9 Best Fabric Glue-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Permanent Fabric Glue and Fabric Adhesives

Imagine you are sewing a cloth at your home or shop, and you already know what sewing skill takes; it requires time, dedication, and above all, patience.

Well, then, what could be the best alternative?

Put a full stop to your thinking and start using fabric glue. Yeap, you got it right, the fabric glue. If you haven’t found out the right one yet, now, it’s your lucky chance to ride with us as well as finding the best fabric glue.

Basically, fabric glue is a glue that works as an alternative to sewing while creating a permanent or temporary bond. You can act the fabric glue on multiple types of fabrics, upholstery, and so on.

However, the market floods with different fabric glue brands; in that case, we researched and came up with the top 9 Permanent Fabric Glue for you. Let’s bring the table of fabric glue to you.

Aleene's  Permanent Fabric AdhesiveAleene’s Permanent Fabric Adhesive
  • Permanent bond
  • Nontoxic
  • Machine washable
Check Price
Aleene's Super Fabric AdhesiveAleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive
  • strongest fabric glue
  • heavy duty fabric glue
  • Ultra flexible
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Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent AdhesiveBeacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive
  • Formulated for fast grab,
  • Fast dry and flexibility
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9 Best Permanent Fabric Glue and Fabric Adhesives Reviews

The fabric glue will make you ruler over your garments and other things like you never did. It will change your working style eventually and shine your projects. Hopefully, you will pack yourself a permanent fabric glue by the time you finish the article

1. Aleene’s Permanent Fabric Adhesive

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion is the right choice for crafters like you who love to work on fabric, pearls, crystals, crafts, sequins. This glue can ensure unbreakable bond between fabric and other embellishment with its water-based formulation.

The glue is made of non-toxic material to make sure no harm in the workplace. But stay away from sniffing it directly.

More so, the industrial-strength adhesive lets you create a permanent and flexible bond. To make sure more flexibility, it comes with a water resistance feature to endure thorough machine wash.

Nevertheless, this glue will dry faster than you think without becoming rigid. But if you wish to remove this permanent fabric glue before it dries, a mixture of soap and water will do your job.

Highlighted features:

  • Ready to save your skin with the non-toxic formula
  • Withstands any washing machine like none
  • Stretch or crumble; it will remain flexible like a champ
  • A tiny sized bottle to lure at your hand anytime

2. Odif USA 505 Spray and Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive

The Odif USA 505 Spray is a supreme choice for people who love to quilt and baste. Usually, people seek a long time fix. But there are situations when a temporary one is badly needed.

This Odif USA glue is meant to fulfill this need of yours. It allows you to have room for modifications later if needed. Besides, this 12.4 ounce can save you money because you won’t need to buy a big can.

This temporary fix is also an excellent scope for beginners to tinker with their hobby as You will be able to realign or reposition the stitch if needed.

Also, it doesn’t get stuck with the needle. So, your sewing experience will be smooth and reinless. It is made with a non-toxic and acid-free formula and has no odor and color. This is why it has no health risks.

Besides all these, it can be used on almost everything. With all these qualities, this can be an excellent first choice for anyone to be tried out.

Highlighted features:

  • No way for itching or burning after use because of the acid-free formula.
  • Won’t break your nose bother with a bad smell or odor.
  • Say bye-bye to haze cause it doesn’t create any.
  • Stucked needles don’t dare to come near it

3. Beacon Adhesives Fabric Tac-Glue

This Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive is pretty popular among professional fashion designers, which vouches how excellent it is to work with.

Among it’s many qualities, the very notable ones are that it creates a fast formulated bond, dries quickly, and super flexible. This glue is a go-to product, no matter if it is used for a temporary or a permanent fix. This is one of the many reasons that make it this popular.

Also, it is enabled for versatile use. From the wedding dress to wood, it binds almost everything. It leaves no color after creating the bond. This is why you don’t need to worry about yellow effects.

If you need to wash it, you can do it without any hesitation. It’s chemical-free formula doesn’t do any harm to your skin. As it covers almost everything you need, you can confidently invest your money in it.

Highlighted features:

  • Tiny but powerful boy to maintain top-notch quality
  • Check your watch; this will save you more time than ever
  • Water can’t break into its flexible body though it is washable
  • Packs a long term service that you will never get to guess the time
  • Bonds in such a way that you will barely know of its existence

4. Aleene’s Platinum Bond Adhesive Super Fabric Glue-Heavy Duty Fabric Glue

The Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive can cover everything, ranging from heavy-duty to regular day-to-day use, including crafting.

Its super-fast drying and permanent bonding with enough flexibility make it ideal for industrial and regular use.

The type of bond you will have from this washable fabric glue. But you will have to give it around 72 hours to settle in. After that, the washing will have no effect on the bond. Also, the bond remains crystal clear. Like many others, it doesn’t get yellow over time.

Apart from the bonding qualities, the other one that makes it desired is that it can be applied on pretty much everything, including leather, canvas, cotton, felt, vinyl, polyester blends.This adhesive is also known as best fabric glue for cotton.

The burning feature of this glue is that it has a customizable tip. You don’t need to go through any additional hazards regarding the flow of the glue.

The bottom line is this Aleene’s platinum bond adhesive is a smart deal to make. You can surely try this strongest fabric glue out.

Highlighted features:

  • Control the glue flow with a customizable tip feature like an expert
  • Hold your horses; the flexible bond will never break your trust
  • Liberates you from the worry of a yellowing bond
  • Wash it within 72 hours if you put glue accidentally somewhere else

5. Clear Glue Craft Fabric Floral Adhesive

If you want to deal with a glue that can create bind on pretty much everything, in another name, an all-purpose glue, Clear Glue Craft Fabric Floral Adhesive should be your good to go deal. As the name says, it also creates colorless bonds.

You can use this on fabric, jewelry, nylon strap, scrapbooks, floral, metal, patches, rubber leather, even for food packaging and holding because it has FDA approval.

This is made with non-toxic material and can easily be used for heavy-duty works also. One more thing is that it comes with a clog-free dispenser that prevents it from being clogged. This doesn’t get stuck as well. So, you will be enjoying a clean and smooth working time.

If you want to have all these for a reasonable price, you are in the right place.

Highlighted features:

  • Best one to fit with everything that comes in front.
  • Leave out the tension of sensitive skin cause it is a non-toxic one.
  • With the 8.5 oz size, that won’t leave you worrying about how you are going to finish it
  • Tedious-free working for a long time with the clog-free dispenser

6. Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive

Tear Mender is a pretty well-known brand in the glue industry for its excellent products. Like the others, the Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive is also a gem with its machine washable, waterproof, flexible, and UV resistant bond.

This fabric mending glue takes almost no time to bond. You will need around three minutes to have a super strong and flexible bond. Within 15 minutes, it becomes washable too.

The TG-2 fabric glue upholds non-toxic and acid-free formula that also comes formulated with natural latex.

You won’t need to follow extra sideways like heating, ironing to use it for bonding anything. It is easily usable on the leather without any stiffness or quality issues. Besides leather, it is usable for vinyl, fabrics, sports gear, upholstery, and many more indoor and outdoor needs.

Highlighted features:

  • Doesn’t require additional any helping hand like solvents or heats to cure
  • No itching or burning; it comes in a non-toxic formula
  • Even a gallon of water can’t wreck its bond
  • UV lights cant play the mischief game with it

7. Plaid Delta Sobo Premium Craft and Fabric Glue

PLAID is a brand you can rely on. It’s Delta 108 Sobo Premium Craft and Fabric glue is a top-notch product in the market.

This clothing adhesive can bond from basswood sticks to fabrics, almost everything. It also includes back-patching, rhinestones, papers, reinforcing fabrics, applique, torn carpets, etc. in its doable list.

Also, unlike many other products, being exposed to sunlight can’t do any harm to the bond created with this product. Its strength and flexibility don’t get affected at all. Besides, it remains permanent, flexible, and colorless over time.

According to the brand, this glue is non-washable. So, it is better if you abide by this rule when you are working with it.

Warning: The glue doesn’t seem to work well on gluing metal to other stuff.

Highlighted features:

  • Brings you a colorless bond in no time
  • Serves perfectly in porous and semi-porous areas
  • Never bothers to wear a yellowish body

8. Dritz Fabric Glue Stick

Dritz Fabric glue stick as another glue for temporary use we recommend. It is perfect for sewing and sticking crafts.

You can easily remove it from anything you have used it on just by washing it with water because it is water-soluble. Just wash it, and it will come off very easily.

If you are looking for something to assist you in holding the cloth while doing a long stitch, this can be your ideal assistant. It works very well in this type of temporary use. With this, you do not need to look for pins of something heavy or a temporary stitch.

Not only that, if you want to position appliques, ribbons, trims, zippers, laces, buttons, you can quickly go for this without even blinking.

Besides all this, it has no chemicals that can cause health issues while using it. But you need to make sure that you don’t sniff it directly.

A very handy feature of this glue is that it does not get dried over time. So, you can easily store it in your refrigerator for a long time use.

Highlighted features:

  • Watch over your health like a doctor as it doesn’t ship any chemicals
  • Sudden fixes are a piece of cake for this champ
  • Staying in the refrigerator keeps it more healthy and clog-free
  • For tracking seams, none can beat this boy

9. Roxanne Glue Baste It

Roxanne Glue Baste It is another excellent piece of the product to help you along with your basting. With it by you, you don’t need to waste time on temporary stitches or pins.

Roxanne Glue Baste It, a 2-ounce glue to provide you with the solution of transient stitches and fixes which you will remove later.

It is a one hundred percent water-soluble glue that makes it just perfect for basting. It dries within minutes but creates a pretty strong and flexible bond.

Once you remove it with water, there is no leftover to be felt stiff when it dries.

Besides, it doesn’t gum with the needle to cause you some extra pain. You will have a smooth work-time with it.

Another feature that makes it easy to be picked is that it has a syringe-type applicator that makes it super easy and smooth to use. So, if this can meet your needs, go on and buy without any second thought.

Highlighted features:

  • Hands down to the demanding water-soluble feature
  • Within no time, the bond is done with a blink of your eye
  • Be the ruler of this glue to control as you wish with the tip changing feature
  • Machines doesn’t fall nearby to stick with it

What is Fabric Glue?

Fabric glue is a superb adhesive product that’s used as another to sewing garments. It permits you to laminate materials on, whereas not having to use a thread and needle with the selection of constructing temporary or permanent bonds.

Benefits of Fabric Glue

Fabric glue can wriggle a day and night difference with its towering features in your day-to-day life sewing. Check out the benefit of fabrics glue in a sip.

  • If you’re employing a smart permanent material adhesive, then you’ll fancy the marvelous advantages it’s to supply, as well as sturdiness and washability.
  • Fabric glue is basically glanced as having been made for those that aren’t excellent at stitching; however, that’s not the actual case. It had been truly meant for creating DIY yet as skilled planning and repair of garments additional convenient.
  • If you’ve got a good schedule and you wish to finish a stitching task quickly, or the dress you’re carrying to the interview wants fast fixing; however, there is no time for handicraft it up. Applying the best glue for fabric can be your life savior and an excellent choice so far.
  • Securing pockets to your cloth before stitching it on. Placing a pin maybe a little bit of trouble, and therefore the pockets could lack alignment; however, with fabric glue, things sum up a lot higher.
  • Found your favorite dress but with a hole, and you would like to wear it right away? Apply fabric glue to attach a patch quickly.
  • Some cloth jewelry items measure too little to stitch onto the dress, or anywhere you love, and therefore, gluing rolls into action.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Fabric Adhesive

Thinking of simply walking to a close-by store and asking for the High quality fabric glue they have? Well, that’s not the path you should choose if you wish to escape failures. Below, we are going to discuss a number of the aspects you ought to bear in mind once searching for the right fabric glue to fulfill your wishes.


This is clearly the foremost issue that requires thought. Will the glue stick or can the association go loose and break a while later? A permanent adhesive sticks the bolt and keeps the association going for the lifetime of the garment.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance is what you should look at next. A fabric glue with chemical resistance should be your choice because it won’t react to the chemicals to weaken the glue’s bond.

Ensure you check out the glue’s label before you start working on a project that might respond to chemical existence.

Temporary VS Permanent

The fabric glue world is divided into two sections –temporary and permanent.

If you would like to try some basting before creating a protracted sew, you would like to have a temporary glue as you can simply wash it out when you need it.

On the opposite hand, if you would like the bond to stay, like for once and all, then you better go for permanent fabric glue.


Some glue creates rough and uncomfortable garment wearables when the glue dries upon a time. The right fabric glue mustn’t grow stiff once it dries up. It must remain terribly soft and flexible, permitting you to wear the attire appropriately.

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is another true feature you must look at. You wouldn’t love to see the glue lose its quality and strength when it mixes up with water.

It’s a reminder for you that today or tomorrow, you’ll need to wash the apparel when the glue dries up. If your fabric glue is waterproof, then the bond will survive the wash.

The right fabric glue should feature a machine-washable feature unless it shouldn’t come at your top priority list.


We eventually resemble toxic ingredients in the name of safety. Whereas some glues unleash toxic fumes, different varieties’ feature odorless and don’t lose any harmful gases. 

Most brands show an inventory of warnings at the rear of the bottle to keep you safe.

All in all, it’s invariably sensible to wear gloves to avoid sticky residues on your hands or harm your skin.

Tips for Using Fabric Glue 

While owning a nice fabric scissor and paint, a higher grade fabric glue ought to be a must-have tool in your crafting cabinet. Whether you’re a professional or not, below we are squaring some tips for using fabric glue correctly:

• Ensure that your apparel or fabric is wholly clean before you think of applying glue to it.

• Let the glue stay for a few seconds before you attach something to that.

• If you apply an excessive amount of glue, use a bit little of dissolvent or acetone to get rid of it.

• If you would like to get rid of applied and dried glue, strive for a paint scraper. That’ll do your work.

• There is a vast possibility of exposing yourself to chemical reactions when using fabric glue, and we call that a real disadvantage.

Therefore, you must perpetually use fabric adhesive in a very well-ventilated area and shut it down straight away once you’ve used it.

What Are the Top Brands for Fabric Glue on The Market?

When you have a specific brand from which you buy things, it is easier to choose products because you are assured of the quality of the product and the customer service.

Now, if you buy branded products, then you should consider buying fabric adhesive from the top brands we have mentioned below.


This manufacturer and supplier are one of the best founded in 1909 – a massive company of just fabric glue and many other products.

They have products like sealants, lubricants, hand cleaners, gasket makers, and obviously several adhesive types.

They are giving the lead in innovation and are a respected brand in this sector.

The Tear Mender

Another well-known brand in the adhesive sector is the Tear Mender, the creation of Val Cismoski (called The Bish) in the 1930s.

It was first making products for the farm sector and eventually became the everyday adhesive used in canvas drive belt repair.

In the present, their glue is more varied and used for handcrafts to garments care.

But in 2015, the Lighthouse for the Blind, a non-profit organization, acquired this company as a part of their goal to give jobs to the disabled.


A company that has stayed in the company for nearly a hundred years with the experience to make great products is the Beacon. It is based in New York, making adhesive for design purposes.

If you are a hobbyist or a professional, you will love them either way. Their product is used in many sectors such as construction, crafting and aerospace tech, etc. Because of their innovativeness, their products are associated with superior quality.

Odif USA

Now we will talk about a company based in France, ODIF SA, the Odif line manufacturer of adhesives.

They are marketed all over their US branch, which is dubbed Odif USA. The brand has been in the market for 35 years, and as such, they have built a reputation as a reliable supplier.

Their best shots are their fast shipment and excellent customer support.

They cover areas including embroidery, fine art supplies, dressmaking, quilting, and appliqués, and their products include spray glitter, spray varnish, and obviously Odif adhesives.


Intending to make adhesive for art craft professionals and hobbyists, Aleene Jackson, who was a creative innovator, is the next on the list.

She was in the floral business at a young age and wanted to show her abilities as a florist to make a name for herself.

While doing it, she invented the Original Tacky Glue. And with that, Aleene’s line of adhesives started their journey. The original glue was modified and enhanced with 60 different variations now, and they still offer crafters the same great value.


Another deserving brand is the Dritz. This company has been around for a century, mainly focusing on handbags.

Eventually venturing into sewing implements and inventing useful products, for instance, zippers, scissors, and seam zippers.

Although the company has changed ownership many times over the century, the quality has not diminished somewhat improved. If you like to do things yourself, then Dritz’s is an option you should try out.

Different Types of Glue for Fabric

Several types of glue are out there. There are many categories as well, such as permanency, how you apply the adhesive, and so on. Let us talk about the main categories.

Permanent glue

We have given our focus mainly on this category. This glue is used for creating lasting bonds.

You use it instead of a stitch, and it should be water-resistant and effective. Some are water-soluble before they dry, which means they will wash off if not applied correctly.

Temporary glue

Temporary adhesives are applied on garments for creating bonds for short periods. For instance, to create the hem of a dress at the bottom, you try to make a long stitch. Instead of using pins and wasting a lot of time and energy, apply temporary fabric for maintaining the fold.

Heat-set glue

After applying the heat-set glue, you have to iron the garment or press in the heat printing machine for it to stick.

The easiest solution is not to use this glue. Because it involves the extra step, and it will be a hassle if you do not own an iron or heat transfer machine.

Cool-set glue

The opposite of the previous one, heat-set glue, is apparently more comfortable to use considering application speed and ease. There is no need for heat. Just apply, and the glue automatically dries and sticks the surfaces together. It might take from a few minutes to a few hours considering what brand you are using.

Spray adhesives

These fabric glues are contained in an aerosol spray can. They are straightforward to use but need to be applied in a well-ventilated room. In addition, use a respirator to keep yourself safe from the mist.

Non-spray adhesives

There is also non-spray adhesive, which is most common. The adhesives are contained in a soft plastic bottle.

Just squeeze out the glue by pressing the bottle.


How long does fabric glue take to dry?

Answer: It differs from brand to brand, but generally, it could take a few minutes to two hours.

Does Elmer’s glue work on fabric?

Answer: They do work on fabrics, yes. But fabrics are not the main use of them. They are designed for holding paper and wood rather than clothing materials

Can I use fabric glue instead of sewing?

Answer: Yes, and we recommend you to do that as previously said. But depending on the glue and your need, you could try stitching.

Fabric glue can be great for temporary use and for hard to sew items.

But for things that require a lot of sewing or things that are made to last, it is better not to use them. And if the item will not be washed, then the glue will last for longer.

Can I use gorilla glue on the fabric?

Answer: This glue was made to bond fabric and hard-to-hold embellishments.

So, gorilla glue will be the fastest option to glue a permanent bond, which remains flexible after washing. The glue has high strength adhesive, which dries crystal clear and is useable on various surfaces, perfecting traditional sewing.

Does fabric glue dry clear?

Answer: Yes, most of the fabric glue dries clear. Based on your choice, you can get a fabric glue that doesn’t clear if you want it exposed.


At last, we’re at the end of our journey. As long as you have been with us, we believe now you know if fabric glue can truly be an alternative to your sewing lifestyle or not.

But, remarkably, the right fabric glue can eventually do more than just stitching two cloth pieces or any other material you look at, such as upholstery, leather, paperwork jobs.

Now, rush to the store, and pick your favorite fabric glue for your work. Happy working!

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