7 Best Glue for Glass

Glass is a material which also known as the most versatile human-created material. wherever you look you can find glass everywhere outside and inside of your room.I know cracked or broken glass is a very difficult problem, right?Don’t worry about how to fix it.you are not alone!Here my research team helps you to choose the best glass glue to repair glass crack. 

1. Beacon Glass Metal

Beacon glass glue is a very high-quality glue that is specially designed for glass to glass repair. As a craft lover, my research team confirms that this stuff also works for glass repair.

I recommended you to depend on this brand because of their satisfying customer concerns.

It is needed for 1 hour to set and  24 hours to fully dry.

 So you will get much time to accuracy the position of pieces.you don’t have to think about bond strength and exciting thing is there is the repair will be barely visible.This adhesive makes strongest bond with glass and other materials like metal,ceramics and other outdoor items.


  • It dries clear and fast
  • It is weather and water proof
  • Best for glass


  • Strongest bond
  • Trouble free bond for long time
  • Dnt need any prior experience to apply


  • Some odor

2.E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive

If you are a craft lover then you would use this stuff without second thinking.It is specially designed for craft lover.

I hope you will be satisfied  with its outcome.it will not break your hope.

The E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive is used for glass, fabric.metal,leather,jewelry items and ceramic.

You can also use it for your photo frame which ensure your photo safety.another important thing is that there is no capping issues you have to just keep clean.You don’t need to worry about wash and dry for your project.There is no discoloration issues at all.


  • You can apply on almost everything
  • You get time for better adjustment of objects.
  • Best solution for permanent fixing
  • It will work even under extreme temperature(160F)


  • It is non-flammable product.
  • It has good resistance to temperature.
  •  It is waterproof and printable
  • Very flexible


  • It has also odor

3.Devcon 31345 2 Ton Clear Epoxy

Are you sensitive about chemical smells?If so then The Devcon 31345 Ton Clear Epoxy is the  best option among any kind of adhesive in the market.

It is designed for high-clarity and super impact strength of recommend item.It is perfect to bond with lass,acrylic,fibreglass,metal,ceramic and concrete.

If you want instant bond then this will not work for you.Its setting time is about 30 minutes and it will take almost 8-12 hours for full curing.

You know there are many other uses of this epoxy but my research team advised to apply for your glass projects.


  • It is super strong and non shrinking epoxy
  • It is water proof and has resistance to oil,mineral spirits and salt solution.


  • Durability is very high.


  • A little more expensive compared to other glue.
  • It has discolouration issues.

4. Loctite Glass Glue

If you are looking strongest,fastest and less invisible bond then my research team suggested Loctite Glass Glue.

If this stuff is not available in your zone or you live in alaska in the winter where there is no UV light,then please go with goop.

It is the only glue which has patent as super glue specially designed for bonding glass.

It gives a lasting bond for its butyl formula that is not possible incase of others super glue.The Loctite Glass Glue is suitable for glass to glass and glass to other materials like as steel or certain plastics.It sets in  seconds and dries very clear.

Now I want to tell you about brand.I mean Loctite Brand which started to work about 50 years ago to give customer satisfaction.Already they earned reputation and quality  through proper research and development.


  • It has heat resistance.
  • It is crystal clear ,instant bonding and dishwasher safe.


  • Instant bonding capacity.
  • Not messy 
  • Very cheap


5.Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy,.85 ounce Syringe

If you are looking for glue which is incredibly strong and durable for household or automotive repair then Gorilla 2 part Epoxy is for you.

This is a product which has a good amount of volume for at least 40+ applications.In manufacturing process,syringe keeps the epoxy resin and hardener separate,so you will not face any difficulties in time of dispensing.

You can use it as various surface  applications.

It dries clear and idle for clean so you will get any spot after finishing the repair objects.For this epoxy you will get  repositioning time for perfect fit.This stuff can easily bonds with glass,aluminium,steel,ceramic and plastics.


  • The stuff sets in 5 minutes.
  • You can use it multiple uses


  • Easy to use


  • Slightly messy but if you follow product instructions then you will not face any problems. 

6.Elmer’s E1012 China and Glass Cement

Elmer’s E1012 china and glass will be great stuff if you used properly as per their instructions.

This is a very popular product among all kinds of adhesive.so you can consider their brand name reputation.

My research team confirm set time is 15 to 60 seconds if you follow the instructions and the objects must be free of wax,soap,oil or any other residue.

This stuff is formulated for glass,pottery,ceramics and china items.

You can use it outdoor or indoor purpose.There is a very special feature that this product is Non-Toxic.


  • It is dishwasher-safe.
  • It is also waterproof and heat resistant.
  • It’s a Non-Toxic adhesive
  • Solvent free


  • Brand name reputation
  • No discoloration
  • Easy to shop


  • Surface area must be clean
  • Need to increase uses area. 

7.J-B Weld 31310 Clear All-Purpose RTV Silicone Sealant and Adhesive

If you are looking for general purpose adhesive then the J-B weld 31310 is the best solution that is designed for use in household projects or some mechanical projects.

J-B Weld has earned loyal from the customers who take pride in their DYI project. Actually, whatever adhesive they innovate, each of them is perfect for the strongest bond for your projects.

This stuff creates a waterproof, tough,mildew and mold resistant bond on almost all surfaces. 

This will not make worry about crack or shrink issues.The J-B Weld is ideal for glass, rubber, ceramic, windows, automotive and aquariums. You don’t need to worry about project size, you can complete your DIY with the product.


  • Strongest bond
  • Waterproof and tough 
  • Easy to use
  • No shrink
  • No crack


  • It has smell like as other silicone


Truth to be told that you can not find a perfect solution for everything.But here question is object,where to be used at.If anybody else has used it to glass bond and let me know how it worked for you.You must consider visibility of adhesive if you want to gluing glass.You have to check the glass is clean,dry and oil free before start to gluing.I am really curious to see what anyone else has to share on “best glue for glass.

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