is a crafter and DIYer’s favorite adhesive. Thanks to many of its remarkable features, it works well for any crafts or DIY projects. Now that you’ve gone through our E6000 glue review and guide, you should be aware of how great this adhesive is.

However, it would be best if you always exercise caution when using this product. Follow the proper instructions, and you’ll have results that aren’t possible with other typical adhesives.

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