Best Glue for Cracked Dashboard

Best Glue for Cracked Dashboard

Are you frustrated with your cracked dashboard?

Imagine starting up your vehicle at the beginning of the day, only to face a cracked dashboard staring right back at you. Instead, getting a perfect sealant will allow you to start your day properly.

Unfortunately, not many adhesives in the market are up to par. Some have material compatibility issues, while others do not dry up quickly enough. Hence, this best glue for cracked dashboard review will guide you through buying the perfect one.

J-B Weld Plastic Repair Epoxy PuttyJ-B Weld Plastic Repair Epoxy Putty

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Shear strength of 600 PSI.

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ATG Dashboard Repair KitATG Dashboard Repair Kit

Dash Repair Kit

Gap filler repair kit

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Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive SealantPermatex Black Silicone Adhesive Sealant

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Temperature Range: -75°F to 450°F

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7 Best Glue for Cracked Dashboard in 2021

It can be challenging to find dashboard glues, and for that reason, I have picked some of the best dashboard adhesives in the market.

1.J-B Weld Plastic Epoxy Putty

An excellent option for a budget-friendly glue is the J-B Weld Plastic Epoxy Putty. The formulation of this adhesive putty comes with two mixable parts that you can use to repair dash cracks. Additionally, the two-fluid ounces amount of the J-B weld does not run out quickly.

Whether it is a cracked plastic surface or compound, you can use this adhesive to rebuild anything. Interestingly, the setting and curing time of this glue is 25 minutes and 3 hours, respectively. Therefore, you will not have to wait a whole day for the cracks in the dashboard to dry up.

Temperature is always a concern for adhesives. If the dashboard glue cannot handle the bare minimum temperature, what is the point of using it?

This J-B Weld is better because it can withstand 250-300oF temperature with ease.

Since this glue can resist a decent amount of heat, you will not have to worry about the plastic material shrinking over time.

Special Benefits

  • High tensile strength of 600 PSI
  • It can withstand high temperatures up to 250-300oF
  • The instant bond formation repairs the cracks properly
  • Perfectly usable with potable water
  • You can fix semi-flexible plastic with it

2. ATG Dashboard Repair Kit

Are you tired of staring at your cracked dashboard every time you drive?

Then, let me introduce the ATG Dash Repair Kit. This incredible adhesive can deal with mounting holes effortlessly. Plus, the dashboard pattern will not change if you use this glue, thanks to its flexibility.

Unlike some conventional adhesives, the mixing up process of the ATG one is relatively more straightforward. Thanks to their easy-to-follow instructions, the tears, holes, and scratches on your dashboard will not be a bother anymore. Plus, the ATG will be your go-to since it is reusable.

The most interesting feature of this ATG product is its intermixable colors feature. Most of the dashboard adhesives offer only a white or off-white color range.

However, the ATG one comes with seven mixable colors alongside a color chart. So, these seven mixable colors will provide a satisfactory result on auto repair no matter what your dashboard looks like.

Special Benefits

  • Heat transfer pin allows you to shape the dashboard
  • You will get 7 different mixable colors and a color chart
  • The hardening powder provides higher resilience
  • This gap filler repair kit is reusable
  • It fixes mounting holes, cracks, burns, and other damages

3. Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive Sealant

If you are looking for adhesives with high-quality features, the Permatex Adhesive Sealant will be an excellent choice. Compared to the conventional glues, this one has flexible properties. You can deal with dash material, solid materials, plastics, fabric, metal, or even vinyl elements with this adhesive.

Some dashboard adhesives require at least a 24-hour window period before you can use the board again. However, you can use the Permatex product and leave the silicone to become firm for 1 hour. After this one hour, the surface bonding will occur, and you can easily use it.

Another excellent feature of this glue is its water resistance. Now, we all spill water or liquid on our dashboard from time to time; there is no denying that.

But thanks to this adhesive sealant’s strong properties, both water and vibration will not damage your dashboard anymore. Overall, this dashboard crack repair glue is perfect for your vehicle.

Special Benefits

  • This sensor-safe glue bonds and repairs cracks properly
  • Waterproof and can resist weather and vibration prone damages
  • The temperature range of this adhesive is -75°F to 450°F
  • Allows you even to repair electrical wirings
  • It comes with a universal fit type

4. Rhino Heavy Duty Gel

Not many adhesive products out there can help seal dashboards properly. Some glues may work temporarily, but the cracks will reappear after a few days.

Hence, save your money and get the Rhino Heavy Duty Glue Gel. Not only will it seal up those stubborn dashboard cracks, but also any other broken pieces that require a strong bond.

Furthermore, most adhesives do not contain the correct properties to tackle moisture, vibrations, shock, heat, and impacts. As a result, the cracks in your dashboard reappear after a short period. But thanks to the Clear Stress Tough formula of the Rhino heavy-duty super glue, these issues will not occur.

From now on, whether you have glass, automotive parts, metal, all types of plastics, or vinyl dashboard material, this Rhino Heavy Duty glue will be your go-to. As it comes in a 40 ml bottle, the sealant will last quite a while. All in all, this dashboard repair glue provides a faster and tougher bond to repair those stubborn cracks.

Special Benefits

  • This tough glue bonds with glass, wood, vinyl, plastic, metal, rubber, etc.
  • The bonding occurs instantly
  • It comes in a 40 ml large bottle that lasts long
  • Water-resistant property
  • Quickly takes care of the cracks in your dashboard

5. Pratley Powda Adhesive Repair kit

The primary issue with most adhesives is their lack of quick bond formation and durability. Waiting an entire day for your dashboard, steering wheel glue to dry up is a waste of time. A solution to that is the Pratley Powda Adhesive Repair Kit. This adhesive kit drys up super fast, allowing you to use the dashboard in just a few hours.

A way to determine whether the adhesive has good quality is by its compatibility. How many materials can the glue form bonds with? Luckily, the Pratley device comes with superior compatibility. It not only works well with plastic but also rubber, wood, concrete, and glass.

It is truly hard to find quality adhesives at a less expensive rate. Although it may not provide a color range like the previous glue, its quick-drying and smooth finishing features undoubtedly makes up for it. Therefore, if you are comparing a powder adhesive and an epoxy paste, this formula will give quicker results.

Special Benefits

  • Compatible with glass, wood, plastic, rubber, and concrete
  • Deals with entire dash cracks quicker than the epoxy adhesives
  • Extremely easy to use
  • This kit comes with powder and glue that you can mix up
  • Relatively less expensive compared to other adhesives

6. Technicqll Clear Adhesive Glue

If you want an automotive glue for your dashboard that repairs cracks properly, the Technicqll Clear Adhesive Glue will work best for you. Its strong and durable bonding prevents the cracks from reappearing with long time usage.

What this glue lacks in bond formation compatibility; it makes up for the quick-drying process.

So, what does the Technical bond well with? Any hot-formed elastomers, polyethylene, silicone, polypropylene, as well as related plastics. However, you may find using PTFE material a bit difficult as it will not stick properly.

Additional to all these plastic materials, this adhesive also works well with glass and stone components.

The most interesting feature of the Technicqll product is its lack of color. The conventional adhesives come with a white finishing which may give off a bizarre dashboard look.

Luckily, this colorless glue product does not create such an issue. Overall, this quality dashboard repair glue will be a great addition to your toolbox.

Special Benefits

  • Perfectly compatible with polyethylene, silicone, polypropylene, etc.
  • The base primer significantly improves the surface energy
  • It is colorless and will make your dashboard look great
  • Multiple coats of the primer provide strong bond

7. Gorilla Multipurpose Spray Adhesive

You see, most adhesives dry up with an off-white or yellowish look. If you have a stylish plastic dash, this yellowish color will completely ruin the look. For this reason, the Gorilla Multipurpose Spray Adhesive will be a better alternative.

It has a non-yellowing and photo-safe feature that keeps your dashboard looking top-notch and new.

The previous adhesives mentioned here come mostly with plastic bottles with nozzles.

While those nozzles are useful for properly spreading the glue, the Gorilla Spray provides an even better option; an aerosol spray-can with a comfortable nozzle. Therefore, you can cover a wider range of the dashboard in a controlled manner.

This clear glue will be your preferred choice once you start using it. Moreover, you can officially eliminate the powder or resin putty formulation hassle because this Gorilla product comes with a simple spray and no-foam option. However, since this glue does have a spray formulation, use it carefully in enclosed areas.

Special Benefits

  • User-friendly and allows you to deal with dashboard cracks easily
  • It comes with spray-can packaging and a comfortable nozzle
  • Prevents the yellowing of glue to keep your dashboard clean
  • Has higher compatibility than other adhesives

What to Look for Before Buying Glue for Cracked Dashboard

If you are on the hunt for adhesives that will glue up your cracked dashboard, this buying guide of adhesives will help you out.

Size of the Adhesive

Depending on the dashboard crack sizes, you may have to purchase glues that offer small or large quantities. Some of the conventional adhesives come in smaller bottles.

Therefore, before purchasing any of these glues, you may need to measure the crack size of the dashboard whether it is a single crack or not. For example, the Gorilla Multipurpose Spray comes in an 11-ounce bottle, which is small. However, its nozzle system is superior compared to the other ones.

On the other hand, the Rhino Heavy Duty Glue Gel comes in a 40 ml bottle that lasts a long time.


Dashboard material compatibility is a primary feature of any adhesive or sealant. Most common dashboard materials contain various plastic materials like polyethylene or polypropylene. Other materials like wood, concrete, glass, silicone, rubber, etc., are also popular.

Before purchasing any adhesive, you need to check the compatibility of that sealant. Most of these sealants contain labels that mention such compatibilities. For example, the Rhino Heavy Duty Glue Gel mentioned compatibility with wood, vinyl, plastic, glass, rubber, etc.

It is better to look for the dashboard’s material type before purchasing any adhesive for this specific purpose. Products like Technicqll Clear Adhesive Glue mention how their sealant will not be effective against material like PTFE.

Curing and Drying Time

Another issue with most sealants is the long drying time. Most glues on the market for the dashboard may take hours or even a day before you can use the dashboard again. This higher drying time can be an issue if you are already driving and need to repair cracks immediately.

Although most adhesives require a minimum of ½ hours before they properly bond and dry up, this smaller window period of drying is still better than waiting for an entire day.

Products like J-B Weld 8237 Plastic Epoxy Putty and Permatex 81158 Adhesive Sealant dry up very quickly. The J-B one takes about three hours while the Permatex takes even less time, only one hour. Therefore, these adhesives will be a better option for you.

Temperature and Vibration

Although these adhesives are mostly quick-drying products, their effectiveness depends on temperature and climate. Not all sealants can withstand a higher amount of temperature.

Some even start breaking apart if you use the vehicle for too long. For this reason, before purchasing adhesives, you will have to check out how much temperature they can endure.

A product like J-B Weld 8237 Plastic Epoxy Putty will come in handy because this adhesive can tolerate high temperatures up to 250-300oF.

Aside from temperature, dashboard cracks can also occur due to the vibrations from using your vehicle for an extended period. Especially if you do not let the adhesive dry properly, the combination of vibrations and temperature will damage the dashboard even more.

How to Fix a Cracked Dashboard

Repairing and dealing with cracked dashboards can be really expensive. However, you can now deal with these cracks thanks to some good-quality adhesives. Here is how you can fix your dashboard effortlessly with simple steps.

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Before applying any adhesive to the dashboard, you have to take care of the cracked portions. One way to manage or prepare these cracked areas is by using sandpaper. Hence, grab sandpaper and use that on the cracked regions properly.

These adhesives cannot directly stick to the cracked regions, and for that reason, the sandpaper creates enough roughness for proper adherence.

One more thing, remember to sand both sides of the dashboard for even better results. After that, you will notice dust all around the cracked parts; clear those out.

Step 2: Mix up the Glue

Now it is time to mix the adhesive components. Most of the sealants will come with the necessary instructions for mixing the putty and the drying time.

Some of the non-epoxy adhesives do not require any additional mixing. Interestingly, products like Gorilla Multipurpose Spray come with instant-use sealants.

However, if your adhesive contains epoxy components, mix them up. This option of mixing the epoxy ingredient also can be beneficial because you can include colors to match your dashboard in this step.

For this, choose adhesives like ATG Dash Repair Kit that come with several color options to match the glue with your dashboard perfectly.

Step 3: Time for an Even Distribution

Now that you have mixed the adhesive components spread this glue to the cracked parts evenly. Try to use the glue in a consistent manner to make sure that it covers all the cracks. After that, check the label of the adhesive and leave it to dry appropriately.

Some products like J-B epoxy glue takes only about three hours to dry completely. There are other adhesives that take less time, but those glues may not be strong enough to block the cracks.

Step 4: Let it Dry

Even though the adhesives mentioned above dry pretty fast, if you have time, it is always better to let a 24 hour window period pass before you use the dashboard again. That allows the adhesive properties to bond even more strongly.

Step 5: Final Touch

After letting the glue set for an appropriate time, take the sandpaper and gently go over the previously cracked regions again. This action will smoothen the dashboard area to give a sheen look.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a dashboard adhesive?

Unlike regular adhesives, the dashboard sealants are different. They contain more substantial components that hold the cracks together. Depending on your needs, glues like these can vary a lot. You’ve to pick the right one from various types of glue.

How can I fix my dashboard cracks?

The best way to deal with cracked dashboards is by using a quality adhesive. After you prepare the cracks with sandpaper, simply use the adhesive directly and wait for it to dry properly. This simple glue trick can save you a lot of money.

Which dashboard adhesive is the best?

Many sealants work really well to fill up the cracks. But the Permatex Adhesive Sealant is one of the best. This glue not only offers protection against a variety of materials and temperature changes but also dries up exceptionally quickly. This glue will do the trick if you are in a hurry.

Can I mix colors with any adhesive?

Not all adhesives come with the color-addition property. The ATG Dash Repair Kit actually comes in seven colors that are all mixable with the glue. These inter-mixable colors allow you to match up the adhesive to your dashboard.

What is the purpose of using sandpaper before fixing the cracks?

Most of the dashboard cracks create irregular patterns. The adhesives cannot bond if you do not use sandpaper to prepare these surfaces first.

Final Words

Dealing with cracked dashboards is not an unnatural thing. Mainly due to the vibrations of the vehicle, the cracks tend to occur more frequently. However, now you can purchase an excellent adhesive to seal these cracks up for good. Hopefully, this best glue for cracked dashboard review will come in handy.

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