Best Glue for Legos 2020-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Building legos is a form of art, and your art requires preservation. To fall in love with Lego, you don’t need an age.But if you don’t glue up the Lego construction, you are going to lose your creation. There are several types of glues for legos on the market.You must find the right lego glue to keep your legos damage-free. For you, we have discovered the best glue for Legos.

Best Glue for Legos

Top 10 Best Glue for Legos

Keeping your Lego house completely break-free and your brick shop floating in the water, here are the Top glue for legos! Once you check them out, you won’t like to be missing out on them!

Gifting this glue to the children can be a good idea because it is temporary, and they will not ruin their hands anymore.Unlike other permanent glues, removing the glue is as easy as pie. Not hurting your kid's hands, it keeps your kid safer too. Le-Glue is a mess-free glue that is completely non-toxic.

Eating this glue or rubbing this one, the eyes will not harm the kid because it is made of natural ingredients.

Also, the bitter taste of the glue makes sure your kid does not consume it. It has a faster mixing capability with water when it comes to removing it.Only a bowl of water can remove the glue and bring back the Lego to its original state. Even after being a temporary glue, the Le-Glue has a strong bonding facility for keeping the brinks stronger and more stable.After cleaning, there will be no residue on the glue, and consequently, the legos remain intact.

  • Pros

  • Cons

● Includes natural ingredients making it safe for kid

● Faster dissolving capability in warm water

● Doesn’t break apart even after using for an extended period

● No residue on the legos after a cleanup

This BrickSheild glue is specially designed to make the lego experience non-sticky and mess-free.It has a spray-glue design that you can only apply to the already-built lego structures. After creating the lego construction, spray the glue, keeping it a bit away to cover the whole area, and the glue will stick properly.

Removing this glue doesn’t require more than warm water. Wash them off and start a new lego structure again!

Like the Le-Glue, it has the non-toxic element in making it less harmful for the kids.The spraying method ensures that every brick doesn’t require glues. So, this is a time-saving method of building legos.The sprayer nozzle evenly distributes the glue to certify every brick gets an adequate amount of glue to stick to.

  • Pros

  • Cons

● No need to spray on each brick before adding them

● Easy to use for the kids with even sprayer head

● Faster cleaning process with only warm water

● Non-toxic ingredients designed for kid’s safety

Another spray glue for gluing the pre-decided brick structure is this Spray and Play one. This adhesive is entirely temporary and so ungluing is more comfortable with the help of warm water.However, it is better to use soap water to remove the glue and get rid of the residue if it is unclean.

Shake the glue and spray it. It evens out when sprayed and sticks all the legos. It can spread on the not-built legos too, but you won’t prefer such glue wastage.

Spray and Play come in a pack of 2.5 oz, which is large enough for long term use. It is specially designed for large structures and doesn’t work great for the smaller ones.Just like the previous two glue, it is also non-toxic and will keep your child protected.Transparent glues like this are always recommended for legos because it doesn’t ruin the bricks’ exterior design of texture, keeping them completely intact.

  • Pros

  • Cons

● Temporary glue designed for the already-made lego structures

● Non-toxic ingredients included for kid’s safety.

● Clear glue color for keeping the outer lego body intact

● Easy to remove with soap water or warm water

The Creative Qt Peel-and-Stick adhesive is manufactured specifically for the Duplo brick and legos.This will surely help to kids for finding any new creative ideas.

It is a peel-off glue and made for keeping the whole lego structure in a stable position. Simply peel off the sheet from its back and stick the sheet to the table.

The whole lego structure can be placed on this sheet. It won’t stick to the ground if the bottom part is not plain.This peel-off glue comes in four sheets set, and all of them are 10 inches by 10 inches. Keeping the large structures in maid, this glue was manufactured, and it won’t be great for the small structures.The base plate has a faster-gluing capability in just 10 minutes. The company offers a money-back guarantee for the failure of any of their claims too.

  • Pros

  • Cons

● Fits all the large Duplo block and legos

● Strong adhesive for durable lego construction

● Faster working process in just ten minutes

● Great for DIY projects for both kids and adults

Loctite Ultra Gel is designed in a gel formula so that there are no drips when you use it. As a strong and permanent adhesive, this is completely shock-resistant and will keep your Lego tight forever!The rubber-toughened ability will lock the legos and will resist all other impacts. Even the extreme temperatures, this glue can withstand everything without any failure.It is a clear glue, so there will be no clamping or visible colors outside. The gel formula ensures easy-dispensing and easy-controlling.

It does not drip and ruin the lego texture and can stay in one particular place.The side-squeeze facility is added for taking out glue quickly. It can stick your legos, metal, ceramics, leather, plastic, and anything you want to glue together!

  • Pros

  • Cons

● Easy to use and dispense with the side-squeeze facility

● No clamping ensures intact Lego.

● Designed for several materials like Lego, ceramic, leather, plastic, etc

● Precise application with a no-drip gel formula

Gorilla is famous as one of the best permanent glues for different materials. This glue features improved stability as this is constructed with rubber particles.It is a gel glue, and so it is not runny like the water glues.

The no-drip formula ensures there is no dripping glue to ruin the outer portion of the legos.This can only be used on the bricks if the structure stay permanent because there is no way to wash away the glue.

The impact-resistant and shock-proof features keep the Lego bonded even in the water. It has a faster drying capability and takes only 10-45 seconds to get dried.However, this means that your hands need to work fast while adding the legos. The glue’s sealant is an anti-clog cap added with a metal pin that keeps the glue in its original form for a prolonged time.This versatile Gorilla glue can be used for all the materials like legos, metal, rubber, fabric, and especially stones!

  • Pros

  • Cons

● Designed for legos, metal, stone, ceramic, and rubber

● It will take only 10 seconds to dry down and add legos.

● The no-dip formula ensures intact lego texture.

● Resistant to water and completely shock-proof

Rhino Glue- Heavy Duty 40 Gram Clear

Rhino is leading for a long time in the permanent glue-market because its glues feature a very thick formula with a strong bond.In short, this glue is super glue, and it is only applied in the long term projects.

Legos designed to place underwater or go through a lot of pressure can be stuck with this glue.This impact-resistant formula keeps the legos hardened and sturdy allowing no vibrations of the construction. It is shock-proof, ensuring that it can endure all the extreme temperatures no matter what.

From legos to glass, you can use this glue for rubber, plastics, and metals too. Adding vinyl gets easier with this Rhino glue.

As this is super glue, the drying period takes a very short time. Some seconds and the glue gets dissolved, and so keep your hands moving while using it.

It will make the surface hard, so make sure you do not accidentally pour glue on the lego structure’s outer side.


● Designed for legos, bricks, ceramics, vinyl, wood, etc

● Resistant to temperature, vibration, and shock

● Can dry down within seconds after application

● Will not loosen the bond even after washing with water.


● Has a strong odor

● Makes the surface hard

Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA)Super Glue by Glue Masters

The CA super glue is a super glue that features different viscosities depending on the materials you are sticking it to. You can use this on legos, fabrics, wood, and even for the shoe sole.This versatile glue requires a small amount for adding the legos. Minimal amounts of glue will stick the whole lego structure, which means this can go a long way.The different viscosities are available to keep control over the usage of the glue. There is a thicker version along with the thin and medium viscosity version of this glue.For the newbie to the experienced users, there is available glue thickness for all. Featuring the shock-proof facility, the Professional Grade CA Super Glue can also be used underwater as it is completely water-resistant.

  • Pros

  • Cons

● Permanent glue for adding materials for the long term

● Available in three different viscosities for ultimate control power

● Requires only a tiny amount for creating a structure

● Can be used in legos that will go through water flow

Krazy Glue Elmer's Original Crazy Super Glue All Purpose Instant Repair

The Krazy Elmer’s Original glue has a semi-permanent formula that is not much available in the market.The regular glues of the market are either temporary or permanent, but this is a bit different and specially designed for the semi-permanent structures.

This all-in-one adhesive can work on glasses, bricks, wood, rubber, and ceramic too. It has a long-lasting permanence with controlled using-facility.The tip of the glue is thin, and using it one the tight places is effortless. The application of this glue ensures precision when dealing with small legos.It is designed in a waterproof manner for keeping the lego structures underwater without the worry of being washed away by the water.


● Versatile in terms of attaching so many materials

● The precise application ensures perfect in small spaces.

● Can be used in legos that go through the water

● Easy to apply and control while using


● Doesn’t have resistance to shock

Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

Like Gorilla 7700104, this Gorilla spray glue can stick several materials as it is a multi-purpose glue.It will add everything with the perfect nozzle that it comes with from metal to wood and paper, fabric, Lego, or glass.The nozzle of the glue has a fine tip for applying it to the small spaces. In terms of little legos, the nozzle provides precise application ensuring no dripping.This transparent Gorilla glue will not ruin the structure’s body because it is completely transparent, meeting the VOC standard.

It only requires 10-50 seconds to dry, and when dried, it gets very hard. The wide pad that comes with the glue makes sure that controlling the glue with one hand is perfectly done during the application.Spraying formulas always require the pre-decided structure, but you can also use the glue on the undecided lego constructions.


● Has versatile usage on so any materials

● Can be controlled easily with nozzle and wide pad

● Dries down fast into a strong bond

● Spray facility for the ease of use


● So much glue goes to waste

FAQs on Lego Glues

Types of Glue for Legos?

Glues for legos are not all the same. There are different types of adhesives, depending on the material you will stick your Lego with.The lego glue that works on plastic might not work on wood or stone. So, on this basis, adhesives for legos are divided. Let us know about it!

  • Wood Glue
  • Polyurethane Glue
  • Fabric Glue
  • Super Glue
  • Craft Glue

These are the glues that you can use for legos. But if you want perfection when attaching legos, you should get your hands on the polyurethane glue.If you want the structure to stand forever, you can get your hands on the super glue. In most cases, if you use the other types of glue, your Lego might not attach.

How to Glue Legos?

Gluing legos is not challenging. But you have to be very careful while working with glue. As there is both permanent and temporary glue, both of them work differently. Keep in mind that you can undo the temporary glue usage, but you cannot do the same with the permanent one. So, be precise when you work with it.

First of all, you have to select a structure. If you haven’t yet chosen the design, you might find it tough to choose after you pour the glue. Either you will get confused and make mistakes, or the glue will dry down without adding the lego pieces.

When you are ready with the structure’s plan, you have to take a small amount of glue and then go through the Lego base. Take the glue on the bottom and work with it. Ensure that you do not take too much lego glue on the base.

Only a small dab of the liquid glue will work for you. Suppose you have two legos, one named A and the other B. First, take the Lego A and apply a small amount of glue on its base. And when you are done, take the lego B and carefully press this Lego on the Lego A.

As there are several types of glue, the drying time will be different. You might need to wait for 5 seconds to 20 seconds, depending on the glue’s drying quality. In this whole period, you have to keep holding the two lego pieces in their position to stay stable.

When the glue is dried, and the seal is tight, you have to move your hand. Never rush when you are gluing the legos. Take time to add them. After adding A with B, you have to add the other legos together in the same manner.

Vedio Guide

What is the best glue for Lego?

Brands like Loctite and Gorilla are famous among the lego users as lego glue. Also, Krazy and Rhino are significant in terms of performance and potential.

On the contrary, you can also check out the glues mentioned above to work amazingly for you!

Can I repair a broken Lego brick with glue?

You can repair a broken Lego brick with glue, but you have to use super glue or a permanent glue for this purpose.

This work might be challenging; try to use a thin brush to make sure the joints are attached correctly.

How do you glue wood to Lego?

In most cases, temporary glues don’t work for adding wood with Lego. There are wood glues for this purpose.

It is better to use super glues or permanent glues that work both on Legos and wood so that you can join them. Put the glue in between and stick them up.

What glue should I use for permanent Lego construction?

Loctite makes the best glue for permanent Lego construction. You can also check the brand Glue Masters for these sort of super glue.

Gorilla also has a fantastic collection of permanent lego glues. Also, don’t forget to check out the best permanent Lego glues we have mentioned above!

If you want to build a Lego set and keep it intact permanently, is it a good idea to superglue the elements together?

In cases, people will tell you not to use super glue for Legos. Most of the lego glues available in the market are temporary.

So, these are not waterproof. In case you want to set your lego construction in the water or want to keep it permanently, you must use super glue.

While using it, keep in mind that it is permanent, and you cannot change it afterward.

Wrap Up

So, you already know about the best glue for legos that will preserve your work without breaking them apart. All you need to do is pick one up for the checklist!

Don’t forget to write to us about your favorite lego glue. Comment below and share which one you love and why!

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